How to Backflip (Wildcat) – Snowboarding Tricks

How to Backflip (Wildcat) – Snowboarding Tricks

My name is Garrett Okun. Oh my god, there is an Iphone down there!
My name is Garrett Okun. Where are you? We’re in Wilson, haha. Whistler, B.C, Bro!!! Yeah, that’s where we are. We are in Whistler. The trick I’m going to teach you today
is how to do backflips. Before you try a backflip you want to be comfortable clearing a jump with a
reasonable size gap, definitely know how to straight air a jump, you want to be comfortable doing 360’s so you have some air awareness. Hopefully you have done flips into pools, on
trampolines so you’re comfortable upside down, so you don’t get
freaked out the first time your heels go over your head. When you’re going into a jump for a backflip you want to make sure you have enough
speed to clear the jump and you want a little extra speed because you’re going to be
going upside down and definitely don’t wanna come up short on
this one. Take the necessary speed but don’t take a lot of unnecessary turns
once you get your speed dial. Flat base a little on your toe edge. Right as you’re about to take off you want to make sure to not pop early, if you lean back and pop to early your going to know you dome off the takeoff. No go. You want to pop at the proper time, look up
at the sky, helmet doesn’t fly back. So you want to get to the same point where
you’re going to pop for a normal jump and you’re just gonna look back. In the air you need to think about
controlling the speed of your flip. Whether you need to stay tucked or open up a little bit to slow it down. Just focusing on keeping your
rotation, spotting your landing. Seeing your landing, stomping it bolts. The number one rule is don’t freak out.
If you’re going to do a backflip you have to tell yourself, alright today I’m doing a backflip I’m not
going to wuss out once I get in the air. That is the number one worst thing that can happen.
If you get upside down you decide, well doing a backflip wasn’t a good idea. Yeah,
you’re going to have a bad time. Just commit, commitment is key. It’s like having a girlfriend you know you
can’t have a good relationship if you’re not fully committed. Otherwise you’re going to land face first in the snow. My first back flip experience
was at my home mountain back in North Carolina. They built a back flip jump right into a landing of one of our jumps. It’s was like a huge scoop, almost vert jump. It was just
a backflip jump. It was just a pretty steep take-off, with a nice landing. The first time
I ever did it me and my roommate just went out and said we’re going to learn backflips and tried to psych each other out. Went out and we were like we’re learning
backwards today. The first few times we weren’t committing and
just kinda landing on our backs or our stomachs. Then finally tucked and did it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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31 thoughts on “How to Backflip (Wildcat) – Snowboarding Tricks

  1. nader bedair says:


  2. Sam Clark says:

    My goal is a backflip this year. Will get an instant boner when achieved. 

  3. McDudes says:

    wow seams to be really warm there O_O Weird shit #mindefuck  

  4. McDudes says:

    Cool video can you do a trick tip on the other type of backflip to?


    can you do a tamedog video please… that would be soo cool

  6. Sam Pillar says:

    front 3 please

  7. PUSH: Progression Unified Sports Hub says:

    Where you from in NC? I go to App Ski Mtn… It's SO icy! I learned my backflip (wildcat version) last year on a perfect jump setup. Tried it for the first time this season (crappy jumps so far) on a really small jump; probably about 4 feet versus the 8 footer last year. I got around but was off axis. Anyway, thanks for the vid. Figured you might've been back at App since you said room mate and that's the typical college where you'd go snowboarding!

  8. MoJoJoJo says:

    Oh god. "If you are in the air and decide it was a bad idea to do a backflip, your gonna have a bad time." South Park, anybody?

  9. xKohlyZx says:

    Looks so easy

  10. isaac RB says:

    @icerink5am where in nc are you im near hickory and im new to snowboarding hoping you could tell me some good places

  11. s anderson says:

    Wow thanks a lot guys I broke my neck

  12. MindOfFrozen says:

    Learnt Wildcats and Underflips Last weekend! Thanks for the help!

  13. ardechey says:

    You're gonna have a bad time, mm'kay

  14. Ethan Durman says:

    What's the best way to keep the tuck so I can pull it off I can get the flip but I can't tuck to pull it off

  15. Warlord says:

    i tried doing a backflip couple days ago when i went to the snow.. was going at a good speed seen the jump went for it didn't even be close to a backflip first ever time just went in the air an landed on my back =/… any ideas on how i can keep practicing? please a reply would be amazing ty !

  16. Frostbite Gaming says:

    Would it be good to learn on an air bag?

  17. Christian Mcarthur says:

    Did you learn at sugar mountain??

  18. Mariø says:

    Landed my first wildcat today 🙂 thanks for the helpful vid!

  19. gus thom says:

    can u back flip flat?

  20. daveslow84 says:

    OMG, I had no idea Kassem G can snowboard!!! 😀

  21. Lainestunts YT says:

    Looks like a gainer sideflip

  22. Ryan H says:

    Is it easier to start with this style backflip or the barrel roll?

  23. Don Grieco says:

    Ttttjjjjj first appearance

  24. Allo says:

    It's a shame this guy garret is no more on the channel… or he is? He seems a cool guy but I've never seen him in more recent videos

  25. y0nerix says:

    This kids baked as fuck

  26. Chestnut Boy says:

    0:50 starman song in the background <3

  27. Max Nguyen says:

    Is they a young ass TJ on the chair?

  28. Kreative Outlet says:

    i liked this because you said North Carolina

  29. Josh Shelstad says:

    it makes me so mad everytime they say backflip! they dont even go backwards!!! annybody else get annoyed by this?

  30. Kevin Oakes says:

    put the bar down for your safty

  31. fuzz says:

    Holy shit TJ is so young here

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