How This Paralympic Snowboarder Overcame Her Disability | Cosmopolitan

How This Paralympic Snowboarder Overcame Her Disability | Cosmopolitan

What I do want to be remembered for is somebody
who made change and someone who blurred the lines between what’s possible and not possible. I grew up skiing and snowboarding and absolutely
fell in love with snowboarding when I was 15 years old. Knew that it would be something that I would
do for the rest of my life and at the age of 19 I lost both my legs to something called
meningococcal meningitis. Due to this little kind of microscopic bacteria, I
ended up losing my legs. I lost my kidney function, I lost my spleen,
I lost the hearing in my left ear and I was only 19 years old and I thought my life was
over. I had to rethink the rest of my life. I think one of my kind of pet peeves is weird
questions like, “Do your legs hurt? Are you uncomfortable in your own skin? How did you get comfortable?” None of that’s really my reality. It’s just kind of a pet peeve when people
make assumptions about your situation versus just listening to what you have to say about
it. Luckily, I recovered but it’s been a long
recovery and it’s been challenging. You think you go through one thing and that’s
it, but then there’s more stories to live and there’s always going to be, so that’s
the beauty of life. I have gone on to snowboard again, which was
one of my greatest passions. I made a pair of feet so that I could snowboard
in those. I helped to get snowboarding into the Paralympic
games and then I came home with the bronze medal. Amy Purdy, 34, from Copper Mountain! She is obviously a non-stop girl of action. Last year I got injured, I injured both my
arms and I almost lost the function of my arms and at the same time the function of
my kidney, and all of it came from just working out too hard. I got something called rhabdomyolysis and
it hit out of nowhere after a workout and I was in the hospital for eight days. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I tried to look at that experience the way
that I looked at losing my legs in the first place, which was, if I can overcome that, I
can overcome anything. For anybody out there who’s thought that
their circumstances stopped them from following their dreams you’re wrong. The possibilities are endless if you’re willing
to try hard enough. My life mantra is: live inspired. I believe that when we surround ourselves
with inspiration, then we become inspired, and inspiration is contagious so we inspire
others to do the same. We’re faced with obstacles every day of
our lives. Some are small, some are big. And just because you think you’ve lived your
story, you most likely haven’t. There’s more stories to live. My name is Amy Purdy, I’m a Paralympic snowboarder.

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “How This Paralympic Snowboarder Overcame Her Disability | Cosmopolitan

  1. Camilo Castillo says:

    ¡Hola a todos! Estoy haciendo publicidad para mi canal, no quiero incomodar a nadie, por favor les pido una disculpa, ¡un abrazo fuerte!

  2. richa saju says:

    She is soooo prettyyyyyy💓😍❤❤

  3. says:

    Amy Purdy is such an inspiration, she has fought hard and overcome things that beyond the scope of injury! We are so stoked to see her out pushing limits!!! For more rad women snowboard videos check out our channel!

  4. Beth Rossignol says:

    Wonderful!!!! You made your own feet? Did a prosthetist help you? Did you take a large prosthetic foot and modify it?
    My mother was a double amputee below the knees. I remember the prosthetist shaving her toes so that I could get her shoes on easier.

  5. Kaysa Bay says:

    This is really helping other people who are dealing with a disability! You can give up or do the Impossible.

  6. Exnihilo NihilFit says:

    Omg!!! Such an amazing individual!!!! Your strength gives me strength. Thank you so much for telling your story😀

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