How to 50 50 a Rail on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

How to 50 50 a Rail on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Welcome to Snowboardprocamp This is Kevin and I’m a snowboard coach in Whistler, BC Here are some tips to help
you 50/50 a down rail There are a few tricks you want to have mastered before
attempting a down rail: 50/50 s on a down box Box a gap to box and a feature like a
corrugated pipe the first part of this The first part of this trick is popping a clean ollie An Ollie will get you the height to get your board up and onto the rail You want to
have a bit of speed on your approach so that you can land a few feet down the rail. By landing down the
rail you will keep your momentum moving forward and
your board headed straight on the rail you want to keep your knees bent and
your back fairly straight this will keep your weight centered on the rail your
back hand should be over your tail and your head should be looking forward to
the end this will get you to the end of the rail with your board straight and
level to recap you want to pop a clean Ollie
landing a few feet down the rail keep your knees bent and your back straight
to stay balanced look towards the end of the rail with your back hand over your
tail to keep your snowboard straight to complete the trick
leave any questions about this trick in the comment box below and subscribe to
snowboardprocamp to check out upcoming trick videos visit
for more snowboard tips

Antonio Breitenberg

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89 thoughts on “How to 50 50 a Rail on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

  1. strieghtchillin says:

    nice vid

  2. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Share this video, to help it bounce around the internet, like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert!

  3. ISeverythingOK says:

    what angles do you use

  4. SnowboardProCamp says:

    @ISeverythingOK 15 and 15

  5. SnowboardProCamp says:

    @strieghtchillin Thanks Ryan!

  6. ISeverythingOK says:

    Awesome thanks! How wide is your stance? I ride a 151 and im 5'7 or 5'8. Is 23.5 too wide a stance

  7. SnowboardProCamp says:

    @ISeverythingOK My stance is pretty wide. You want it to be wide but comfortable. If your stance is too wide your boots will be angled in your bindings. Just have to play with it and find out what feels right.

  8. nick murphy says:


  9. SnowboardProCamp says:

    @smowboarder81 good idea, tail and nose press video in the works

  10. Turner Anderson says:

    @ISeverythingOK I ride a 151 and i am around the same height as you and i ride a 23" stance so i think you are fine

  11. SnowboardProCamp says:

    @mrgooseslayer13 Make sure you are super solid on down boxes before you try a rail. I'd say your ready to hit it when you're feeling confident.

  12. McSquarz says:

    i know i can hit this down rail at the park that i go to, but im sacred to taco

  13. rlatkdfyd481 says:

    If i have a still board, will this be harder?

  14. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Do you mean stiff board? A stiff board makes it harder for sure. A softer board will be more forgiving when landing on the rail. Check your snowboard out online and see what kind riding its made for. A rail specific board will make doing rails way easier.

  15. rlatkdfyd481 says:

    I have the "Evil Twin 54 Bataleon" is this stiff board? Btw thanks 😛

  16. SnowboardProCamp says:

    The Evil Twin is a bit stiff and heavy but you can still do rails on it. I would recommend maybe demoing a softer, lighter board and see if you notice a difference.

  17. rlatkdfyd481 says:

    What brands have soft boards?

  18. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Every brand of snowboards will have a range of boards from stiff to soft. Demo a few different boards and see what you prefer. I personally like a softer board that still has good pop.

  19. rlatkdfyd481 says:

    thanks so much. 😛 I really apperciate it

  20. SnowboardProCamp says:

    No worries!

  21. gbofcas says:

    cna anyone help me to get a more solid ollie for all the boxes with a gap or rail thankss

  22. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Just practice tons off ollies on an easy slope. Loading up pressure on the tail of your board, popping into the air, getting your board level in the air, and bending your knees for the landing.

  23. nitroairplane says:

    Do you teach ride tribe?

  24. SnowboardProCamp says:

    yeah man!

  25. nitroairplane says:

    @SnowboardProCamp Wow then I was in tribe with you a few weeks ago (Name's Indra) with my brother. In the morning we rode park and then hiked flute it was so fun man since then I learned back side 360° and frontside sorta but low we are in London 🙁 hopefully be in whistler again next year! Thanks again man!

  26. skillzz says:

    Thanks alot for these tutorials, they help alot! 🙂

  27. Dorian Zéphir says:

    Hello, I would like to know a tip to have stylish backside 50/50? Thanks

  28. william norlander says:

    hey man, it seems kinda hard to do a 50/50 on a rail, feels like the board would go sideways most the time ?

  29. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Try landing a bit further down the rail to keep you momentum going down the rail.

  30. Eric Cheng says:

    is that a burton clash?

  31. JC says:

    I can do corgated pipes and ride-on rails, but

  32. JC says:

    I can do corgated pipes and ride-on rails, but I cannot find any boxes that have big gaps to get onto them. Do I need to know anything else before I try down rails?

  33. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Just hit it when you're feeling confident.

  34. semajgnik says:

    its so damn scary to do these street style rails, i did it once on a small one, and im still working on it. i wuss out last second 75% of the time lol. i ate it pretty hard a couple of times thats why

    how does doing corrugated tubes help?

  35. Tim Petter Hansen says:

    my boards steel edge alwayst hook on plastic rails… Suggestions?

  36. TheAstonboy says:

    What video settings did u use with your gopro? and what edit program?

  37. SnowboardProCamp says:

    This video was filmed with the gopro 1. I use Adobe Premier to edit.

  38. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Get comfortable riding with your board flat on the snow before taking it to the rail.

