“Haggerty’s” CA. 3-7 foot wave faces- surfing..

“Haggerty’s” CA. 3-7 foot wave faces- surfing..

“Haggerty’s” is your first stop heading south into the north end of Palos Verdes Estates which is located in South Los Angeles County Southern California Looking straight north right about here ^ This was video taped in winter late January during very good weather along with a long period 18-20 sec straight W swell 270 to even some WSW 265 direction It is a primo winter break that needs a good size swell to make it work, the bigger the better, can also be surfed even on smaller NW WNW straight W most consistent, and huge WSW longest best shape Fairly thick, fast, and easy with a few lips and a few possible quick tube sections, intermediate to even advanced surfers can have a great time here! Starting in on a cliffy part of the coast lined with some sharp slippery rocks making it mostly unfriendly to beginner surfers The Santa Barbara Channel Islands to the NW can block out most winter swells knocking down the size, The South Bay beaches to the north a few miles may be bigger on those swells thanks to the very narrow wave window Anacapa Channel Pass off Oxnard Summer time is mostly flat, to a possible very small west wind swell chop, not very ridable. The bottom is boulder type with a few semi sharp areas, and a few deep holes, some kelp. Not something you want to scrape or walk on too much, booties help! Water temperature in winter, mostly upper 50’s to some mid 50’s, brief low 50’s possible Air temperatures in winter are usually very moderate anywhere for highs during fair weather low 60’s to low 70’s, sometimes even a little warmer. During winter rainy periods air temperatures are not much below or above mid- upper 50’s for highs Morning low air temperatures in winter mostly mid- upper 40’s, can briefly but not often get into upper and mid 30’s, but not for long after sunrise. The wind is usually offshore early to mid morning during fair weather N,NE, E, and even SE directions during approaching storm fronts, onshore prevailing wind is W and NW after storm fronts producing the most surface chop Likes Medium tides 2.0′-4.5′, as shown in this video in-coming, if it gets too high a little back washy and too mushy, Low tides can be interesting but more challenging with some sharp dry spots, especially paddling out On this day, other breaks close by like Lunada Bay a few miles south and Redondo Breakwater a few miles north were much bigger and are normally larger size wave magnets than Haggerty’s Any questions, or things you would like to add? leave a comment below! (((SUBSCRIBE))): if you would like to receive uploaded videos as they come in, by hitting the red button here on the screen, ( Also smash that “BELL” icon!! ) That’s the ending of this “CC Closed Caption” information for now, keep watching still a few more cool rides and beach scenory, help support this channel by hitting that red “SUBSCRIBE” button, thanks for visiting “henryssurfshowcase” @ youtube.com :- )

Antonio Breitenberg

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10 thoughts on ““Haggerty’s” CA. 3-7 foot wave faces- surfing..

  1. Rexstick Adventures says:

    Hello Henry, I seen you commented on a vid or two of mine havent wrote back been tearing off a roof last two days alone hard work lol, but its break time so figured i would catch some waves. Nice vid the sun is really hitting them white caps. btw is that your dog?

  2. Jordan Delgado says:

    Your vids are cool,keep up the good work.

  3. Edan Vhadat says:

    can't wait for winter!!!!! Sick video Henry

  4. P&Wengineering says:

    Nobody caught the 3rd wave in that first set that was one of the longest lefts I have seen at Haggerty's. Oh man that was an in and out and back in at least three times. The 1000 times or I have surfed Haggerty's there has never been a single wave like that!6

  5. Steve Link says:

    Don’t know what was worse , the wave or the horrible surfers trying to surf it

  6. Gary Williams says:

    Next time throw yourself and your camera off the cliff. Henry the kook

  7. Howard Acquistapace says:

    what happened to surfing the WAVE by manuerving your surfboard.
    like these guys using the wave to display maneuvers
    thats what counts in pro surfing…
    points for manuevers.

    But always has been that the two approaches come together when riding the wave in the tube as a manuever.
    contest or free


  8. John Olinger says:

    What an amazing wave! Looks totally rippable. When is the best time to surf it?

  9. henryssurfshowcase says:

    Haggerty's T Shirts available you can find them here.. https://teespring.com/stores/haggertys-california-surfing
    All surfing merch can be found here, thank you for your support!

  10. Alex Y says:

    Isn’t this zeros

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