Hawaii Oahu Island 2018 Honeymoon #5 | Travel Vlog | How to surf in Honolulu, Waikiki

Hawaii Oahu Island 2018 Honeymoon #5 | Travel Vlog | How to surf in Honolulu, Waikiki

And Aloha again, from Hawaii! Our honeymoon vlog from Oahu Honolulu starts right now! This is it! So happy to have this machine here! So we’ve
changed the islands! We are now in Honolulu, in the area called Waikiki… And we have this view! Nice! There is a big, big pool… and we can even spot some surfers on that side. I’m not sure if you can see… We’ve just checked in and
we want to have a walk to see how it is nearby So yeah… I will get changed and we
will go to explore the city! And I think I need a shower as well… See you later! but first things first food if I have to
choose something I really loved to eat in Hawaii I would choose these American
pancakes with pineapple but Hawaii is much more than a good dessert well the
that simply crazy those guys know
for us Hawaii was a surf destination but this thought is more complicated than
you were thinking usually keep peddling baby battling
she’s away by obviously this is what our defense
believe me so happily both of us stay off surfing but we are not doing
this so it’s remote we also posted a say something to the
camera baby and we feel optimistic about she’s a
tiny ladybug on a loan sir for I’ll keep pushing but sometimes is better to have
a break and I am backing the waters for more
practice no one gets better at surfing without
practice unfortunately for me this was the
maximum level I was able to reach during this holiday but my husband was right he
is not a quitter have a look yes this is my man horse the Chancellor
fell through their local servers performances but still I’m kind of proud
of you wasn’t yellow so Hawaii definitely
stands for surfing this sport was once reserved only for Hawaiian royalty but
these days all ages and abilities and welcome aboard to try but not everyone
has the perfect balance to ride these waves if you think Hawaii is all about
surfing you are so wrong Hawaii stands for many many things first
of all Hawaii stands for the luau this means traditional music and hula on
the beach such a great way to embrace Hawaii’s local culture the same principle here if you want to
say goodbye at a sunset to end the day and Mahalo or tanks in a Hawaiian style
you have to block the pew but the sound doesn’t come exactly as you think it
will is blowing the shell is too complicated they have many more fun
traditional instruments and once you’ve tried something it is
hard to stop playing Hawaii stands for Dole Plantation yep pineapple juice was
our breakfast lunch and dinner dream during all this Hawaiian day speaking
about drinks Hawaii has one more tasty choice Hawaii’s artisanal shave ice
filled elevational refreshing piping Hawaii stands for volcano there is not a
secret for anyone that Oahu is a volcanic island and going on top of the
closest volcano seemed to be a great idea hiking is not easy in flip-flops
though and without a bottle of water look at this we’ve made it anyway
and yes we can also say that Hawaii stands for spectacular views this blue
ocean observed from above is in faith wait a minute
do we have a match here found his there yep Hawaii definitely stands for their
typical colorful aloha shirts and dresses today we are at Pearl Harbor
Hawaii also stands for harbors to be more precise it’s fun for the one of the
most well known harbors in the world Pearl Harbor industry incoming Japanese
planes and bombs from nakajima b5n kate’ result
this location has so much history we had watched them famous movie a few years
ago but being able to stand definitely where it all happened was truly touching on top of these Pearl Harbor is such a
special place because of the real pearls once found within its protective water and small Wow definitely worth a visit if you’re
staying in Honolulu on the Oahu Island of Hawaii Hawaii stands for natural
beauty sunsets and traditions for love affection peace compassion and mercy Hawaii stands for Aloha we begin this evening session with the
lighting of the loom third we don’t know 1/2 I think it’s a song that is appropriate
that we begin there this evening at a sacred place known as pukani local over
the birthstones of our TV lines on this site the foundation Hawaii stands for life and the Hawaiian
people are celebrating it every day and every night there finally so our Hawaiian experience is finished
we are currently going experience like I definitely love feeling

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Beautiful ๐ŸŒˆ aloha state waikiki fam ๐Ÿ™Œ

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    Hawaii Oahu Island 2018 | Honeymoon #5 Travel Vlog | How to surf in Honolulu (our style)

    This vlog is about everything we love about Hawaii!

    For us, Hawaii was a surf destination! This sport is more complicated than we were thinking… Have a look to our video and you'll discover our style of surfing and how much effort you need to put to be able to keep your balance and stand on the board!

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    Wow ๐Ÿ˜ So beautiful and I like your filming

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    ahh this looks amazing! also lovee how you edited this xx

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    This was so good

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    hawaii looks so good, but I feel like it's a bit expansive :/
    Loved the way this video was put together ! ;D
    any tips for smaller travel vlogger ? You have such amazing video views, any tips on that?
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