How to Become a Pro Soccer Player

How to Become a Pro Soccer Player

As a young boy growing up, I loved playing and watching the
beautiful game. I loved the passion. The chants and the roars. The excitement. But playing soccer for a living was just a distant dream. At age 12, I was told I was not good
enough. I was rejected from representing my region. I didn’t even make my clubs development squad. There were millions upon millions of
younger kids, all over the world that were better than me. But I still had that thought in my head Nick, imagine… walking out the tunnel to a packed stadium. Imagine scoring a goal and celebrating with thousands of your home fans. The possibility excited me so much that one day, I decided to go for it. My ability was limited and I had no
connections. But what I did have, was desire… and a willingness to work hard. So what did I do next? I started training more. 20 hours a week to be exact. Hours were spent in my garden, or on the field with just my boots and my ball. doing my own training routines and exercises. And the result… I got offered full, athletic scholarships to the USA. I got invited to train with the U/20 national team. and finally… I was offered a contract to play professionally in Europe. What I’ve learnt throughout the years is that you don’t necessarily need fancy academies, expensive camps, or famous coaches to reach your goals in soccer. You just need your boots, a ball and Effective training. With Effective, I’ll show you the best workouts and drills that will help you improve the most so you can reach your goals. Effective Train like a pro.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Become a Pro Soccer Player

  1. Hoxto licious says:

    Damn, I wish I would live in Paderborn and get seen by some people, I dont live too far away, like 30km but I dont live in a good town so nobody will see me.

  2. Tommy Jr 2019 says:

    Please can you check out Tommy Junior’s football channel 👍❤️❤️❤️🔥⚽️

  3. IT'S XXXMOo YT says:

    can anyone scout me im 14 and both footed and a striker

  4. Kasish says:

    If u wear glasses and want to be a football star like a job playing football can u wear contacts?

  5. Lucid Asian Thanos says:

    Message to everyone here who thinks they're bad:

    When I was 8, I played on a YMCA team for soccer, and I played goalie a lot. I didn't like goalie because I enjoyed running a lot. I was considered the best out of all of the goalie there, but my brother said I was bad. That really made me doubt that I was actually good. At that time, I would pinch the ball out or grab the ball when it was closer to the next. Now I done for the ball and all that other stuff. I practiced other things to like regular defense, attacking, midfielder stuff, and now, I'm getting better. I'm not 13 and my brother now says I'm actually good, not just at goalie, but in general. So what I want you guys to know is that you shouldn't give up, but practice and practice. Trust me, you won't regret it later. It really pays off. This thing I will say it's extremely important, and if you argue about this, things will end up bad later. God really helped me. Now some of you will oppose that thought and day He isn't real. Here is real. Listen to me. He will reveal Himself to you. He loves you. Pray to Him and ask Him to let you see He is real. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." God helped me get better. He will help you too if you have faith and pray. Never give up, and just go on. You'll be better. You'll see soon enough. God bless you guys. It's never too late to start. You know that? If you feel so, start now, set a goal, and find how you'll accomplish it. Then set another one and do the same. Keep repeating the cycle. Follow your dream. I wish to play for either North America or South Korea. I'm Korean American so I will need to decide which to pick. If anyone wants me to pray for you to become a better player, I will.

  6. Isaác Veyna Flores says:

    Assuming I'm 18 years old barely started playing football less than 3 years ago, I'm underwight for my age and I'm 5'5. I've grown and developed really quickly without training I've never played on a team and everyone around me was way better than Me just by playing with a ball I got better than most. Assuming I train hard focus go to the gym is there any chance for me im still learning and I learn fast but I need to play with people better than Me to push myself.

  7. Mike Gathu says:


  8. PHILIP REIS says:

    I'm chasing my dream to become a professional soccer player as a goalkeeper I know I can do it

  9. ali aliyev says:

    Can you tell me the backround song please?

  10. Mario Sofiev Rusev Mitkov says:

    im playing football since i know my self. Every team i join i become the best player. 1 problem now im nearly 17. Without even tried to join a national team cuz no money. e.t.c. wasted talents….

  11. Real Madrid says:

    The same as me i am 12🏅😢💛

  12. KyoFPS says:

    U dont know how much i can relate to this

  13. Adan Willams says:

    I doubt I would ever get an opportunity

  14. Luz Alva says:

    Same!! Im 12 and people say i suck,i want to be a good player tho

  15. my happy family Videos says:

    Lol I'm only 11 years old and 3 parks want me to play for them. I'm part of Carson Fc sponsered by the WWS store nearby and we are the 5th place team out of 30 teams.

  16. fast track says:

    To all those who you wanted to play amazing football within a span of a day and surprise your friends. Here are the tips and tricks.*this isnt any kind of fraud*

  17. James Wheeler says:

    Not everyone has that money

  18. Inzer Technology says:

    I am going to high school and I want to be a proffesional soccer player,what is my first step.

