How To 180 On A Snowboard (Regular)

How To 180 On A Snowboard (Regular)

Jumping on flat ground
Spinning is a mixture of rotation combined with pop projecting you into the air.
Wind up and crouch down together so you can pop into the air and release into the spin.
Strap into your board on a flat area and practice the feeling of popping and releasing.
When jumping 180s, start with your upper body leading the spin and still be actively rotating
as you jump to follow through with your legs. The key to making a 180 easy to to have your
shoulders in the lead of your board and still rotating as you leave the ground.
If your brand new to 180s, try to pop with your weight evenly on both feet to stay balanced
over your board however you can also ollie and 180.
Frontside is where the front of your body rotates into the spin and backside is the
opposite. Make sure to try this in both directions. Frontside 180
A frontside 180 is the easiest of all spins, because you never lose sight of your landing,
so try it first. It’s a fun trick off of straight jumps, and is realatively easy to wack on
the end of a 50-50 to up your rail steeze. Front 1’s are an essential building block
as you work towards bigger spin tricks. It’s difficult to initiate a spin when popping
from a flat base, so use a slight edge which creates a platform to spin from. This becomes
especially important with 360s and bigger spins.
When spinning front and switch front 1’s, it’s relatively easy to pop off either your
heel or your toe edge. It’s good to be able to use both techniques.
When spinning 360s and beyond most riders tend to spin frontside off their heel edge
however there are still many pros who do it from their toes. It all comes down to an individual
riders preference and what they’ve practiced most. Popping off your toes will also feel
more similar to the feeling of doing a 180 off a box or rail. Get the feeling of sliding front 1’s uphill,
while carving across the slope on your heel edge. Have your shoulders leading the rotation
and your lower body following. You can use your back hand as a guide and
point in the direction you’ll be riding after completing the 180. You’ll end up riding out
switch and balancing on your toe edge. Step it up by adding some pop, to push yourself
into the air. Hop evenly off both feet for controlled balance or you can also do this
with an ollie. Once you have this concept dialed, it’s time
to find a small jump.

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