How Can Surfing Help a Doctor? | Hello humankindness

How Can Surfing Help a Doctor? | Hello humankindness

The biggest thing out there is the world around us. To me, awe is an experience. It’s a feeling, it’s a
connection, it’s a memory loop that you
tap back into. You experience it, when you feel
and you’re part of something greater than
yourself. It could be a phenomenal
piece of music, walking on the beach at
sunset, seeing the birth of
a newborn child. Every human being has the
potential to experience awe. I feel most connected to the
world when I’m surfing. A feeling of contentment, a part of the larger world
around you. In that way, you feel like
you can connect to others. I think all of us anecdotally,
who have those experiences, we feel that. The first time I experienced
Awe, it’s as a kid in
Laguna Beach. My son is about that age now
and when I surf with him, I’m taken right back to that
moment. Oates: Look at that one Ryan Son: Whoaaa! Oates: Wow! Look at that! Oates: That is unbelievable. One of the hardest parts about
taking care of patients is, really connecting to their story
and picking up on the subtle aspects of what
they’re trying to tell you. In moments of awe and in moments
when I feel truly connected to my patients, I feel completely aware. Completely present. What humankindness means to me
is that we need to listen. We need to connect. We need to understand
each other. By being aware, by opening ourselves up
to those experiences, we are more present.

Antonio Breitenberg

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