  19. Ebot Awo says:

    It is my dream to play soccer in the premier league or MLS and i can do it!!!

  20. Sebastian Velez says:

    Michael Jordan was rejected by his high school basketball team. He trained hard and is now known as one of the greatest basketball legends on Earth. You can do the same with the sport of futbol. You can do it

  21. Jared Easterling says:

    You have 0 pro experience

  22. Yogesh Chhetri says:

    I will work hard form today u guys will hear my name again Yogesh

  23. Surprise Motherfucker says:

    IM a girl at age 14 , i love fotboll so much , i live in sweden i always Said to my mum IF i could start play fotboll but she always Said that i was a girl and u are just going to waste my money , from that day i feelt so bad and losed hope , i gave up after a few days i played fotboll in the street when udult came and Said i was good one Of then Said that i could play in his team , i was still Playing at his team for a couple Of months when my mum started to notes that i was playing fotboll she Said nothing and i keept playing IM happy and i can do a few freestyle i’m trainning every singel day my grandmother always says that one ay my dream could become true

  24. Ry4ncross says:

    Is it too late if I’m not scouted at 16 in the uk

  25. Lorik210 Metolli says:

    I want to be a pro player in soccer , soccer is my favorite sport and its fun to play when i was 13 years old i was going to a club training that called Kosova FC kids over there were so much better then me , the saddnes that i leaved that club was because i was bully from the kids that i was weak but now i turn 15 and i am in germany country playing for Bayern. life changes live that life dont listen anyone that is trying to stop you that is thinking that you cant do nothing just follow your dreams that is what i did and look when i am now my wish is that every human that has dreams to become true and if i am not writing to good sry i dont know to much english but i am trying from my heart be safe guys and follow your dreams

  26. Tekn1c Rubiq says:

    Go Melbourne Victory!

  27. abdou1 aye says:

    I will make a promise to my self I will become the best young player to ever touch the ball and so will you

  28. AR 17 says:

    so nick when are you going to upload training routines…..and remember my name, one day i will be on top and win the world cup…..i am arnav

  29. AsonTV says:

    The way you talk is so inspirational wow !

  30. neelam Patel says:

    Which team do you play for

  31. AzmainNHandZ PlaysGamez says:

    I am a 7 years old and i am training football now

  32. Muhammad Hindreen says:

    Thank you so much thank U thank U thank U so much for making this video are used to be a bad or soccer player than my brother but today I then watched one of your freaking helpful video and guess what happened today I nutmeged brother

  33. Tim Centre says:

    I am a kid 12 year old. i want to be a footballer plzzz pray for me😢😢😢

  34. Smore says:

    This didnt help me at all 😕

  35. Leo Gunn says:

    It’s hard to take you seriously when you never made it pro

  36. Mačka Buze says:

    See you in a match one day nick 🙂

  37. Z F TV says:

    How did you get the scholarship?

  38. Kokulan Arul says:

    can you be a pro if you have knocked knee ??

  39. oussama amdouni says:

    I am from Tunisia. I am 14 years old and want to become a football player, what do I do

  40. Inzer Technology says:

    I will do it


    it's my only dream when I was 11 I need to get it right don't take word seriously take ability more it takes time to get better don't rush

  42. lolan says:

    I cant because i am in India.. if i was born in brazil i may have been a pro now

  43. RISKY BRISKYY says:

    I see Stamford Bridge 💙😘😍

  44. Gidwens Moline says:

    I will be the best I will surpass you all!!

  45. Itachi Uchiha says:

    It's an impossible dream man very few make it to professional nowadays

  46. Itachi Uchiha says:

    I will never make it up to professional level…….

  47. ABHINAV SHARMA says:

    Please us how you get scholarship, you give trial or anything else please tell us

  48. Esme Arias says:

    i will be a perfessional soccer player and am not kidding for real

  49. Rabeeh Rabi says:

    Thanks for the video!!
    I want & I will be a footballer

  50. Chronicle x Gamer says:

    Love you you told the best tips for being a professional footballer thanks

  51. I love People says:

    What was your age when u became a pro soccer player.

  52. I love People says:

    How did you get sponsor by other?

  53. I love People says:

    I want to become a professional soccer player like you.

  54. I love People says:

    I don't play in a team or A club

  55. I love People says:

    I am almost 16 years old.

  56. banana_wolfYT2009 says:

    Bro, I got CR7’s kit from my local store on my holiday, Thinking of playing for Juventus everyday and night, I practise on the grounds of my garden, I know it, I will be legend, One day I will play for Juventus with CR7 by my side.

  57. R9 says:

    Just finished up a 3 hour training session, it is hard and my legs were aching. But I will continue doing this everyday.

