Honeywell Captuvo iPod Sled

Honeywell Captuvo iPod Sled

Honeywell Captuvo iPod Sled This is Travis with
Today we’re taking a look at the Honeywell Captuvo Sled. Uh, this is
for taking your iPod Touch and making it into a mobile computer with
scanning capabilities. It slides in to the top, connects, and latches down.
Once that’s done, it has an mag-stripe reader built in, the camera can still
be accessed, and you have a scanner on top of it. This is your power button.
Slide to unlock, and your iPod works just as before. There’s a couple free
programs that come with Captuvo. They have limited usability. One of them
is basically just to test the functionality of the Captuvo. Press the scan and you
can see the reticle. It has the green beam reticle for lining up, and is
a 2D scanner, so even though the beam is just horizontal, you can scan it at
any direction. The default program basically will lookup whatever barcode
you scan and sort of tell you what it is. So it’s kind of a price-checking application.
[beeping] The scan engine though is pretty aggressive.
Like I said, it’s omni-directional. You can scan it any way you want. You can get
pretty close to out 2, maybe 3 feet away. It does 2D barcodes as well, uh, PDF417
will probably be your most common barcode scanned if you’re gonna be doing licenses,
maybe data-metric–matrix or QR codes for shipping applications. Using it
outdoors, it’s an imager so bright light won’t affect it. [beeping]
The other program that’s available on the market for it is the Captuvo Lite, and
what it does is it creates a browser scenario where you have your little address bar there
and you can put in a website, and then scan into the website. It’s not quite as
useful as Safari, so if there’s any features that you are used to in Safari, such as
bookmarking, this doesn’t do it. But you can go a website and scan into
your website. So if your company has a company website, you can go do it.
If you want a custom program, our programming department at POSGuys is
capable of providing that. So just contact us, let us know your specifications,
and we’ll be happy to quote you out a custom program. Custom programs can
be as cheap as a couple hundred dollars if you just want to use a company website
and you want the browser just to go straight to the website, scan into a certain
field. If you want to do more advanced lookup, or connect to a database, um,
that would require additional programming, and is quoted on a per job basis, so
please just contact sales and let us know. Uh, this is in the browser, I have the
search field highlighted for and we’ll scan a barcode, and then it
just fills in the text field, and search away.
Mag-stripe is built into it as well, it’s a three-track reader if your application
supports credit cards or employee cards with mag-stripes, it is available as well.
But the big feature that’s gonna be used is the scanner on top. It is not a
wedge device though, so you can’t just use the scanner in any existing application,
the application has to have the Captuvo SDK built into it to scan. It does not
work with iCody either which is a popular alternative for some of our
other sleds. The sled itself has a drop spec, but it
doesn’t increase the drop spec of the iPod Touch, so it’s not a Otterbox,
it won’t increase your durability, but itself, it won’t get damaged if you do
happen to drop the sled. There is a battery built into it as well so that
it doesn’t draw from the battery of the iPod. There also is a USB port on
it, micro USB, so if you need to charge the device, you don’t have
to take it out of the sled, you can just plug in a micro USB cable and
charge it that way. You have access to the main Apple buttons, trigger
buttons are on the side. As far as charging goes, there is the
micro USB, or sleds are available to charge the Captuvo unit independently.
For more information on the Honeywell Captuvo, or to get information on
custom programming and developing an application for your business, please
visit our website at

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  1. GS Sh says:

    From where can i get the latest Honeywell Captuvo SL22 Sled sdk for iOS. I am trying from honeywell website but its saying Error 404 : File or directory not found .Here is the link i am trying : Thanks

  2. Ray Paz says:

    Would this device scan on a text editor? If I open the the iPhone notes app and scan the barcode right on it? Thanks

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