How To 360 With Grabs On A Snowboard

How To 360 With Grabs On A Snowboard

Doing a 360 with a grab looks awesome
and feels awesome! Adding a grab usually makes a 360 look more stylish and
controlled. It ties a connection between your upper and lower body so that
everything rotates together at the same time. Take a grab you like to do with
180s, then try to add that to your 360. It doesn’t matter which grab you do, start
with whatever you find the easiest and see how it feels. If you don’t know where
to start, try grabbing Melon or Indy. They are very common for a lot of people
when spinning both Frontside or Backside. The key for all grabs is to be compact
in the air, bringing your knees up towards your chest. A strong pop off the lip of
the jump helps you to be compact in the air.
The grab is done entirely in the air so your approach line and takeoff should be
the exact same whether you’re grabbing a three or not grabbing. Spinning with grabs on
a trampoline is an easy way to build your muscle memory. It allows you to
practice hundreds of times in a very short period.
Try out all of the six main grabs with Front and Back 3s. See if you can add
some extra style with leg extensions. Indy. Mute. Melon. Stale. Nose. Tail. When doing 360s off real jumps, it’s
difficult to learn all the main grabs but be sure to change it up and master a
few different ones so you’re not always doing the same thing. Nose and Tail Grabs
are the most difficult while learning because of the compulsory leg movements
needed. However, they become some of the easiest grabs as you progress because
you don’t need to be quite as compact. You’re riding with Nev Lapwood from
Snowboard Addiction. Our goal is to improve your riding!

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  1. Ailison Rocha de Carvalho says:

    Nice, I need to start with grabs. I'm already landing 360s and 540s but I feel that my hands are so weird while in the air. 😀 Good vid, good job. Thanks.

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