How To Backside 180 On A Snowboard

Backside 180s are another iconic trick
which can be seen in many a video part from the start of snowboarding to now. A
Backside spin is when you approach a jump your normal way and spin so your
back is facing forward during the first 90 degrees of the spin. They can be a
little more difficult than Frontside 180s because you have to turn your head when
you spin and land blind. Stand on the trampoline like you would when you’re
snowboarding. As you jump, rotate your head, shoulders and hips Backside. It’s
important that during a Backside 180 you turn your head to help initiate the spin.
Otherwise you’ll just end up doing a Shifty. As you spin, try to spot the
landing between your legs. Get used to landing blind on this trick, looking at
your back foot or the tail of your board. This blind landing isn’t as important on
the trampoline but it’ll make a huge difference once you’re on snow, so it’s
best to get in the habit now. If you land on snow looking up it’s really easy to
revert and continue to spin on the landing. The other move that will help
with a smooth landing on snow, is using a Shifty to finish the spin. Instead of
spinning a full 180, landing aligned over your board, try spinning your upper body
just past 90 degrees and finishing the rest of the spin with just your board.
This will help stop the revert and help you pinpoint the landing exactly where
you want it. Another technique for doing Backside 180s is using counter rotation.
You’ll need to use counter rotation to 180 off boxes and rails. Because you
can’t edge on a box all the spin has to come from twisting your body. But other
than that this technique doesn’t work or look all that great. Imagine you’ve
jumped on to a box, rotate your upper body so that both hands are over the
tail of your board and as you jump off the imaginary box spin your board
Backside and your upper body in the opposite direction. You’ll land a little
twisted up but your board shouldn’t want to revert. If you get really good at
this counter rotation, you might even be able to get a 360
around. This tutorial was filmed at Bounce in Whistler.
You’re watching Duncan Mainland and Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, our
goal is to improve your riding!

Antonio Breitenberg

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