Homeless Woman Walks Off ‘Dr. Phil’ Stage

Homeless Woman Walks Off ‘Dr. Phil’ Stage

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Homeless Woman Walks Off ‘Dr. Phil’ Stage

  1. Mark Brown says:

    Dr. Phil was rude and attacked her right from the start. Her father either is extremely abusive. THat is maybe why she left home. ???

  2. Joni Pangrazio says:

    A lot of people do THIS!

  3. Noemi Rodriguez says:

    Fixes hair??

  4. Gamer Kaxx says:

    I’m confused why can’t she get a job.. I’m 23 and lived on my own since I was 19 when I was kicked out of the house. I worked 2 jobs to support myself and to get the things I want. Crazy people really live like this.

  5. Kristy Hughes says:

    "They don't mind if I sleep on their couch…" Yes they do.

  6. Felicia Collier says:

    I really hope she gets better and gets help. I feel bad for her

  7. Tracy Howard-Allison says:

    A very arrogant homeless girl. NO SHAME!!!

  8. Cotton haired Aesthetic says:

    This woman is mentally unstable and I blame her parents. This happened to me last year, thankfully I have a great sibling bond and they were able to dust me off and fix me again. I hope she is still working for her GED.
    A parent is only as good as their worst child

  9. x Vazqlover says:

    Im sorry but her hair needs to go

  10. Nadster 33 says:

    That man must of did something to her for get to walk off and life with friends and not her mother

  11. The Talk of Texas says:

    🤔 I wonder what he did to her🤔 There’s a reason for everything.

  12. anabelleb99 says:

    She clearly was molested or raped or something… I personally was never molested but I was raped by an ex and I met someone who was molested she never showered bc she can’t go bc that’s where her grandpa would molest her /:

  13. Julia kopecka says:

    If she doesn't feel comfortable with her father being there than dr. phil should respect that instead of thinking that she was "running" this she has a right to say how she feels about it

  14. Lydia Waweru-Morgan says:

    A homebody? Ummm… What?

  15. Luz Ordaz says:

    I don't feel sympathy for people like this.

  16. Mr Pepperoni Pizza says:

    These people didn't pay money to watch someone walk off stage

  17. madeline tansey bryson says:

    Her friends Don t mind her sleeping on their coach, but how many people s houses has she stayed at in a couple of months. It's a lot. They don't like it that much

  18. N C says:

    I feel for her…Dr Phil should be helping her grasp the root of her problems instead of ridiculing her about her hygiene. This is so so sad…what did that man do to her for her to run away from her home??? She rather sleep on other people’s couch instead of her warm home obviously something serious went on…

  19. Rosemary Mcneal says:

    Dr Phil u are the greatest. I watch ur show on my phone all the time. I wish I knew about u when I was going thru my very abusive marriage and divorce. I am 65 now live alone for 19 years. Children grown. I pray for u to be safe. Rosemary

  20. Josie- J says:

    Feels like he did something to her and she just want to be far away from him.. and choose to live this way…

  21. Josie- J says:

    @Dr.phil Even an unprofessional notice something happen to her, its looks like he molested her.

  22. Josie- J says:

    @Dr.phil Don't judge a book by It's cover .. sometime it take more than a months to know the story of a book…

  23. Jo Atkins says:

    A homebody??? But she has no home!!

  24. Josie- J says:

    You should had ask her why do she feels uncomfortable around him… you did not notice the way the father was talking and how she felt!! you had judge her mr. phil

  25. Solar Snake says:

    That sick bastard most likely molested his daughter

  26. Jus- Sayin says:

    How did she even get homeless. Someone needs to give her a brush. Her hair is a mess. She looks so bad. What is with that hair.

  27. Laviana Hampton says:

    Her hair is disgusting

  28. Mark Brown says:

    She has a wig or attachmeht to the back of her hair.

  29. Maddy Krebs says:

    Honestly I have lost respect for Dr. Phil. He’s not a real doctor and only does any of this for entertainment.

  30. EllenKay says:

    That's sad.

  31. monica cano says:

    people expect too much from this young women who seems to just want to live simply free and not like the rest of the world.

  32. Christopher M says:

    How does she have friends if she stinks ?

  33. Far Above Rubies98 says:

    A homeless homebody? Mmmkay

  34. aimeek1236 says:

    3:43 Who is that good looking man sitting there?