  58. Silvally Crusher says:

    I'm the next Ronaldo

  59. IMAGINE ME says:

    Just believe in your self.come out and play

  60. ABHINAV SHARMA says:

    Please tell us how you get scholarship to USA by giving trials or something else please 🙏🙏

  61. ULTiiMat3 CHANNEL says:

    I was inspired

  62. Free fire Gamer says:

    Very nice vedio

  63. Axl Farrugia says:

    "The beautiful game."
    Then calls it soccer.

  64. Bindu Bindu says:

    My dream is to be a football player. And i will get it true.beutifull as it means to football

  65. Rohan Joshi says:

    How did the national team call you if you weren't in an Academy??

  66. Pe Pop says:

    4 years later you still haven't made it pro. Still shitty at football not "soccer" and making this pathetic team that will not go anywhere

  67. Mohd Khaled says:

    I will be footballer and you will see me in TV inshallah

  68. FaH eEM says:

    I want to become pro football player i goes to academy .accademy is to far from my house it take 1 hour from side in local car i just spent 2 hour bcz i have to go back to home on time
    I believe my dream i will be pro player one day


  69. selmaセルマ says:

    My dream is to make the national team, im 14 now and in 1st selection. Last time
    I attended a tryout was when I was 10. Im hoping to do the same kind of tryout but for my age group. Ill keep you guys updated.

  70. kall kallem says:

    So amazing

  71. La Pulga says:

    That’s my dream that’s only that I can say 😔

  72. Washdr2 says:

    I have tryouts today

  73. Bao 7 Soccer player says:

    That is what Iam striving for when I am growing up playing first team soccer

  74. Niky Lony says:

    I wanna train hard to achieve my goal

  75. Ojay Clarino says:

    hello guys, if you have time please check my channel out. just started filming my road to recovery from an ACL injury. thank you!

    90 min in a game, but a lifetime to prepare

  76. Yashvendra Singh Yadav says:

    One day i am the best footballer of the world

  77. Eastleigh Teens says:

    Guys I do play football well and I have played as a striker in many teams and appeared on the score sheet many times and unlike other countries ours doesnt consentrate on sports that much (football)…but my problem which is common in our neighbourhood is drug which I have used for a short while but I decided to quit after listening to your advices thank people.!!!

  78. Samjela Nyoh says:

    You have an amazing story. I'm Samjela,from Cameroon I play semi pro football. I've been looking for ways in which, I could get in contact with coaches and football clubs. I work hard everyday to achieve goals, I'm hoping 2019 would be different how can I get in contact with these coaches and teams?

  79. Hacker world says:

    How to become pro in india can you tell

  80. Humza Khan says:

    In Pakistan we have no future of soccer

  81. ApexZz Boy says:

    Just put this on your mind.Belive become.

  82. wr 2d world says:

    he didn't even say nothing about school

  83. Abbas Hassani says:

    I will do it see you after many years then u gonna know me i promise i will do This see you.

  84. Akram Mohsen says:

    wdym how to become a pro its not showing that its show a stoopid story

  85. Dead_Silence 2016 says:

    I just started at 15 yrs old can I still make it?

  86. Siep De Ruiter says:

    I watched this video a view years ago and I decide to train very hard, right now I play at the youth team of Excelsior. A pro club in the Eredivisie in the netherlands. Thank you so much.

  87. best of the rest says:

    In my country football isn't very inproved.It is a hard way to be a football player in my country how can i do it any suggestions

  88. Charles Alparito says:

    Fraud. Can't even go pro

  89. Tar getem says:

    This doesn't tell me how to be a pro it's just a story with dramatic music

  90. Lincoln Zemaitis says:

    you pro yet?

  91. Dean says:

    Most coaches are focused on speed and strength to evaluate players. It goes too fast that sometimes I couldn't remember the complexity of procedures in training sessions. But when they have tough games, they would failed miserably like England players at the world-cups- the loop and hope tactic or the one touch and back pass to the keeper. IMHO, 50% of the quality is in the player's head to build game plans and strategies while playing on the pitch , it gives him confidence to carry on the game. If you think you are a play maker to drive the attacks, to assist goals like Messi or Ronaldo or a bit of both, you will train by yourself after hours, in two years you can play like Messi.

  92. Saroj Rai says:

    This video has inspired me alot

  93. Kiz-QuiK says:

    My biggest dream is to become a pro some day. I love 💘 soccer. I have played it since I was 5. Man not good chances for anyone to become one tho…

  94. Ian Marcano says:

    Imagine trying to tell people how to go pro when ur not even close to making it

  95. Alex Dia says:

    I have such a huge passion on soccer since I was 9 (im15btw) but I stopped once I started using glasses, and how bad my vision was making it impossible to play soccer. Other than that I would be in soccer practices

  96. Alex Dia says:

    So be thankful I have a good ass vision :((

  97. Mathews John says:

    I’m like a noob, so, I need to watch this

  98. James Flores says:

    I will make it just watch I’m going to prove everyone wrong who doubt it me

  99. Марио Панев says:


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