HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer stuns #10 Cortland

HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer stuns #10 Cortland

…on the first try. We’ll do the same thing for the back post this time. Header high up into the air. Ball’s on the goal line, punched onto the roof. It’s gonna be a corner kick again. Pass on the right-hand side now. A little give-and-go for Cary. Cary to 18, chips one to the left-hand side. Now it’s Cary. I’m sorry that was Widing to Cary. Shot! Oh, a low roller and a save. He almost went five hole. He crossed him up and kind of changed up a little bit, and diving stop made by Sean Kelly. Cary coming right hand side, inside the box Cary shoved down They’ll play on shot to the top and shot save off the foot of Fell. They drove one in and Fell Redirected it diving stop by Sean Kelly and right back in bounds now to Cortland They’ll attack top of the box and kicked away at the very last second driven in save Salazar the near pipe in the air in the Hobart defensive end perfectly headed up the little back heel kick by Montero for Cornell Roberts on side top of the box fires lefty and One-hand save made by the keeper Sean Kelly A riser high left hand slide and Kelly got one hand on it to punch it away I think every corner kick in this game has been from the left this one is high back pipe headed onto the near pipe bouncing in defensive save Header a score oh Hobart no they said no Rolls it right up the middle – to Keller now Keller going right inside the box. Here’s another chance shot diving save off Saint-Germain He took the shot that time and Salazar stands tall It’s corner kick. Knocked away by Bizub Bizub right hand side has a man with him It is Born sends it across far side headed free Born inside the box on the left foot spins back right Born 17 Fires. Low ball scores! Liam Born What a beautiful goal by Liam Born to take it off his left foot come right back around And right foot strike that right in the left side of the net At the goal keeper Sean Kelly 25:13 to go here in the second half Hobart with the one nothing lead on the 18 and He’ll serve one towards the top. It’s going to bounce in to Salazar and he makes the stop now He’ll have a chance on a free kick here ten seconds left Tunas will fire. It is headed right into the goal and saved. Header by Ruggiero big save with five seconds left And oh man, how a close can it get They got what they wanted the free kick by Tunas headed by Ruggiero Right in on net game saver by Brian Salazar and Hobart gets the victory Our final score here at Cozzens field. The Hobart statesmen one the SUNY Cortland Red Dragons nothing

Antonio Breitenberg

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