How Do I Improve My Soccer Speed? – Renegade Soccer Training

How Do I Improve My Soccer Speed? – Renegade Soccer Training

speed kills this is as true for soccer as
any other sport you don’t need to run a hundred metres but over five to 10
metres the elite athletes are faster than anyone else stay tuned and we’ll figure out how to
get you faster the most common question coach how do I
get faster how do I get faster for soccer so I can beat people or how do I get
faster so nobody can get past me? Soccer’s such an interesting sport because you
have to be incredibly fit to play all 90 minutes and yet the same time all of the
research shows that the top UEFA players over five and ten meters are faster than
all the players in the lower leagues it is just a separating factor the best
part about this is is this is not necessarily genetic you don’t have to be
born fast it’s something that you can improve drastically my favorite tool by
far for developing linear power and acceleration is the blue band and this is
exactly one of the blue bands that I’ve used for years you can tell because it’s
all worn out. This one happens to be from rage fitness supply but there’s a bunch
of different other options serious makes really good ones mommy
strength makes really good ones and I’ll put some links below for you but these
blue bands are phenomenal well now I’ve got a big stretchy blue
ban that withholds over a hundred and twenty-five pounds of force I use these
with gigantic 250 pound athletes so 150 pounds soccer player not a problem what
does this do for you what’s really cool there’s a number of
different uses you can use it to build your glycolytic power powers actually just a fancy term for a
short burst of incredible energy output just a fancy term for trying really hard
this means the maximum amount of power that you can generate very very quickly
you can also use it to develop glycolytic capacity capacity is just a
fancy way of saying ability to spread very very hard over a short distance
again and again and again so repeated sprints and then honestly you can also
use it up the length of time you’re getting held back and working and
develop your aerobic capacity now when using one of these huge benefit to you
is that you can actually feel your form and really concentrate on what you’re
doing wallet coach can stay right with you
giving you feedback if you’re going to use as a whole with a friend or a parent
that’s completely fine we’re gonna make a seven step video that’s going to go
over exactly how to run with absolute perfect form and you can do that here
with a band now on the field are you gonna be a track athlete no that’s not
the way it works but if you practice again and again and again especially in
a maximum power situation your form definitely improve what I want to do now
and show some video clips of athletes using the blue band and I can point out
some key coaching points that’s going to help you if you decide to invest in a
blue band let’s go to the film take a look at this from the side and I am going to freeze frame this so you can take a look at the athlete in the back. Notice that the athlete in the back has booty down chest up this is exactly the queue that
I give booty down chest up as the drill goes on the person who is holding the bands
from behind is actually going to be doing decelerative work and that
athlete will control the pace of the exercise you’ll not be able to go any faster
than they allow if you notice also the hands are one hand over here and one hand underhand and this ensures
that the blue band will not pop out and go strike the athlete in front. alright let’s go and take a look at
these athletes in slow motion will start with a lower body cues notice how Cody
as stepping over his opposite knee and driving straight down and back this is
the que we give for the legs and as part of our linear acceleration progression step
over the knee in straight down here Jeff he’s doing a great job stepping over his
knee straight down and back now at the upper body what they’re taught is to go
hit to lip and they do this as part of the linear acceleration progression also
but they go hit to lip and they’re told to throw those arms back so hip to lip
and the que is big arms big arms throw the arms finally we’ll take a look at Jeff
one more time and will notice his arm action very strong and again lower body
stepping over the opposite knee and straight down the only other coaching
cue that I have for both is that we will need to work on full leg extension now
let’s move to a group setting or you can see this in full speed knows the great
arm action and stepping over the knee and straight down and back here is the
holding group now running great arm action finally back to the first group
notice lower body stepping over the opposite name down and back now let’s
look at that first group again in slow motion this nearest athlete his name is
Matt he is extraordinarily fast and what I want you to notice is how little his
heel dips when he hits the ground this is why he is so absolutely springy
and accelerates so well relative to the other athletes this is a very advanced
point but it’s something that we work on as the athletes get better and look at
this again from the front and I’ll be quiet except to note how aggressive the
arm action is and notice how fast the leg action is no one sticks to the ground here are two looks at that athlete Matt and
notice how fast his turnover is and one last time. Alright I hope the videos helped
you out blue bands again these range fitness
supply ones’ they’re blue I’m gonna put links below to serious strengthen and mummy strength and those are green I recommend you getting the green ones they will
last for literally 10 years I’ve had this at least for 5 years using them day in
and day out in the hot summer sun of florida if you use the links below it actually helps me out because it gives me a little bit of money to help pay for
these videos to help you take your game to the next level. For the last fifteen
years if I’m going to do a speed agility session I literally have never not used
a blue agility ban that’s how important I think they are above speed agility
ladders parachutes bungee straps all of that the blue band comes absolutely
first I’ve never seen something that helps you develop power and better your
form better than a blue band this is coach jr for renegade soccer training
hoping that you are ready to commit to take your game to the next level cause
remember in the end only renegades become legends

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “How Do I Improve My Soccer Speed? – Renegade Soccer Training

  1. Killcy bering says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been looking to get bands for my youth soccer players, currently I'm training 60-100 pounds players, which bands would be the best to buy for those guys?

  2. Johnny Denmark says:

    You wont be fast for soccer without Stamina.. I added suicide drill to My soccer practice schedual here in Denmark. It really improve your Stamina and your acceleration.

  3. Juan Pablo Garrido says:

    This is great, thanks for sharing. Do you know if this can be used for kids of 11-12 years old that are starting adolescence but playing competitively? Is yes how many repetitions you recommend to do ?

  4. Alan O'Keeffe says:

    you talk "how springy the heel" of one of the athletes and working on it later. But you do not give any info on how you will work on improving this, do you have any specific exercises?

  5. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    Trade me for those bands

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