How To Backside 360 On A Snowboard (Regular)

Find a side hit that forces you to approach on your toe edge or drop from the opposite
side at the bottom of the pipe. Do a straight air first and make sure to use
your legs to pop, getting at least a foot from the ground.
Hike back up and do a backside 180 with the same pop. Look for the blind landing to stop
you from over-rotating. It’s common to slide out here into a back 3.
With the backside 180, you don’t need to do much with your upper body, most of the rotation
comes from just being on your toe edge as you jump.
When it comes to doing a 360, the main difference is you’ll add a bit of wind up and release
with your upper body, as you’re jumping from the side hit. This creates tension through
your body like a rubber band which helps to spin all the way around.
Approach at the exact same speed, use the same toe edge carve, add the same pop, the
only difference is to wind up a little just before the jump and release that tension as
you pop off the lip. Don’t wind up to early, closer to the jump is better.
The other difference is to continue looking all the way around with your head rather then
spotting a blind landing. Don’t try too hard. Focus on only spinning
a tiny bit more then your backside 180. You may only do a 270 on your first few tries
similar to when practicing while carving across a run. This is safe as you’ll end up facing
downhill. If you land with your toe edge it’ll catch in the snow so try to land slightly
on your heels. It’s better to do smooth 270s at this stage
then sloppy 360s. If you try to wind up and release too hard into your spin, it’ll get
you off balance and make things harder. Keep your edging smooth, adding pop off the
lip creating just a little bit more tension then for a back 1 and look all the way around
for an open landing. You can use the exact same steps to learn
switch backside 3’s.

Antonio Breitenberg

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