How To Be A Cool Surfer

How To Be A Cool Surfer

Some people say I’m a wannabe Some people say I look weird some people say I’m a try-hard But maybe I’m not trying hard enough Can anybody hear me? What’s my purpose? What’s my calling? And then it hit me? like a ton of bricks the ocean. I need to be one with it to be one with myself. That’s the answer I was looking for Radical! My vibes, they’re chillin’ (Heavy Grunting) Cue the music Now that you got your cool surfer outfit and surfer attitude I can finally teach you guys Kowabunga hey… I could do that. How’s it up there bro? Sekiz little onshore offshore flow docking brah. I’ll see you out there. Yeah Shaka brah, I’ll be out there in a second boys guys You guys ever hang ten before No, yeah back in my day We had Backstreet Boys and NSYNC and now there’s all this electronic ding dong Bing bong music pff… pathetic Look at all my potential friends out there Oh, what’s that someone calling it’s just a bunch of kids I’ve been to go out there in a second if you want to get me I’m in I’m gonna drop in a super choppy Yeah shockabra Are you and your house? It’s angio heads do you ladies like surfer dudes? Well, yeah Do you guys know Kelly Kelly Slater’s no, it’s pretty cool. Oh I smoke the marijuana. Yeah, I smoke. I smoke probably ten every Ten minutes. All right shockabra. Yeah Kelly Slater Yeah, he’s the one yeah, he’s a cool pro Oh Yeah, I’m gonna go search come be out there the second guys I’ll be out there in a second. I’ll see you guys out there New friends new surfer cool surfer friends Yeah, what do you think yeah Surf with me doggy. Oh, yes. Oh We’re going we’re going down. Whoo. Hey Doug. Hey Doug. Oh, hello Doug. Her name’s Shasta shaaka it used to change it to Chaka a Skateboarder, I’m a surfer Even those skaters or coops. It’s okay, dude Look at all my potential friends. What should I say far out there? Shaaka I Shredding it. Yes Finally almost five minutes into the video and I’m on my way to shred some waves After a few more dramatic slow-motion shots, I’m gonna show my potential friends and all of you hadn’t really surf Okay, nope that it’s too cold, nope, okay, let’s go okay. All right cut the camera We drove six hours down the coast to land in, Venice Beach, California Where the vibes are cool But the weather is warm In this slow-motion shots of it and my toes won’t freeze when I go into the water share their pose or skaters, but that it’s shredding waves Pathetic pathetic Chop-chop what we’re six minutes into the video and you haven’t even surfed yet. You could have just put a wetsuit on in Santa Cruz I’m not gonna get I don’t want to get double wet you idiot It’s good, whoa, uh-huh Well what Well, well well What do we have here, my name is Chapman, all right, I didn’t know school you’re near was What do you want to go? Do I’m gonna go safely? No why we both go do I mean I go say, oh you’re not Probably not. I’m gonna go surfing this is called how to be a cool surfer and I need to go surfing now Oh, you know it’s seven minutes into the video. I need to go surfing now. Who do you know you? That I know my camera guy right here. Are you even from you? If you’re really from here, whoo, then you get the hookups like me. Look, I’m sorry Ani Lifeguards got my back the lifeguard save everybody all get a little bit hungry a slimmer home. You’re fine Give me a hotdog off cause that’s just called making a party if I need a ride. My homie over picks me up locals always Fart man you either get out we’re fightin. I’m Fighting yeah, like you won’t fight. I don’t know Do you want to fight well, or have you been in a fight like ever I’ve never been in a fight? Yeah, I’m done Yeah, you want to hit me first or? You first oh, that’s good. Oh see you back Oh I Don’t know if punching Wait, where’s Noah? You better watch your back I’m calm again cuz your gang looking nine-one-one speed-dial by the police Anymore Sand eyes. Yeah, I have goggles on Hey, I need my I need my mics back. No, I’m throw him to shoot the my homie crud. Yeah, that’s just Craigslist It’s his time. He’s my homie. I Think we’re safe now But how long is it like eight minutes now it’s time to board it up Wow, look at that soothing diamond this awesome I’m totally getting this up snapchat. It’s awesome All righty, look at that one over there, this is Philip Whoa, you see that surfer over there? Cool move my dude Oh, no, I want you to ride me longer than you wrote that for you daddy That dude bad surfer boy So I fly to attorneys I like it subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe Start like Chinese I’m the local bro Never seen in Venice look van Lothal locos who? I’m from Elsinore of the leg. I probably live here longer than you. I want to tear those bees like you turn up this car Look at that one. Look at that lady Okay guys take these moves are so radical and totally snapping them By Telling

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Cherdleys says:

    First 200 replies to this comment I'll reply to 🙂 <3

  2. Andres Mora says:

    We need more red hat guy videos

  3. Joey Gylytiuk says:

    The people watching this must be so fucking confused, heck, I'm even confused

  4. Joey Gylytiuk says:

    9:39, kinda weird, but that was actually pretty hot

  5. DN OUX says:

    funny I like your stuff is TRIPPY especially when you have the blue hat on ….also what's the Asians girls name at the end I would like to check her out….and if you need any sounds or music ..i make some of your interested

  6. Theyodawg says:

    I had to go watch this on my PC so that I could confirm that your calves were as juicy as they appear on mobile. Spolier alert: they are

  7. C F says:

    Cool moves my dude!

