here is my Burton snowboarding bag and I have so many things in it! one of my biggest problems is that I take everything with me! please meet my baby girl Chloe! six masks three beanies two pairs of headphones some Go Pro holders as you may see I pack very well! my favorite gloves – Burton I purchased them last season and this video is not about me packing its about how Chloe and I are packing haha Chloe get out what else do I have here another pocket is for boots and my boots are Burton as well I purchased boots last season as well and they are fire!!! who followed me on IG or YouTube you might sew them and we are moving next and I literally have here everything else whats needed All my jackets and hoodies are for all occasions and my bag was packed since last season and I packed everything double neck warmer Burton and this is my favorite Burton purchase ever and here is a question – what is my favorite brand? haha and of course it is Burton Jacket is Burton and its so cool! not sure if I am gonna wear it this trip you may see it on my pictures too! This jacket is a bomb! Burton Burton Burton my favorite pants Volcom and its pretty much all I need for this weekend neck warmer, another neck warmer beanie, beanie, protection Chloe okay okay good girl help your mom pack neck warmer and this beanie I love the most so cool it so comfy to wear it under helmet speaking of helmet here we go and of course I purchased it last season this year Smith Allure unreal. The color is light pink metal just look at it so cool. You may see it on some pictures on IG very soft and stylish helmet I fell so many times at the end of last season and this helmet saved my life. Literally and my helper told me to show you guys my goggles goggles are also brand new it was purchased last season – Oakley goggles are the best choice I made whoever is looking for goggles please PLEASE buy these ones and this is my wall wall of honor every time the season is finished, I attach one sticker from a new resort I visited there are not so many stickers yet and I hope I can get more this season

Antonio Breitenberg

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