  39. TheAstonboy says:

    Hellio, i want to buy my first snowboard but i dont know what to choose i like to: off piste/piste/park and i want a board wich i can ride in both directions im 176cm i weight 62Kg also if i use 720 p amd 60fps with my hero3 you think that would. Be enough?

  40. Z3D says:

    Neversummer Proto ct. Also, look at the chart on the site.

  41. vekku1989 says:

    Forum Contract or Destroyer, Destroyer Double Dog. 1.55 meter board.

  42. bluebird says:

    what is it called when you "run" with your snowboard? like at 0:06 please do a tutorial for that or just tell me what it's called

  43. SnowboardProCamp says:

    I'm not sure what that's called besides just "running on a snowboard". I'll try to make a video on it.

  44. MincVinyl says:

    i heard it was called the penguin waddle

  45. Igor Stepanov says:

    Been trying to beat pipe, but still no success. My bord always slide to a side. What should I do? (sorry 4 my eng, mgs)

  46. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Try landing a little further down the rail to keep your momentum going straight. Good luck man! Let me know how it goes.

  47. Igor Stepanov says:

    And at the rails end should I jump of it or just slide further?

  48. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Just slide off smooth.

  49. Gunnar Helgason says:

    penguin walk

  50. Marco Giacomelli says:

    Were i ride we call it Happy feet, because it reminds a penguin 😉

  51. Arran Livingstone says:

    Have you ever been to Folgarida in Italy?

  52. SnowboardProCamp says:

    No, I'll have to check it out someday!

  53. Arran Livingstone says:

    Im going there in January next month. Im an intermediate boarder but never done freestyle, what should I start off trying?

  54. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Start by doing some ollies, try some really small jumps, maybe a 5050 on an easy box. Practise lots of switch riding too!

  55. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Start by hitting some rails that are really short and low to the ground.

  56. Irfan Salim says:

    What is easier a boardslide or a 50/50?

  57. Fantastic R 360 says:

    dude board slide

  58. quiet skater says:

    I've been doing just jumps not Ollie's is their any difference and greeting from Montreal

  59. RideMidwest says:

    How can I not land short and slip of the front of the rail.

  60. volcanope says:

    I've never done any railing on a snowboard, but i want to learn that. What should i practice first?

  61. Nathan Boyer says:

    I have trouble jumping from the ground parallel to the rail to landing on the rail completely balanced with my feet under me and the board flush to the rial.  I always end up being slightly on edge or off balance and I slip out onto my back.

  62. s1lver5urfer says:

    I am still a beginner (Kinda). I can 50 50 Grind and Board slide a Funbox but not yet Rails.

  63. David Schnittman says:

    woah dis guys shreddin at whistlerrrr

  64. JRounder87 says:

    I want to learn how to penguin waddle to gain speed from a stand still like he does in this video.  Any tips?

  65. n s says:

    lost a tooth 5 days ago, but today i nailed it!

  66. Diamondssnpr says:  this is me and my buddies vid, i took everything you said and applied it, thanks man i really enjoy your vids they are very helpful

  67. Cayden Lentini says:

    i am doing it off of a log is that ok?

  68. john johnson says:

    what is easier a boardslide or a 50 50

  69. Evan Bermel says:

    How do you land with your weight centered on the rail?

  70. Matthew Sitte says:

    How do you tell what size snowboard you need?

  71. Ansel Duke says:

    I tried to do a down rail 2 years ago and I broke my wrist lol

  72. Tarak Jha says:

    I love ur vids so much plz never stop

  73. Liam Di Francesco says:

    Right when I get at the rail I choke so I either slightly jump or I don't jump at all and crash into the rail. Any tips

  74. cobee lamora says:

    you make it look so e z

  75. Niels Pieterse says:

    ive already mastered to do a rail where you didnt have to jump on  but is still have problems with rails with jumping on a rail

  76. A M says:

    I have been snowboarding for 9 years and I am 11

  77. Eden Bradford says:

    instructions unclear, board stuck in arse.

  78. Ocanadakiter says:

    thanks for the video btw

  79. Easton Bolgrin says:

    At my mountain we have a down rail similar to the ones in the vid. Although the take off is very short and the end of the rail is quite a few feet off the ground. Because of this i have a lot of trouble getting enough pop to get on top and over the rail on both 50-50s and back boardslides. Any suggestions?

  80. Arda Unal says:

    Who's watching in 2016?

  81. Simon Lippitt says:

    i can commit to a backside boardslide easily but the 50 50 i can get on i just have to work not sliding out left or right

  82. Ben Parnell says:

    Hey could you make a beginner rail tricks?! I'm learning rails now and am curious on what i should start out with besides 50/50s

  83. kyle hinzman says:

    How do you get mentally prepared to hit your first rail

  84. Zircon says:

    Lmao I remember when I was learning rails I committed to about 3/4 of the rail and didn't expect to get that far and I slipped out and landed right on my gut soooo stay committed 😂

  85. Zircon says:

    Lmao I remember when I was learning rails I committed to about 3/4 of the rail and didn't expect to get that far and I slipped out and landed right on my gut on the rail soooo stay committed 😂

  86. Zircon says:

    Lmao I remember when I was learning rails I committed to about 3/4 of the rail and didn't expect to get that far and I slipped out and landed right on my gut on the rail soooo stay committed lol

  87. Zircon says:

    Lmao I remember when I was learning rails I committed to about 3/4 of the rail and didn't expect to get that far and I slipped out and landed right on my gut on the rail soooo stay committed lol

  88. IwillsubtojoshplaysrobloxitsquackunduckherexD Lol says:

    0:00 a legend was born

  89. JAREKU says:

    Guys what a journey 🙌

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