How People Who Use Wheelchairs Can Surf  – Rolling On, Ep. 5

How People Who Use Wheelchairs Can Surf – Rolling On, Ep. 5

I love the beach and I try to go numerous times in the summer. Sometimes just due to ignorance of the disability, we get outcast. I want people to know that we have the same wants and desires and we’re just like everyone else. I think I was a typical teenager who loved to dance. I loved to run. I was in track. I had a certain outlook for my future. I’ve been in a wheelchair for about almost 15 years. I got injured when i was 18. I fell from a ferris wheel. It took me a while to adapt, and to be able to be myself again. It took me a couple of years i have to say. I have lived in New York City since i was three years old. Pretty much all my life. Accessibility in New York City is a challenge. I usually take a bus and then a train, so I take the bus to the train station. There’s closer train stations to where I live, but they don’t have elevators so I have to take a bus which takes me about 20 minutes or so to get there. And then I take the train and it’s about a 40-minute commute or so from the train station to my stop in the city. Apps can help just make our lives a little bit easier. Hearing it from other people, sometimes it’s better because it’s more honest and you get a more accurate detail of the accessibility of the place. Apart from stating that it’s wheelchair accessible, adding if the bathrooms are accessible. Because there’s some times where the place is accessible but then the bathroom it’s small and it’s not wheelchair accessible. Even though there are obstacles, I’m still very active and I’m out and about in the city. Wheeling Forward partners with Life Rolls On and they put up these adaptive surfing events for people with disabilities. They put up mats all around the area where we’re gonna be at so the wheelchair users can get really close to the water and just experience the whole beach. It’s such a great experience to get in the water and ride the waves. How cool would it be if these types of mats were here permanently? I think that if everyone is aware of the challenges that we go through, then it would just make it easier for everyone. If you can get on the app and make it easier for your fellow human, that means the world. That shows that you’re caring about the disability community. So yeah i think that would be great.

Antonio Breitenberg

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28 thoughts on “How People Who Use Wheelchairs Can Surf – Rolling On, Ep. 5



  2. Sarah Cain says:

    Having people who are using wheelchairs as part of the local guides help others who recently had to use such chairs or their whole life by letting everyone know "hey there are things and places you can still go".



  4. Surendra Ramnauth says:

    As a local guide, I just love this, very happy to be a part of the Google Local Guides team.

  5. NEW DJ WAXXY Lib Music Promotor says:

    oh good

  6. Osaka78 says:

    Awesome 👍

  7. Dan Odden says:

    Why did she fall from the ferris wheel? She was probably being pretty dumb…

  8. Denis Catherine says:

    My heart happy 💙💙💙💙💙

  9. Thiru vasagam says:


  10. FASTBLADER says:

    It feels good being a Local Guide to help people like her! 🙂

  11. FASTBLADER says:

    It's feels good being a Local Guide to help people like her! 🙂

  12. Татьяна Ломоносова says:

    Очень позитивное видео ! Только доброта людская спасает этот мир ! А такие , как эта милая девушка особенно нуждаются во внимании…..

  13. Prof Med Laghrissi says:

    i'am local Guide from morocco, plaise wath this

  14. Arianny Ramirez says:

    Thanks Local Guides for featuring me! Its such a great thing you are doing for the disability community around the world! Follow me @nanny048 on IG and learn more about Wheeling Forward!

  15. Diah Anggraini says:

    i hope for u

  16. Lucio Virzi' says:

    Great initiative.
    Saw a surf school in Pismo beach allowing this thing to disabled people.
    This is really great.

  17. nathalie mejia says:

    I am so proud of you! Me da gusto ver todo lo que haz logrado 😘

  18. Carmen Castillo says:

    Te vi creser con mi hija Ydarian con los mismas ambiciones de triunfar en la vida haciendo las mismas cosas patisipaste en sus Sweet 16 y ahora sigues adelante como siempre estamos muy orgullosas de ti TKM❤️👏🏻🙏🏻

  19. sunilda María morinigo says:


  20. Gulzeb Rao says:


    Will any one help me?

    I have a sixth level of Google Local Guide.But Google did not contact me.And I did not get anything from Google.I've done a lot of things in the Google Map but everything is pending.Tell me what I do?

  21. Asmara Dl Carmen Barria Miranda says:

    Te doy todo mi apollo de ♡ para salir adelante a pesar de todo por lo que a pasado yo no lo se pero ten mucha fe que todo va a salir bién y mas ensima lor la gente que te quiere y los quiere

  22. Gerardo Munoz says:

    Woow, nunca imagine que mis reseñas fueran tan importantes. Ahora me siento mas comprometido con esto y eso me pone feliz.

  23. Pedro Rabanal Martínez says:

    Hola soy Pedro Rabanal, español, orgulloso de pertenecer al Grupo ''Local Guides de Google Maps'' y espero que mis aportaciones fotográficas y reseñas, ayuden a mis semejantes de todo el mundo a ser más felices y poder facilitarles una ayuda para conocer todos los bellos rincones de España.
    Saludos. Pedro Rabanal.

  24. Alfredo Monter says:

    Estos retos que hacen aquellas personas con discapacidades muestran que tienen mucho por hacer que aquella que se dejan morir desilusionados fracasados derrumbados los discapacitados que esperan en Dios y la mano de muchos moverse para ellos les infunde ánimo amor y valentía para vivir y dar lo mejor de si

  25. Irvin Gonzalez says:

    This is amazing! Being a wheelchair user, I will definitely be contributing 😇

  26. Justine OBRIEN says:

    Google Maps Local Guides is an outstanding, excellent program that helps people and communities. It is a fantastic way to contribute to help everyone everywhere. People with special needs, elderly and young, Families and all people, without anything but promise of hope for all. Google Maps Local Guides is sensational program with so many incredible kind people who enjoy and share love in being able to help and make life easier for others! It is an amazing feeling to see the smiles and laughter on faces of lovely people like Arianny! This video always inspires me that people have such wonderful hearts.
    Thank you Arianny for sharing this great video to help everyone see how simple it is to help people who have difficulties, it can be the simplest thing to make happiness for others! Lets all join in doing simple things to help , Thank you Google Maps, with Local Guides Connect for all you do to help us making things easier for people just like us, with so little that can mean so much.

  27. John Teal says:

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  28. Livia Lione says:

    I’m in a wheelchair and was 18 when my injury happened now 20 and this video is so inspiring and gives me hope to be independent and living in New York City in a wheelchair must be very difficult i absolutely love this video power to disabled people!!

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