  8. Henry Harowitz says:

    Santa Cruz baby

  9. Matt Ramirez says:

    i love how u walked up to random people and got them to say that shit fuckin hilarious especially that old dude

  10. Gian ASMR says:

    Funniest shit I've ever seen, so underrated

  11. Shiiekah shroomz says:

    That fighting scene, WEEZE so good

  12. MD Mc says:

    Omfg you seriously write the best shit. The dude whos gonna call his homie Uber for a ride, and get his gang by calling 911… That fight and the jokes were soooooo good!

  13. MD Mc says:

    But… Why are 4 dudes chillin together that happen to all be capable of a standing back tuck?

  14. TheAngelArrow says:

    "who's your gang?" "fucking 911 speed dial"

  15. Reyes Nash says:

    what was the gumball transfer for ahahah

  16. カオンデンジェイソン says:

    He's the Real life spongebob

  17. Conservative News Network of America says:

    Cherdlys in Santa cruz? Bro how did I miss this shit

  18. Jonathan Brooks says:

    by far and away his best intro to a vid

  19. Sean Carter says:

    Drop in, smack the lip. WAPAHH

  20. Angel Saav says:

    I need to know, was the really Andrew 🤣

  21. Julius Domingo says:

    9:19 Cindy what the frick

  22. Twitchy says:

    best part about this channel is cindy and bella

  23. Nick za vloger says:

    Well this was a waste of my time😂

  24. Adam Ehresman says:

    most underrated video

  25. ZZYNC says:

    Of course the red hat guy name's Spencer

  26. Roah Sagami says:

    Gimme my mic back!
    No! I'm going to sell it to my homie Craig.
    That's just Craigslist!

  27. Joshua Tidwell says:

    "look at all my potential friends out there"

  28. lester porillo says:

    What’s that Asian girls insta in the outro

  29. EpicTaco6 says:

    wait wtf was that ending xD

  30. Dan Evans says:

    ‘How is it out here broseki? Little onshore offshore flow’ HAHA

  31. Ride Or Die Khi says:

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait NAH 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Schneggl TM says:

    I'm honestly impressed that he managed to stand on the board for longer than a second

  33. EpicCouchTime says:

    Thanks Cheb
    I threw my skateboard away and
    I learned how to serf.

  34. IS Donut says:

    8:38 girl to left looks like a cam girl named goldengoddessxxx

  35. jacob schoolfield says:

    As a surfer i was drying this whole video😂😂

  36. Galaxy Cat says:

    Every time I here the drum stick hitting I always think American Football is gonna play

  37. Katie Lindsay says:

    Oh it’s just a bunch of kooks

  38. Doug Nulton says:

    Fuckin shoobies, amirite dude?

  39. Reece Harbottle says:

    1. actually be a surfer

    2. don't act like a kook

    jk it was actually funny Lol

  40. blogas draugas says:

    0:29 for nips

  41. Woah Nelly!!! says:

    Sick dude

  42. Tathagata Guha says:

    Spencer Is Such A Chad

  43. OfunYH says:

    Wtf happend at the end

  44. Trinity Tenney says:

    9:37 has me dead

  45. Brad Horner says:

    It looked like you had adequate sun protection.

  46. JustDares says:

    Was I the only one who thought that the Thumnail was a old man?

  47. Jeffrey Zeldman says:


  48. garvin schmal says:

    Man backstreet boys in my day chya

  49. Vince Evans says:

    How is it out there brosekies? Lol

  50. Vince Evans says:

    This is Andrew Hales LoL

  51. Gregory Freeman says:

    Craig Kilborn ! Wheres he been lol

  52. futur wolf says:

    i have never seen a better fight

  53. J M says:

    Santa Cruz > LA

  54. Violet Faded says:

    Literally he actually has a good pop ups

  55. pierre smit fitness says:

    Uh huh suh dude 😎😎

  56. Pate Futch says:

    That was such a nice left at 35 lol I rewound it like 3 times but I actually surf though so lol regardless always enjoy your vids dude

  57. Crosh says:

    I love how you have to try to suck at surfing. Can't unlearn balance bruh!

  58. Alex Jordan says:

    911 got my homies on speed dial lmfao

  59. Sasha Hugly says:

    this is where we were before we got a dui

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    I wish I had known you had come down to Santa Cruz 🙁

  61. H and J productions hi says:

    U r at one of the best surf spots in Cali

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    Got 2 freshwatter Adds :')

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    Fuckin Kook

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    Steamer Lane! I grew up surfing there

  65. Sundborn James says:

    he got a new rental board

  66. Nìnja says:

    I’m literally a surfer but u are acatully ok man kook not so really man good job.

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    Im so glad u didnt go in at that break in santa cruz u would have drowned

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    I was actually hoping to see him shred on a shortboard

  69. ethan kimmel says:

    This video blows

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    Imagine not knowing kelly

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    When I’m actuality I bet he really does surf and rips

  72. Wesley Trautwein says:


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    As a surfer I approve this message

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    Get fucked

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    time out each punch lmaao

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    Idk what i just watched… love it tho lmao

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    damn this reminds me of this guy!! hahah check it out!

  78. Super Groms says:

    As a kool surfer kid myself, I never thought that there was another like me

  79. Alex McIntyre iz cool says:

    As a surfer can i say … Hes completely right

  80. TMF toomuchfun says:

    Anyone reading this comment it is my birthday so a sub to my channel would be the best gift ever!

    The amount of people who liked this comment subbed and are kind!

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    Did anybody say "how to be gay YouTuber"

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    So dumb. You must be from Michigan or Ohio or something. If that's comedy, the world is in trouble.

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    I will pretend I never saw this

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    This looks weird but it's how every one acts in California. So its normal ever seen Reno 911

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    U r actually not that bad a surfing

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    Everyone looked at me funny

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    well… he actually surfs better then me… never tried it tho

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