How Mohamed Salah Saved Soccer in Egypt

How Mohamed Salah Saved Soccer in Egypt

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How Mohamed Salah Saved Soccer in Egypt

  1. COPA90 US says:

    How far do you think Salah can take Egypt this summer?

  2. Fredy Mendez says:

    Mohammad Salah is way better than fuckboy Neymar!!!! Mohammad Salah is king fun fact iam a Manchester United fan

  3. Yasin says:

    This is CopaUS stop crying about it being called soccer instead of Football

  4. Bryce Franco Zholshybekov says:

    Definitely look forward to Egypt take on Uruguay. Hope it’ll be a quality match.

  5. jordan.crockett says:

    Y'all are coming out with some fire content for the World Cup! And I'm not made at all.

  6. kewal sapkota says:

    Soccer ? Bitch ! It's FOOTBALL

  7. Alberto Juan Tajo says:

    good luck, Egypt!! from the PH 🇵🇭

  8. H O says:

    What an incredible video!

  9. Ben Hansberger says:

    Song at the end?

  10. Ivan Rodriguez says:

    Nothing wrong with having a positive mentality! I hope they do really well

  11. Just a random guy scrolling through comments says:

    How Mohamed Salah saved FOOTBALL in Egypt

  12. Just a random guy scrolling through comments says:

    Top 10 footballers (For me)
    3.MO SALAH

  13. ng waisoon says:

    It’s football mate

  14. Student & Servant For The Most High YAHAWAH says:

    If Salah is Muslim why doesn't he shave his mustache?

  15. Thorlo says:

    Get up to watch Egypt versus Uruguay and go to sleep and rest during the Morocco vs Iran game. Then get up recharged for the Portugal vs Spain game!

  16. Renato Rivera says:

    He is truly a hero. He has challenged this inferiority complex Egyptian people have in relation to Europeans and that is more than impressive. For me, as a latin american I would love that this could happen in my country: Peru. And in all Latin América. We are powerful and were are not worst nor better than europeans, we are just different

  17. Marco Aguilar says:

    It's soccer, stop crying

  18. Jessy Jessy13 says:

    what s the fucking dictator rigeme s doing with fantastic MOHAMED SALAH now was done exactly the same with Maradona fourty yrs ago

  19. Preston North End says:

    They dream big don't they "let's win the world cup" I've got doubts with them against Uruguay.

  20. Senpai X says:

    Go Egypt!

  21. Matt Coupe says:

    Mohamed Elneny*

  22. Izzie_ 634 says:

    Waking up early to watch mo tomorrow 🔥🔥🤣

  23. David Acosta says:

    In Egypt they call it FOOTBALL(in Arabic) so please respect

  24. yusuf billow says:

    Why not?

  25. SAMOX 19 says:

    I am a simple man
    I see salah….i click

  26. bruce allen says:

    I'll really never get why y'all get so angry with the word soccer, like y'all watch a dope video on Egypt and Mo Salah and just go straight to comment "FOOTBALL**" I just don't get why y'all feel the need to try and replace our word for the beautiful game

  27. David Saunders says:

    Such a beautiful, well put together video and most of the comments are about using the word "soccer" in the title. It's not surprising, just saddening to me that that is the takeaway for so many

  28. MINI M.C says:

    The Congo game was the 8th of October not the 7th

  29. Harshit Singhai says:

    Incredible video guys… Amazing work…Excited to see Salah against Suraez and Cavani

  30. Benjamin Manu says:

    One Hit Wonder

  31. Sandy Deshpande says:

    What a time to release this video!! Salah is a magical human being!!

  32. zFurkan says:


  33. Flowlikewater. Belikewater says:

    How he saved FOOTBOLL…not soccer!!!!!!

  34. Danky Kung says:

    1-0 😂👌🏼

  35. AbeTheBarber559 says:

    Guess what Egypt is not even gunna make out of the group in the WC But dont get me wrong Egypt plays good and all but tough group of the like of Uruguay and Russia which has to make as there the host

  36. Uncle Death says:

    Mohammed shale is the greatest

  37. Belgian Football says:

    shamefull fans….. over 72 fricking deaths

  38. Mr Tower says:

    Nice video

  39. IAmAndrew says:

    Easily my favorite player in the world. I'm just happy that Egypt has shared him with the rest of the world.

  40. ecbenny J says:

    How Mohamed Salah saved football* in Egypt

  41. Duckers says:

    As a liverpool fan this makes me love that little egyptian bastard even more

  42. Eman ElAraby says:

    محمد صلاح فرعون مصر أم الدنيا …. فربنا يقويه ويرجع لمصر متصور يارب ….وكلنا بنشجع محمد صلاح ….. وعيد فطر مبارك سعيد على مصر والامه ألعربيه والعالم …. واللهم صلى وسلم على مولانا وشفيعنا واشرف الخلق اجمعين سيدنا محمد عليه أفضل الصلاة والسلام ….. وتحيا مصر بفخامه الرئيس السيسي فى عزه وكرامه ومجد وتقدم وامان وسلام ….. ايمان محمد على محمود العربي …. من اسيوط 🎊🎁🇪🇬🌺⭐️🌸

  43. Qolyne HD says:


  44. Salma Walid says:

    I love you Mohammed salaaaaaaaaaaaah

  45. RS ALL IN ONE says:

    1k me

  46. KRN Aenlle says:

    the vid makes me cry…congrats to Egypt!

