How to 180 on a Snowboard Step 1 – Snowboarding Tricks

How to 180 on a Snowboard Step 1 – Snowboarding Tricks

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from In this video I’m gonna show you the
very first thing you want to try when learning how to spin 180’s. Before
you 180 off a jump you want to first practice on the flat
ground. This way you can get used to spinning 180’s and be comfortable doing them before you
get to the jump. There are three parts to doing 180’s on the ground. The first part is getting onto the
edge of your snowboard to give yourself a platform to spin from.
Set yourself up on your toe edge for backside 180’s and heel edge for frontside 180’s. The second part is jumping to give
yourself time in the air to get the 180 around. Bend your
knees and try to keep your back straight so you can jump straight into the air. Make
sure you jump even of both feet. This will keep your snowboard level in
the air. The third thing is to wind up your body
so you can get the 180 around. For backside 180’s winding up facing
forward, then rotating your body backwards. For frontside 180’s winding up
backwards then rotate your body forward. An easy way to remember which way to
wind up is to remember that you want the front
of your snowboard to always spin up hill. Practice doing 180’s on the flat
ground until you really have them dialed. Focus on the three parts that complete the
180. Creating a platform with your edge to spin from, jumping even of both feet to give
yourself time in the air, and winding up to get the 180 around. If you have any questions about 180’s, you can leave them in the comment box. Subscribe to check out upcoming videos.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates and photos. Check out the next video where I’ll show you guys how to 180 while riding. Let me know how spinning 180’s on
the ground felt and did you prefer to do it frontside or backside?

Antonio Breitenberg

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65 thoughts on “How to 180 on a Snowboard Step 1 – Snowboarding Tricks

  1. Turps100 says:

    Thnx for the video! I'm gonna try this today on the bristle slope 😀

  2. James3160 says:

    Thanks! I've been trying to learn this trick and I am starting freestyle lessons soon. This will be useful.

  3. Shane Fujio says:

    looking forward to trying this when i get up to tahoe this weekend.

  4. jeglikerpoteter says:

    in the start i did fs but now i love bs 180

  5. whitecow13 says:

    what is the best one to start with : frontside or backside ?

  6. TheSpainy says:

    You prefer to do his backside?? 🙂

  7. Konstantin Orekhov says:

    fs ofcouse
    when you try fs you can control landing spot every moment
    when bs you don't

  8. Nick Wie says:

    Frontside is the best

  9. whitecow13 says:

    kk tyvm ^^

  10. James3160 says:

    Hey man. I just wanted to suggest to do a video on biters and tripods. Have been racy icing them and still don't seem to have it. I understand if you can't do it. Thanks man.

  11. niggadick says:

    If I am 85-90lbs and 5' 3'' what size board should i get? I just started

  12. gage carpenter says:

    You should really start eating airscopes. You need weight to go down a mountain xD

  13. keekerooz98 says:

    Im having trouble with this because im a regular and its pretty dominant. Ive tried going down the hill quite a few times with my right foot, but I dont seem to have any balance at all!! Im really wanting to get this 180 down, but I fall everytime I try.

  14. niggadick says:

    yeah 🙂

  15. Riley Hoff says:

    Practice riding switch this will help you to ride away clean

  16. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Around 139cm

  17. Lino Roggeman says:

    hello i'm from Europe and im going to buy myself a new board, i see all these people with small boards is that better ? im 1.85m and i wiegh about 67kg what board should i get ?

  18. Supe says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial, they are really usefull.

    I am a intermediate boarder and decided to buy a board. I am 135lbs and 5' 4''.. I want to do basic tricks such as spinning on the snow etc.

    What size board should i get ?


  19. gage carpenter says:

    thats nothing to smile about thats pretty bad

  20. JeffW says:

    i have been practicing my 180 on the flats and while riding. but i dont really know if i am ready for it while hitting a ramp.any advice?

  21. bob van foeken says:

    just give it a shot if the jump is not to big you'll probably not get hurt

  22. JeffW says:

    thanx man!

