HAPPY HUSKIES Dog Sledding in the Snow

HAPPY HUSKIES Dog Sledding in the Snow

– Guess what were finally, doing today! – That’s a beautiful day!
– Yes, it is! We are gonna take the dogs sleding
down this trail. Alright! We are starting off
with these two (2) dogs. Because they have so much
more energy than Oakley. Were gonna run them a little bit. Then, were gonna add Oakley and
let her go for a short run. Jamie is trying to… Wrangle the dogs! Okay, let’s go! We did bring Oakley along.
She’s chilling in the car. She’s gonna get to run for
a little bit, because she’s little older. She definitively can’t go as far. She does like her car rides
and chill in the car thought. Don’t you think? You look pretty happy! (background music) ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ – Going on a nice slow paced ride
for Miss Oakley. I can actually slow the sled down
as they try to speed up too much for her. I can actually drag this mat so,
that forces the dogs to go a bit slower. That’s kind of what were doing. Is a very short… Short trail for Oakley. Normally, we run a couple of times
but we had run her only once, back and fort. So, Oakley can enjoy this
for a little bit. She really wanted to go, so
I figured it, alright! I gotta keep her moving too, right? She’s happy! She’s happy! (background noises) Hike! Shelby hike!
Hike! Hike! Hike! Hike! Can you say,
“That was that super fun?” “That was super fun guys!” “Super fun!” Oakley did a good job! You did a good job, Oakley! Did you enjoyed that? Alright you guys!
I hope you enjoyed today’s video. We definitively got out early
and got back early enough. We got just back in time,
cause it started to warm up. Quite a bit on the last leg
of the trail. Now, everything is melting. Temperatures increased ten (10)
degrees, since we left back home. So, we did that in perfect timing. Alright you guys! If you are new to this channel
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Thanks for watching!
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We will see you again soon! Good bye guys!

Antonio Breitenberg

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