How To 180 Nose Roll On A Snowboard

How To 180 Nose Roll On A Snowboard

180 Nose Rolls. Nose Rolls are another
buttering trick where you don’t actually balance in a pressed position. While
riding, jump a Frontside 180 landing switch and when comfortable jump a
Switch Frontside 180 to land back regular. Now try the exact same movement of a
Frontside 180 and a Switch Frontside 180 but instead of jumping try rolling over
the nose of your board using the high pressed position. It’s amost the same
motion of jumping 180s, but your board never fully leaves the ground. After
you’re comfortable with Frontside and Switch Frontside Nose Rolls, you can try
learning them in the Backside direction. Start by jumping a Back 1 landing
switch, then jump a Switch Backside 180 to land back in your normal stance. If
this is easy, use the same amount of rotation and effort but instead of
jumping, allow your board to roll over your nose while keeping a light
connection with the ground. These are a little trickier because you can’t
always see where you’re going when doing the trick Backside. Make sure to use the
blind landing technique which allows you to ride away smoothly without over
rotating. This tutorial was filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Nev Lapwood from
Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding.

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “How To 180 Nose Roll On A Snowboard

  1. Wess Wang says:

    Sorry, should back foot jump for lifting and shifting weight to front ? or just shimmy(slide) the weight to front foot ? or first weight on back then change to front ? I found it's hard to press in front foot and lift back foot.

  2. cavf88 says:

    How not to over rotate the rolls though?

  3. Ar Gj says:

    Кажется так легко, на склоне канта ловиш, лежишь на снегу и думаешь… Да блять как это у них легко получается 😂😂😂

  4. Jeremy Fong says:

    What helmet are you using?

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