  35. Call Me Noon Noon says:

    Lmfao she got a serious nest growing in the back but that’s from not brushing 😫 sad man

  36. Call Me Noon Noon says:

    Very sad actually, clearly something is wrong with her. 🙏🏽☹️

  37. Lolly Ann says:

    Dr Phil makes me sick. Exploiting people with mental health issues

  38. Amanda Monroe says:

    I’ve started to notice that Dr. Phil has no empathy for the people coming on his show. It’s almost like he gets off by making people feel worse about themselves and embarrassing them on tv. I could run this show better than him! He sucks at his job. The only reason he got famous for this is because he doesn’t do his job right!

  39. Brianna says:

    The girl is homeless and instead they ask her about her hygiene? Seriously. Rude that he brought someone on there who she is not comfortable with. Then he replies with “my show”. This show exposes the most vulnerable for entertainment. Dr.Phil gets away with it because he has basically an army that cheer and clap through what his tone of his voice is. Stop exposing these people for money! These are REAL people with REAL problems that need REAL help.

  40. sakurakou2009 says:

    if they wanted to help her they would have interveiw her on her own first then her parents on their own the bring them togather in end not do this to her .. and dr.phil calling her delutional and talking about her personal hygine before asking her why she left her home in first place .. and she did voice that she was uncomfortable with him many time why is he still their .

  41. Catherine Poole says:

    What a freak!!!!

  42. partyguy35 says:

    She looks like a damned monster! Bless her heart!

  43. raven martinez says:

    Hmm ? Why isnt she uncomfortable with that guy? Maybe dr phil should investigate tht

  44. The weeknd says:

    this is why we don’t take influence of lovelypeaches

  45. plain Jane says:

    That's an interesting denim shirt she's got there…I think I had that in 2nd grade. Yeah on a side note why are they up there discussing her personal hygiene? That's not really any of my business.

  46. Hayden Kelley-White says:

    Did he touch her? Did he abuse her?

  47. Mississippi Mud says:

    Why would anyone enjoy being a bum ?

  48. princess arrogance says:

    Stanky golddigger

  49. FateAndFurie says:

    Looking at her makes me feel SO itchy, I can barely stand to look at her… I hope she accepts help

  50. Out The Concrete says:

    Maybe she was molested by her father? And refuses to shower or take care of herself to ward him off? As well as others!

  51. Amie Amie says:

    i like how dr. phil's hair and makeup artists didn't fix this homeless girl up LOL like they normally do for all of his other guests

  52. mixed_baby_1971 says:

    This is unrelated to this woman but if i ever get super rich, i will help the homeless even if its the last thing i do. Everybody deserves a bed, water and something to eat.

  53. Tiffany Gomez says:

    she’s so ugky and gross

  54. Lorisa214 says:

    At no point in her day does she try to get a job…

  55. Juicytribe says:

    Dr phill you need to redo this and fix this situation. She rather be homeless than to be home . Something isn’t right and she seems depressed😞

  56. Juice9512 says:

    Starting to think this show is fixed. Starting to think every show is fixed. Game shows, reality

  57. Aireen Preston says:

    young lady spend some time in jail and the woman in there criticized and picked with her while she was in the shower one day and that's why she don't want to take off all her clothes and get in the shower it was really bad they said

  58. TheCc064 says:

    I hope it gets better for her

  59. 1234constantine says:

    Whats up with the rats nest in the back of her hair?

  60. MaddieReacts ! says:

    What’s the name of the episode

  61. Xtina Nunyabizz says:

    Entitled unhealthy behavior. Even Dr Phil said they’re given her no boundaries or tools in life.

  62. Dani S says:

    Ughh he isn’t even a real doctor. Even I can see that this was just so wrong

  63. Charlene Rowley says:

    Why didnt Dr. Phil ask her y she was uncomfortable?

  64. Katie M says:

    Honestly tho she said it nicely that she isn’t comfortable with him being there. She is non threatening, & you can tell he is mean to her. It was fine for her to get up and leave. Dr. Phil didn’t need to mock her and say he runs it, trying to get laughs. A real therapist in an office would never mock you after telling them what you weren’t comfortable with. She obviously has a real issue and needs help and love not to be made fun of.

  65. nashyp lyn says:

    I feel bad for her because shes either I'll or someone harmed her.

