Harnessing Passion: The Arctic Rescue Sled Dog Team

Harnessing Passion: The Arctic Rescue Sled Dog Team

My name is Maren Gibson, and I’m Racer Gibson
and together we together we run Arctic Breeds Rescue, and team G sled dogs. I was working as a veterinary medical technician during my undergrad up in Salt Lake. I noticed that there are a lot of people with Huskies and Malamutes that just didn’t understand the breed. I ended up kind of starting to rescue some through some other groups and then starting Arctic rescue specialized for
Huskies and Malamutes. I would ski with the dogs but once you
get a few more you really have to have something to hook them to besides your
skis. We start doing rides about 9-10 years ago. We’d borrow a sled and start rollin’. When people come to go on a dog sled
ride with us, the first thing they want to do is meet the dogs. I enjoy sharing the dogs with people because I can show them that one, the dogs really do enjoy
doing this kind of work, and also can be part of your family. A lot of the dogs that we rescue, they’re
just frustrated because they want to run and they haven’t ever been given the
chance. Sputnik was picked up as a stray dog in Salt Lake and taken to the Salt
Lake County Animal Shelter, and our friend who is a rescue liaison she called
me and said he’s literally climbing the walls. So she wanted us to come get him
and put him through our rescue because she thought a 7 month old puppy, that energetic might end up just coming back as a rebound dog. That’s how we ended up taking him to run on the team. Education is really our primary goal. If we can educate people on these dogs, on the fact that pulling sleds is something that they love to do, that they need that exercise if we can really help get more dogs out of the shelter and keep them out of the shelter. We’re their home for life. They love working, they love being sled dogs and they love being part of family. When people understand that, I think that
they come to appreciate more what we do. They’re not robots, they’re dogs. And they’re our kids.

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