Halloween Surfing in Santa Monica!

Halloween Surfing in Santa Monica!

Hi guys! Today there’s going to be a Halloween competition in Santa Monica. So I wanted to take you there! Let’s go! ☺ Meow! I’m running a little late so I hope I haven’t missed anything What?! How many times have you done this? Uh, I don’t know. Maybe about three or four times. What did you do last year? I was Noah, actually. OK, I saw your photos. That’s right. That was amazing! Do you think you might take me for a ride The seats are really tiny. It’s our first time surfing in the contest Can I get a look at your mask? What?!?! I met you the other day AHHHHH!!! Eric and you are? I’m Drone! Who are you? I’m Rose I’m Jack [Cheers] All right. Are we ready to go? [Laughter] The competition is now over. Congratulations to all the winners. Everyone was amazing. It blew me away. Ohhhh…. [sighs] Time to go home and take a nap, I think Hi guys! How ya doing? I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed editing it. yay! So this week is going to be crazy. I started driving for Lyft. And I’ve taken 63 people around this week, all around L.A. So I’m getting to know the city really well. It’s a fun part-time job. If you’ve never taken a ride with Lyft, I’ve put a little promotional code down there. If you can sign up that would help me a lot. And you’ll get some free credit. [Crunch Crunch] Taking a little break. My favorite rice crackers. So if you like these videos, you know the drill. Make sure that you subscribe, comment, share, & like! Spread the word! I’ll be back next week with another video. It could be music. It could be a cover song. It could be a VLOG It’s a mystery! But make sure that you subscribe. And as always, thank you for watching these videos. Thank you for coming today. Love you! Bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Surfing in Santa Monica!

  1. Mason West says:

    fabulous video! I smile all the way through. I totally didn't get the Titanic recreation until this time through. That was funny! thanks for bringing some Santa Monica sunshine into the lives of the world!

  2. Phil Nolan says:

    This was really fun to watch. I've used Lyft a number of times because T-Mobile is always giving out free rides. BTW it looks like your Lyft link is to become a driver, not a passenger.

  3. OneManOneCamera says:

    Next year we want to see you fighting for first place at the surfing competition. Gambatte!

  4. Kaz's Japanese 101 & Eigonodo says:

    Santa Monica, CA? You're travelling all over the world?

  5. DJ Ken says:


  6. AKIRA TOKYO says:

    OMG!! Santa Monica:)

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