Guillermo Surprises Soccer Fans Sponsored by Captain Morgan

Guillermo Surprises Soccer Fans Sponsored by Captain Morgan

Antonio Breitenberg

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23 thoughts on “Guillermo Surprises Soccer Fans Sponsored by Captain Morgan

  1. Taanya Singh says:


  2. TTV TERMITE says:


  3. IOS-Night-FortniteM says:


  4. بشير صلاح محمود محمدزين says:


  5. Ethan Steeg says:

    First 317!

  6. Ничего Себе says:

    MLS sucks.. Americans don't know how to play football

  7. Jj Mench says:

    I grew up watching Fut-bol. But here ain’t the same .

  8. Jc1989 says:

    Captain Morgan sucks

  9. grey alien says:

    M.C.F.C. the only show in town

  10. Vladimir Putin’s Clone says:

    Seattle is a bunch of snobs

  11. ExillitySyco says:

    I love guirmo

  12. Jose Munoz says:

    "Wrong vibe dude" LOL

  13. AroundTheCorner says:

    Soccer? It's Football

  14. Apong Aier says:

    Wrong vibe dude! 😂 💀

  15. globalsister - O'Bryan Watanabe says:

    It's football!!!!!

  16. danieltriplehorn says:

    Wow. Even the fans are sponsored by Captain Morgan?

  17. Captain Captain says:

    Captain Morgan supposedly tortured many of his female captives, including one instance in which he supposedly cut off a woman's breast, cooked it, and made her eat it. What a great public face for a company. 👍

  18. CuseStuckinWA says:


  19. Neoh says:

    Soccer ? Haha stop saying that, that’s football for 90% of the planet.

  20. New Message says:

    What I wouldn't do to have that man's resilient liver.

  21. The One says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is a cock sucker

  22. jorge coronel says:


  23. Ostro1980 says:

    Seattle Supersonics "Bring em Back".

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