How to Backside Boardslide – Snowboarding Tricks Regular

How to Backside Boardslide – Snowboarding Tricks Regular

What’s up guys? Kevin here from SnowboardProCamp. In
this video I’ve got some tips for doing Backside Boardslides. Backside boardslides are a really fun trick and one of
the first tricks you should learn in the park. To make learning this trick
easy I’m going to break down each part of the trick, show you how to
practice this trick outside the park and how to avoid the most common
mistakes that people make. To start let’s break down the backside boardslide into
three parts. The approach ,on the box and landing. As you approach for the backside boardslide, you want to have a bit of speed and be coming at
the box in a straight line. Do one or two speed checks, with you snowboard on the approach
to set your speed. Give yourself lots a space to point your
snowboard straight and flat, with a bit more weight on your toe edge. As you get onto the box you want to get
your snowboard sideways and get your weight centered. To get your
snowboard sideways you need to do two things. Turn your hips
and legs forward as your upper body and arms turn
backwards. This twisting motion will get your snowboard sideways and lock in the backside boardslide. To keep your weight centered bend your knees and reach your front
hand down towards the snow. For the landing you want to come off the end of the box. Land solid and ride away clean. Come out of the backside boardslide by untwisting your body. Bend your knees to absorb the landing. Then plan to do a few turns to ride it
out. The most important tip is to first
practice backside boardslides outside the park. Find a mellow run Where you can practice twisting your body into
the boardslide position. You can safely practice this on the snow and train your body until the
movement is automatic. Then when you are ready for the park find an easy feature, that you’re already comfortable doing
5050’s on. The most common mistake people make is
they have too much weight over their heel edge. This will cause you to slide out onto
your butt. Keep your knees bent and your front hand reaching down so
your weight stays forward and more centered over your snowboard.
Put all these tips together so you can nail your backside boardslides. If you guys have any questions or if you
have any tips for boardslides you can leave them in the comment box.
Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

Antonio Breitenberg

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69 thoughts on “How to Backside Boardslide – Snowboarding Tricks Regular

  1. Ryan Silvis says:

    Thanks for making a video for regular riders, makes it a lot easier for me to relate to myself

  2. Ian Griffiths says:

    Great video as always!!!!

  3. Edda Run says:

    Can't wait to try this on Saturday 🙂 

  4. inMotionSLB says:

    regular AND goofy version, you're spoiling us 🙂

  5. Jesper Andreasson says:

    Awesome channel 😀

  6. Trevor Sasso says:

    Kevin you are nasty man

  7. MINIWEATMAN112 says:

    Thank you !!! I made a rail in my backyard I've been practicing on that and your videos of helped me a lot make a video on how to do a frontside boardslide regular

  8. John Riley De Luca says:

    Yiu should upload how to lipslide goofy

  9. RabbitFur24 says:

    Dude is like 6'2 riding a 145. That board looks tiny as hell. Sizing down to the extreme!

  10. Henri Kolberg says:

    Nice 👍👍👍👍👍

    Check out this video:
    Snowboarden in Schuby

  11. Brottany says:

    When you are about to get on the box do you want to land straight and then turn your board or do you want to land already in the sideways position???

  12. Joximus ART says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips all of you guys from SPC.I watched every one of your videos and I can't wait for winter to come.We are getting a snowpark, here on a mountain where I live, for the first time this year and I'm going to put to practice what I have learned from your videos.

  13. autoassign says:

    where can i see you i go to whistler once in a while and would like to say hi c:

  14. Cali Lowe says:

    I love your videos! How to try something before going to the park is especially helpful so I don't embarrass myself quite as often. Can you make a video on doing spins off a box or pipe? 180/360?

  15. Tucker Anson says:

    if your leaning on your toe edge to much will your boards edge get caught and you fall forward.

  16. Vic Landry says:

    is there a difference between goofie and regular

  17. yallen2010 says:

    this video is very descriptive and easy to follow. Slowing the video down allows me to  better see where my body should be going into and getting out of the jump which is what i was looking for. Thanks SPC alot for your help. This snowboarding season is going to be the year I start landing tricks

  18. acubehack says:

    I can do a backside boardslide easy on a box but I'm looking for help on rails

  19. Miles Garland says:

    do you keep your board flat

  20. Nathan Boyer says:

    All your videos have you turn after you already start a 50-50.  Is that easier than jumping and rotating 90 degrees before landing on the box?

  21. chad johnson says:

    so thats a regular boardside

  22. Connor Brala says:

    cool thx

  23. Yagerbomb says:

    Yea I can confirm that it is much better to keep your weight centered, my butt hurts very bad from hitting a bit to many logs / boxes

  24. sk8boardingful says:

    going to the alps next week and your vids are giving me loads of ideas to try. can't wait to try this grind! keep the top quality tutorials coming man!

