you guys ready to go kick some balls ready to go score some goals right or the hot air balloon you guys alright you ready Oh where’s the soccer ball go you ready we gotta go get your Jersey you look all professional than your ball like that hey we’re a little early because we wanted to make sure that Bailey was all squared away since this is her first weekend but we have about 20 minutes so we’re just playing on the playground here that’s like right next to the field everyone’s practicing right now Bailey let me see you in your Jersey wow you look so cute number seven turn around let me see she’s at number seven yeah number seven that’s a good number are you ready for your first soccer game yeah you ready to cheer on your sister say go Bailey get out [Music] every change has a reason baby let it come here every soil every season lose outsider status quo [Music] passions gone we doing baby you and I wake up I’m proud of all artists way I was a very easily good job Bailey that’s a martyr good job so proud of you okay we just finished up with Bailey’s first soccer game did you have fun yeah you played so well I’m so proud of you Shay wants to get into something too I think she can start when she’s three so he’ll probably sign her up next year we’re gonna head home right now for a nap time and then once the kids wake up we’re gonna go to the pumpkin patch with Vanessa and her family you got about 20 minutes until nap time so we’re gonna kick the ball again outside she loves it pick it show me your best kick kick it so hard good go get it run run run kick we’ll play with Chloe let’s go get Chloe okay [Music] [Music] I’m tired no still kind of hot out maybe in that a couple of weeks it’ll start to cool off a little more Chloe what are you doing okay let’s take em off okay the girls are both awake from naps they’re weighing their only little ones Halloween dresses we’re gonna go to the pumpkin patch here in like 30 minutes we’re just waiting for Grayson to wake up let me see you twirl twirl Shay beautiful you guys look so cute I’ll link these dresses down below for you guys are adorable we’re watching the Notre Dame game in the meantime waiting for Grayson to wake up from his nap and they’re destroying horribly what’s this team I think this is a team that we’ve never played before we just took a picture of the girls wearing these dresses we got a new lens what lens is this boom soon as the 2072 are 2417 before the us are yeah the first time we’ve shot with it this is basically our first professional lens all of them have been like mediocre very basic [Music] Apopka the big one are you excited for your first pumpkin pie you have to to what your should we go feed the animals yeah you get one two three go feed the animals first you can lick you oh there you go like this like this okay actually just I do like this yeah it’s a big cow huh no no don’t do that they’re gonna take the whole thing you want to save this stuff just give it one at a time put your hand up [Music] Oh do families fault yeah three months [Music] [Applause] [Music] what at their really back all the way back you guys excited alright have fun okay stay sitting okay have fun [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] did you like so much babe Oh next year you’ll be running around this place come on I’m going to dinner okay we’re heading out from the pumpkin patch did you guys have fun [Music] I’m going out way tonight are you close to here I’ll fill it there not so surreal [Music] good morning you guys it is the next day now it’s Sunday morning and we are on our way to Chuck E Cheese or at Bailey’s and friends at his birthday party so the last stuff that you guys saw we went to dinner after the pumpkin patch with Vanessa and her family at tender greens or tender or what under smoke racism place in California it’s called tenders smokehouse and it was incredible was really good don’t you think yeah we got it looks like just as much on the camera doesn’t but anyways it was a really good barbecue it was a really good place to take the kids because there was like outdoor music and a bunch of games and stuff cornhole and was that one game but you take a ring gaming through it yeah they found that my bucks too and Bailey has gotten it each time we’ve gone to go home I bucks she got it and attend there’s no couch she got it for all the boys really coming up there I’d like to collect Oh on the tables it’s in salina a few ideas are up in this area you guys should take your kids it’s really fun it’s really good food so my camera died though after that last clip so I wasn’t able to film much after we got home but we just put the girls to bed but you know we run away to her friend’s birthday party so it should be a lot of fun I don’t think the girls I’ve ever been to Chuck E Cheese so they’re really excited Adams ever been to Chuck E Cheese either what kind of childhood did you have I like grew up at Chuck E Cheese I used to go like every weekend with my friends I’m trying to think of like how old I was it goes like eight or nine seems like the place to be we definitely went down my childhood suck this is gonna be the girls first time and Adams first time and Grayson Grayson’s happened a lot of first [Applause] gotta throw it really hard use your muscles I’ll try it Oh [Applause] [Music] Bournemouth and for you my baby I got like three four thousand in a row I wasn’t really trying she’s what stimulation for him I think nobody [Music] my weights above playing this game when I was a kid draining all the coins to fall off the edge so easy I think it just goes on the card she’s like I want you to do it [Music] [Applause] okay you want a lollipop okay do you want a lollipop Bailey you guys have fun yeah first time at Chucky Cheese was a success first time I Chucky Cheese with a success yeah bunch a well as you guys can see if a lot later now I’m in my office editing but after that last put that you guys saw we didn’t really do much the girls came home and took naps I went to go get my nails done and I’m back to my usual white which I love they look really good I went win you any all salon I went to the nail salon that Vanessa goes to and I’m honestly probably just gonna continue going there because they got the shape and everything like my cuticles look great the place that I usually go to is like right next to our house and I had gone there since we moved here and I just like haven’t switched up and I never really truly love how they are every time I go I just continue to go there cuz it’s close to our house but the place that I went to today did a phenomenal job so I’m probably gonna continue going there I got like a deep purple on my toes but anyways we didn’t really do much after the girls woke up from Napa kinda just like lay low at home because we were pretty busy at the rest of the weekend but we’ve had a really fun weekend I hope you guys enjoyed today’s vlog I think I’m gonna end it here though be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very soon bye [Music] you were like

Antonio Breitenberg

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