  66. Nancee Marii says:

    Homebody with no home😭😭

  67. Tenisha Tv says:

    that moment 2:58
    the cameraman did her wrong 🤣😂

  68. Tyrant Cynical Gaming says:

    Ok, those questions Dr.Phill was asking were pretty weird. When was the last time you took a shower? Where did you take the shower? Were you their mother when she took this shower?

  69. ali klait says:

    When she kills herself dont be surprised. Honestly i thouht Dr.phil is supposed to help people not humiliate them and chuck them to the back. Next time ask about her disgusting excuse of a father and not her hygiene.

  70. howtobebasic 2 says:

    Finally we can comment on Dr Phil's videos

  71. Chica Arana says:

    I wonder what happened to her. She’s got some real issues that hopefully Dr. Phil can help with.

  72. Leo Harju says:

    Every homeless person needs to be checked like this

  73. Blackheart Bev says:

    She has elvis presley sideburns 😂

  74. Victorjrkingi Sanchez says:

    This is faker than Dr Phil side hair

  75. Young Reap says:

    Damn. Dr.Phil jus ignored her feelings about that man. He might of molested her… And she is Cleary developmentally slow

  76. LakersLegend 2414 says:

    Not even gone lie, i feel bad, but her hair looks nasty, n thts not cool 💯🤦🏽‍♂️

  77. Kathy Fowler says:

    I wouldn’t want to talk to that guy either.He called her a liar everything she said

  78. Ajarma 6 says:

    He molested her.

  79. Ingada 2 says:

    Dr Phil was so disrespectful to this girl, she had all the reason to not want to be in that mans presence, she isn't just some gross bum, she deserved respect.

  80. Lolo Life says:

    Weird. Just all weird.

  81. itz maya says:

    when ur a home person but dont have a home…………

  82. Annie McCall says:

    Wtf.. this girl clearly is mentally unstable, probably depression as well… & when she said she wasn’t comfortable with that man being there TWICE something should’ve been done! That girl is not lying! I believe he’s either touched her, or abused her in some way. I LOVE DR PHIL. I watch his show everyday, but this just really broke my heart. The way he talked to her, it was so disrespectful. Then embarrassing her asking when is the last time she has took a shower. Awful.

  83. S Y A says:

    Eesh I liked Dr. Phil but this was really exploitative. She’s clearly in pain and something is wrong with the dude she has a problem with

  84. jahaira valdez says:

    Dr.Phill let the comment section open for this video lol

  85. Tom Smith says:

    She could have showered just because her hair is tangled up doesn’t mean she didn’t shower her hair will need to be cut to get all that tangle out.. Dr Phil shame on you for looking down on this young lady

  86. Elena Denning says:

    she is most likely suffering from depression . it’s the lack of motivation to shower or bathe . and maybe something happened with the father that’s why she doesn’t want him there . she doesn’t need to be criticized or humiliated like that . she needs private help .

  87. Hannah Avas says:

    “Deal with it mom” “hey also can I have money???”

  88. Sebastian Higareda says:

    i- don’t even know what to say

  89. tara sorres says:

    Why isn’t she comfortable with the guy? Also matted hair gets even more matted when you wet it, so washing it isn’t going to help take the mats out.

  90. Unpopular Talk says:

    Dr Phil is not handling her well

  91. soulgasm 19238 says:

    That close up on her hair was so unnecessary. I feel really bad for her, shes in such a bad place mentally and you can tell by her facial expressions and lifestyle. Dont need to point out are her flaws especially her personal hygiene. Smh

  92. simone dcosta says:

    Her hair is ridiculous 🤢🤮 I mean does she even wash it 😷

  93. Fluoride CO says:

    Damn whys he drilling her on this shower thing 🤨 freaking weird to get questions like that from an old white guy, I like dr Phil but if that were me I’d be like wtf nope 🏃🏻‍♀️

  94. Kruz Alvarez says:

    Dr phil was so disrespectful

  95. Edgar Allan Poe says:

    Build the wall.

  96. emma endress says:

    why were they so rude to her.

  97. ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅᴅ3ᴍᴏɴ ! says:

    What a bum

  98. audrey nicole says:

    she’s so depressed & it shows . she seems uncomfortable around him & he should’ve made him left & not embarrassed her .

  99. MJ Boyum says:

    23 Jesus she looks old

  100. Bangtan- Ishan says:

    I'm sorry but they attacked her in a way, i feel that they went too harsh on her. she said 2 times that she's not comfortable with being with that guy and questioning about her hygiene is not cool either..?

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