How to Backside 360 Part 1 – Snowboarding Tricks Regular

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from SnowboardProCamp. In this video I’m going to show you the first step to
learning backside 360’s. When you first start attempting 360’s you want to find a place to practice outside
the park on side hits. Here you can perfect your 360 technique and the terrain is much more forgiving if
you bail. I’m going to break down the backside 360 into three parts.The first is the line
in, the second is the wind up and the third is the pop. The first and most important part other
360 is your line in. You want to approach the side hit carving in on
your toe edge. Your toe edge will give you a solid platform to
spin the 360 from. It is also easier to spin the back side
three from you toe edge because you continuing
the spin in the same direction as the toe turn. The second part of the 360
is the wind up. For a backside 360 you want to wind up facing
forward towards the jump then as you get to lip of the side hit rotate your upper body backwards, towards you snowboards tail. Keep your core stiff, so your legs and board follow
the rotation keep looking your head around, to keep
the rotation going until you can spot the landing. The third part of the 360 is the pop. As
you get to the lip of the side hit you want to pop evenly off your toe edge. This
will give you the height, and time in the air to get the 360
around. Popping evenly off both feet will also keep you level in
the air so your landing will be level on your snowboard. Put the line, wind and
pop together to nail your backside threes. If you have
any trouble landing 360 you can look back at your line, wind and pop and
see which part you need to work on. Once you have your 360 dialled on side hits then
you’ll be ready to take them to a small part jump. Check out the next video where I’ll teach you how to 360 inside the park.

Antonio Breitenberg

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