How To Backside 540 Corked Spin On A Snowboard (Regular)

How To Backside 540 Corked Spin On A Snowboard (Regular)

Corked BackSide 540’s
If you find backside more natural, start by learning corked BackSide 5s.Learning corked
spins on a trampoline before you try them on a snowboard is a safe way to ensure that
you understand how the rotation works before you start hucking yourself.It also allows
you to break a trick down so you can learn it in stages.Warm up with some 360’s and backdrops.
Try spinning into a back drop as a stepping stone.Spin into a back drop by dropping your
shoulder as you begin the spin, you should rotate approximately 270 degrees Backside
and land on your back. Do this until it feels natural and then try to continue the rotation
after your bounce to finish the 540 and land back on your feet.Once you have practiced
doing the corked 540 in 2 steps, try to do it in one. If a tramp board is available try
doing it with the board on and playing around with different grabs to see what works best
for you.When it comes to snow, find a medium sized jump that you are comfortable spinning
off of and warm up with some normal back 5s. This trick is all about staying relaxed, nailing
your set up carve and letting your weight fall back towards the tail of your board as
you pop on take off. Approach the jump with the same set up carve that you would use for
a normal BackSide 540, shifting from your heels to your toes. Stand up tall on the take
off, and as you pop let your weight shift back towards the lip of the jump by altering
the angle of your release slightly and paying attention to the imaginary rings.The amount
of ‘huck’ in backside corks is very small, most riders will find that grabbing with their
backhand and looking at their tail is almost enough to put them off axis into a corked

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “How To Backside 540 Corked Spin On A Snowboard (Regular)

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    Great vid! I love watching all your tutorials and hope you have many more to come!

  2. Sergio García says:

    I love this channel, great tutorials!

  3. Rekaw97 says:

    Aren't those on trampolines cork 360s?

  4. JoeyPanda11 says:

    Aren't those just 180 frontflips

  5. Kepitt says:

    I landed this before landing a normal back 5, not sure how that happened but whatever haha

  6. Mark J says:

    I keep coming around to the 540 still off axis. It seems like my head is not coming upright. Not sure what might be the problem

  7. Dion Walsh says:

    Got it

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