  23. Dylan Ross says:

    People saying they arnt ready… You are never ready until you try it. Just start small and keep going bigger

  24. squid0697 says:

    I always prefer to do frontside 180s but i can go either way.

  25. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Check out snowboards around 150cm

  26. HaZeillusions says:

    I prefer frontside and they didn't feel new to me since I skate baord

  27. Carlos Monsen says:

    How to 180:

  28. gabby says:

    im around 5'8 and way 165 with a size 10 boot. what size board and bindings should i shoot for?

  29. SplashOfRandom says:

    I'm thinking around 155

  30. JeffW says:

    is there a part 2 coming??

  31. Shubbers1234 says:

    4 some reason I find backside easier

  32. SnowboardProCamp says:

    A lot of people like backside better because its easier to jump off your toes.

  33. nuggetopotato says:

    Have u ever been to Brian head Kevin

  34. SnowboardProCamp says:

    No, where's that? Is it good?

  35. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Part 2 is up!

  36. JeffW says:

    looks nice!

  37. rob t says:

    lil higher than ya soldier

  38. pullup188 says:

    What do you mean the front of the board should spin uphill means. if i board with my right foot in front, then it should be the right foot that goes uphill, and the left foot does the downhill portion of the spin?

  39. John Hakim says:

    Very nice video as usual 🙂 I'm going on a snowboard/ski trip soon..i was having a hard time deciding what to do..I want to try snowboarding and I want to know if I will waste my time the whole day and not get the hang of it at all :/ and if i do go snowboarding would it be dangerous to try this trick out on my first day?

  40. Grubnub903 says:

    As long as you have a good instructer teaching you that doesn't make you sit on a small gradual slope the whole time you will have fun. Also most likely you will faceplant the 180

  41. DaJuiceTisLoose says:


  42. Aamir Rajwani says:

    Can somebody help whenever I try to do a 180 I barely catch any air and I can't get a full 180

  43. Aamir Rajwani says:

    I don't get the full rotation

  44. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Just keep trying. It takes a bit of practise. Try using your head to get that rotation around.

  45. Snowboarding4Kings says:

    You guys really help beginners. Thanks for these tuts 😀

  46. MrBratwurst says:

    I have been searching for good snowboard tutorials for about 3 months and finally found you! Awesome that you make such short informative videos!

  47. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Thanks man!

  48. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Thanks man! Any video requests?

  49. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Landing in powder is an awesome idea! Thanks man! Once we get some snow here I'll get on that.

  50. Adflame says:

    Anyone can tell me why that guy in the yellow jacket is showing "180" when he is doing it wrong? 😀

  51. Are says:

    why is the guy in yellow jacket twercking?

  52. Jaronce Clavet says:

    in the thumbnail the guy looks like he's skiing

  53. Jeremy Wiltshire says:

    Hi great video by the way. My problem is that when I do a 180 I can get the board fully around But always land on my toe edge and fall toe side.

  54. Mika Jakovljevic says:

    ty man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Dean Owens says:

    Where can I find that yellow jacket that guy is shown wearing in the video?? 

  56. KillerDave55 says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Is there a video or tips for doing a 180 hardway?
    I was trying them yesterday and although I was landing it, it was like way too much effort! Not sure I'm ding it right???

  57. Pc says:

    How wide is your stance?? I ride with a wider stance and it's feels a little harder to spin should I ser them a little more narrow?

  58. ntrnka. says:

    I can do 180's on the ground, but when I try it off a ramp my board goes sort of vertical or just not even, and i fall… any tips?

  59. Idan Timor says:

    hey kevin,
    what's the diffrence between front side and back side?
    it looks to me more like spinning left or right
    can you explain please?

  60. Ali Haghour says:


  61. Nozel _ says:

    Problem is I suck at switch

  62. Jeff James says:

    Hey Kevin could you go outside and try this on the grass or would it mess up the base of your snowboard?

  63. Luis Gantikow says:

    waht is easyer to drive on the ramp frontside or backside

  64. Ride Review Repeat says:

    Kevin I struggle to do a backside 180 when traversing across the slope. I can do a frontside from my toe edge, but backside toe edge feels really strange and awkward! Have you got any tips???

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