  47. Kebrom Alem says:

    he said football not socc!!

  48. Mo Salah Official- محمد صلاح says:

    شكرا لدعمكم لي

  49. bob saget says:

    Why does copa 90 us focus so much on international soccer? I want news on US soccer not global soccer when i watch a us based soccer news organization. Is that too much to ask for? Whats even the point of this channel? It should be be renamed to copa 90 extra or copa 90 two.

  50. okochannel says:

    of course they are not gonna play in the final, but that's the World Cup, it makes people believe

  51. Majid Showghi says:

  52. Mohammad A Badawi says:

    This report is great in many ways, good research poor interviwees though, good editing, good music, ..etc.

  53. Safwan Hossain says:


  54. Ness H says:

    How little constraint as a society do you have to have to start mass murdering each other over a sporting event? Makes me sick to hear about bullshit like this. Get your minds right..then focus on extra curricular hobbies

  55. A.M.K. Photography says:

    Well, today 19-06-2018 is our big match against Russia.
    The hearts and prayers of all Egyptians and supporters are all for their National team.
    We won't win the world cup for sure, but we really hope to qualify to the second round.
    Go Salah Go.

  56. ISLAM I says:

    Watching this gave me so much hope but then I remembered we weren’t gonna make it out of our group

  57. Abdullah Kamal says:

    Amazing video..

  58. You have just wasted your time reading this says:

    Soccer? You mean football

  59. THE SCARED ACE says:

    You mean football saved Salah ? 😑

  60. Hugo Reinhard says:

    Aboutricka for me was the best Egyptian footplayer ever

  61. Hugo Reinhard says:

    Al Ally is the best Egyptian football team 😂

  62. victor manuel de jesus brea says:

  63. Gamerlily_ lovesunicorns says:

    I'm An Egyptain Muslim Just Like Mo Exept I Am Part American

  64. Sidrah Syed says:

    Loved the video! Thank you Copa for your efforts!🙏🏼❤️

  65. Legend Rid says:

    When will messi retire???

  66. james mcklein says:


  67. charlie h says:


  68. Alex Meza says:


  69. Baurry Hint says:

    Lmfaoo didn’t win one game trash

  70. Copat87 says:

    What a shame Egypt is out in the group stage. I was hoping to see Salah go far.

  71. oyounes says:

    Great video, just wanted to point out not all the translations are accurate

  72. Mahmoud Sayed says:

    the translation :'D

  73. CrimsonNite says:

    Why am I even reading the english subtitles, I'm an egyptian lol

  74. Ahmed Yasser says:

    Sherif must be pissed

  75. Olaotse Ketshabile says:

    Please call it Football not soccer

  76. Abdelrahman Akl says:


  77. Twiiinbrosk Sass says:

    They even didn't qualified from there group and they think the can win the World Cup

  78. Vapor Lickydon says:

    its football

  79. Colombian flag says:

    I'm from Colombia … he's a good player.

  80. Coolbrobro12 says:

    Soo sad for Salah. I do hope they make it for Qatar 2022. With love from Peru

  81. Tobby Echonga says:

    Stop pushing this soccer mentally its FOOTBALL.

  82. Han Han says:


  83. عبد الفتاح السيسي كسمي says:


  84. Boshra Shalaby says:

    Savoir et Savoir. NOTHING at islam is called covalent bond marriage or Catholic marriage فيما معناه عفوا الذاكرة مش شارب لدي المهم يروى ان واحدة حضرت للحبيب المصطفى عليه الصلاة والسلام المبعوث رحمة للعالمين وشكت له حالها قالت أنا متزوجة زوجي بشرع ربنا وهو إنسان طاهر وشريف وتقي ويعاملني معاملة طيبة للغاية أعمل إيه لما بشوفه وسط زمايله بلقيه قصير وانا أكره البغض والنفاق اسكت وهي عيشة والسلام وكمل معاه فرد عليها الرسول بدر الإسلام المبعوث رحمة للعالمين وقالها امهرك بماذا قالها عليه الصلاة والسلام ردي اليه الحديقة التي امهرك بها ولتتفرقا ويغني الله كل من سعته. بالكلام الدارج ممكن ساعات أحيانا واحده تقول انا هستحمل علشان خاطر العيال اللي بنا ما تتضعش والعكس صحيح ولكن مش لازم الواحد يدس بوليس النجدة parathione المبيد الحشري في العسل لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم

  85. Tatiana Benítez says:

    Mohamed Salah is the best

  86. bsnijders21 says:


  87. Sbl Inventory says:

  88. 5ft 8 says:

    when migration happen the gene pool becomes arab

  89. Sadik Shahaba says:

    ufg such beautiful city

  90. Sbl Inventory says:

  91. Sbl Inventory says:

  92. Sbl Inventory says:

  93. BetaC says:

    The translation is so misleading, many words are changed and you put Arabism B.S.

  94. BetaC says:

    The translation is SHAMEFUL

  95. Universal ecology says:

    Now king of europe mohamed salah

  96. sava rugui says:

    That's why I support players who grew in non European communities. Not aubameyang but salah mane almost all the Brazilians etc.

  97. Antônio Davi Brito says:

    Hope to see Egypt in 2022 edition.

  98. Paul Scott says:

    When you can talk about pele and then mo salah, Messi all in the same sentence that's how much mo has done for Egyptian football

  99. Paul Scott says:

    I feel so proud that he plays for Liverpool fc ynwa6 super cup mo salah

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