How is skiing in Wengen (Switzerland)? – Review of the first day of the season and free goodie!

How is skiing in Wengen (Switzerland)? – Review of the first day of the season and free goodie!

hey everyone, I want to tell you today
about the first-day ski experience The season has started today and it
has been a fantastic day so we will do a short review of that, stay tuned
because during the video I will tell you about a free goodie that you can get
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button that will really help out the channel so let’s get right into it. This is right at the center there is the train station just next to
it there is the Coop and next to the Coop you will see a ski school Wengen
symbol, down here is our office currently closed but will be soon open. Let’s
go up to the mountains and have a look so the slopes look fantastic the weather is fabulous. There is not
that many people. Snow is really good consistency, very easy to ride. But before we get into it here is the view we love there is Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau-joch and Jugfrau itself wonderful mountains a beautiful magical moment Let’s get down to the action on the slopes I met Steffie.
Steffie is our snowboard instructor here in Wengen Here we see her doing a couple of tricks. Zack.
Yeah she is really awesome snowboard instructor here you see her
showing how to do a waltz on the snowboard. Their students are trying it
out as well and Steffie gives them immediate feedback on what they can
improve she shows them how to do it better next time and the students really
like it and enjoy. So let me tell you now about the goodie I told you: On the 14th
of December here in Wengen you can test out a ski instructor. So what does that
mean you’re riding around on the slopes and there’ll be a place where you can
meet ski instructors you can go for a test ride with them and they will help
you improve your style independent of your level free of charge no strings
attached so 14th of December come here to Wengen and test your ski instructor free of charge just get get the sense get the
feel see how you like it let us know in the comments below what you think about
it and now let’s return to the slopes here you see the start of the famous
Lauberhorn downhill ski race this is the famous event in Wengen and just
behind that house you see start bar this is a really cool bar where you can
enjoy drinks and a great view unfortunately the start bar has been
demolished last weekend by a insane storm the Föhn was blowing so strongly
they took away the rooftop of the start bar this is how it used to look before
but now they nearly reconstructed it Wengen is getting ready for a season and
everyone is excited so you will be able to enjoy the slopes whenever you come we are really looking forward to welcome you. After returning to the city center
of Wengen there was even a Christmas market, you can buy various foods different clothes or just come out here and
socialize with the people this was really wonderful surprise and one more
magical moments in Wengen. This was the first day of the ski season in Wengen.
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Antonio Breitenberg

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