  25. Axel Skördeman says:

    Is it important to till the toeside a lil'bit upwards so you dont fall forward or should it all be flat? 😉

  26. Axel Skördeman says:

    Is it important to till the toeside a lil'bit upwards so you dont fall forward or should it all be flat? 😉

  27. Robert Teepell says:

    How do you even consider this a back board? 1.You approach the fucking thing straight on… don't even backslide, you're front sliding…

  28. kmb9522 says:

    Thanks for the vids man. They help a ton.

  29. MLG Mason says:

    Can you make a video of how for your stance has to be

  30. Brady Hill says:

    Do you lift up your toes at all?

  31. jan zlámal says:

    nice, will try this season. I have never tried any freestyle, even oliie not ( it took me a lot time to learn how to ride on slopes- with weight on front leng,arm in the line with snowboard). But rigders with better skills told me that to learn nice turns is most difficult, than after that progress is pretty quick. Do you agree? 

  32. Lavish says:

    Is snowboarding just like skateboarding, cause I can boardslide and 50-50 on a skateboard, so will I be able to transfer this to snowboarding?

  33. Timur Kussainov says:

    am i soppoused to lean back words, for wards or not at all?

  34. Timur Kussainov says:

    my problem with snowboarding is that i cant land most jump's not because i am afraid or i dont have good legs, it's because i cant balance my self when landing, how should i work on to improving that skill? thx

  35. Sarah Morgan says:

    I'm always afraid I will catch my edge on the box should I use my back edge on the box? And for Frontside Boardslide use the front edge on the box or not at all?

  36. Sarah Beccari says:

    Awesome advice thank you!!

  37. Jason Reitsma says:

    Thanks man, helps alot, finally got them down

  38. bluntforce says:

    @SnowboardProCamp can you make a vid for tips on how to get on a rail that isn't a ride on one. 

  39. Miles Frazier says:

    hey is there a difference between goofy and regular when it comes to learning tricks. Only asking because there are multiple videos describing the same thing like butters

  40. Brittany Pfeffer says:

    Awesome videos, I have so many Im going to try!! Great breakdown on tricks now I see what I need to do to land them -pumped!

  41. Connor Damelio says:

    Pretty helpful thanks dude

  42. SecretLizardPoliceSquad says:

    Oddly enough, I find this easier on down rails than 5050s

  43. sam mommi says:

    The hand pointing down is blippin clutch. I used to just put my hand out to the side and always wondered why I was still semi unstable coming off the box. Thanks

  44. Jorge Salcedo says:

    This looks way more fun than skateboarding I'm a skater but I went snowboarding and did a boards life 1st try idk if that's good but that shit be fun as fuck xD

  45. Ittai Shaked says:

    Hey Kevin, I was wondering if I should turn mmy board sideways (for the boardslide) when I am already on the box, or approaching the box. This is if i don't have any air

  46. Samson Scholten says:

    hey snowboardprocamp im wondering on backside boardslides I watch a lot of people do them and they have 1 foot more on the box then the other and I don't know which foot I should have more on the box my back or front I ride the same way as the rider in this video

  47. Peter Belansky says:

    Can I break a snowboard doing this???

  48. Nina Kovacevic says:

    very good video I will try it as soon as I can:D

  49. tg543216 says:

    Thx u are the best

  50. BigB says:

    I always feel like im going to catch an edge boardsliding, I ride an all mountain style board so I don't know if I should de-tune the edge so much that i can't carve well while not in the park jibbing? any advice?

  51. Brandon Rosenkerr says:

    Thanks! I hope to get this!

  52. Elias Knapp says:

    Hope u kno in the beginning it was frontside its diffrent frim goffi to reg hes doin it reg but prob normally goofy

  53. Elias Knapp says:

    Nev mind😂

  54. Jesse Breau says:

    do you keep the board flat against the box or lift the front a bit?

  55. spencer vance says:

    I had to much weight on my heel edge.

  56. spencer vance says:

    check out my snowboard video search "shredding the slopes of mt ashland" and tell me how my riding is

  57. HubTheMasterPro says:

    Just landed my first yesterday 😀

  58. sagejr says:

    should i be worried about my edge of the boarding catching on the rail? or is that an impossibility?

  59. RAUL THOMPSON says:

    hey man will it be easier doing a board slide on snowboarding if I'm a skateboarder?

  60. Buck Snabes says:

    is it the same on rails

  61. Buck Snabes says:

    snowboardpro camp does this apply for rails too

  62. jad belmaachi says:

    its easier on a bigger or smaller surface?

  63. Joshua Entwistle says:

    Thanks I did my boardslide this year thanks to this video

  64. Redrush 11 says:

    i constantly slide out

  65. Juan Leezy says:

    Thanks coach!  : )

  66. John says:

    you forgot about the part where you grab and faceplant

  67. John says:

    this guys stance is fucked up mannnn

  68. Raphaël St-Cyr says:

    Well fuck i have a new board so im always grabbing the toe edge on the box/rail do you have any tips for me?

  69. nat roy says:

    thank you!!

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