How To Backside Cork 540 On A Snowboard

How To Backside Cork 540 On A Snowboard

A Backside Cork 540 is an off-axis
Backside spin. On a trampoline and training board, practice throwing your
lead arm and shoulder downward toward your rear foot. Jumping up and into the
same direction that you throw your lead arm is the key to rotating back to your
feet properly. It’s essential that you’re comfortable with Backside 540s before
attempting to cork them out. It also helps to have experience with Wildcats
or other inverts before trying to combine an invert with a spin. When
you’re ready to try this trick on snow, approach the take off with about the
same entry path as you would for a Back 5. Bend both legs and keep your weight
stacked over the top of your board. Wind your shoulders up slightly and keep your lead
hand high. As you ride up the jump, slowly begin to lean back, matching the angle of
your upper body with the angle of the lip and putting a little more pressure
over your back leg and tail. Throw your lead arm and shoulders down in the
direction of your back foot as you initiate the 540. Pop up from your toe
edge and follow the momentum of your initiating arm with your upper body. After you initiate and the rotation
starts to come around, you will be looking backward to the direction of
travel. Spot the landing underneath you like you would on a Backside 540 and
pull your lead arm around towards your toe edge. Keeping both hands near your
toe edge on landing will help you dig in and stop your momentum. As you become
comfortable with your initiation you can play with your pop and change your axis.
The more you combine a downwards motion with your lead shoulder into the
initiation of your spin, the more off axis you will be in the air. Our goal is
to improve your riding!

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Any suggestions for park boards that are good for jumps and jibs that’s on the softer flex side

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