ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m
a wheel addict, I’m in sunny South Africa and it’s like 10:00 in the morning I’m
in a DIY skate park quite in the middle of nowhere so I just hope that I don’t
get robbed in here and today well today I’m gonna talk about this and these this
is the new ground control HD frame I got the the HD 270 millimeters frame and
let’s talk about it let’s see what’s good let’s see what’s not so good the
first thing that I want to take out of the way is this thing right here this is
the solar frame in this video I won’t be making a comparison but I will tell you
right away in the beginning that these and these are two completely different
products but if you want to see a comparison of both these well what you
got to do is you got to subscribe to this channel because that’s going to be
one of my next video but for today let’s talk about the ground control HD frame
this frame is not out yet I got this frame a little bit before most of the
skate shops and when I got this frame well ground controls send me this frame
for these videos for these reviews and they send it to me with both h-block I
do not know if when you buy this frame it’s going to come with aluminium age
block or with a plastic edge block the aluminum one is actually a lot
easier than the plastic one it doesn’t really feel that much area on hand but
when you put them on the scale let me show you something here I got the
plastic one here I got the aluminum one and it actually feels a bit of a
difference also the groove it’s a bit deeper on the plastic one
than on the aluminum one now I actually started by scaling it with the plastic
edge block and when I first started escaping with the plastic edge block and
with the new ground control sixty millimeter wheels they have a different
shape from these wheels that I have here and these are the wheels that I’ve I’ve
tried to use them as much as I can these are the famous F a mu s fast wheels and
that I really love this wheels out fast they are and everything but I first
started by using them with this this profile here it’s called flat top on the
top of the wheel is flat and then other than that it’s very very pointy meaning
that when you when you skate with these wheels it’s a lot safer for wheel bite
then if you skate with a round wheel or if you skate with a with a completely
flat wheel like when when the profile of the wheel is very flat on top this bill
would make it a bit easier so I started by skating these frames with the plastic
edge block and the ground control wheels I can tell you that it didn’t even felt
like I was skating flat at first I kind of felt like I was getting some a in
skates and I keep on saying the same when it comes to skating flat I don’t
think there’s any other skate on the market like the USDA and so putting
these wheels these edge block it kind of felt like they and I basically had all
my tricks I could do from the back slides even in ledges that I don’t
really do them that much front side and back side I could front side and back
side back slide with a plastic edge block and this was very easy the trick
that I wasn’t doing it as good would be the frontside torque or the backside
torque but I’m not that good with torques anymore especially when I skate
flat but it was very very possible to do them it was just me not being able to do
them because the space was there the groove is deeper than the one on the
aluminum I didn’t really felt that I would need to go aluminum it it does
feel different it does sound different than when I skate a bowl I do love to
skate aluminum but if this frame would just come like this it would still get
amazing it would still be an amazing frame but now when you put the aluminum
age block then it’s it’s it’s actually very different the thing is now to start
with the the shape of the plastic age block it’s much rounder than the
aluminum one the aluminum one is more it’s more point here now this one’s
starting getting a bit more more grooved but at first when it straight out of the
box it’s very very flat how can I explain it’s very very pointy I think
that’s the easiest way to explain when under on the plastic age block it’s a
lot rounder and it’s it is deeper so some of the tricks are going to feel a
bit different you need to bend your foot a bit more and obviously it’s going to
sound different but that you already know now a lot of people that try
aluminum frame because the previous brand that brought out aluminum frame
was solar they are expecting the frame to be a lot
slimmer because that was what solar sold as one of the main advantages of having
an aluminum frame these these are completely different when it comes to
that because this frame when you look at it it doesn’t really look a lot slimmer
then then a plastic frame in fact when you tried to put it on the boot when you
put this on the boot it actually just fits if you had like one millimeter more
it wouldn’t fit that central line that you have on your boots so it is not that
much slimmer I don’t even think that it’s slimmer at all now the top here the
top when you look at the top of them of the frame you will see that it’s
completely different from a plastic frame the construction of this of this
frame is actually very well-thought it does feel like a very very stiff frame
so you feel that every push goes straight to the ground giving you a very
very good speed and amazing for grinds now is it the same for all the grinds no
sew tricks I really didn’t have any difficulties with it like I said already
block tricks either with the aluminium age block or with the plastic edge block
they worked really really well everything from one footed grinds to the
regular front sides back size whatever now when it comes to top sides yes it is
very possible to do all of them but at first because it’s a bit pointy the
edges here you kind of feel especially if you’re gonna be if you’re going to be
doing top sides on a on a wooden top mini ramp or a wooden top coping you
kind of feel like these edges here are going to be digging into the flat top so
it makes it a little bit slower but I believe that if you do a lot of top
sides in ledges then it’s gonna you’re gonna start getting like the groove if
you can call it basically it’s gonna start being shaved it’s gonna start
being more and more round and then it won’t be a problem anymore not that is a
problem because I could basically do everything especially alley-oops was
somehow easier than forward topside tricks I don’t really know but like an
alley-oop fishman was easy to do then a forward Fishman but Fishman
still worked very well it’s actually where to explain now this frame is
easier this frame is evident most of the plastic frames on the market and it’s
not because it’s it’s right here flat of course any flat setup is going
to be heavier than then anti rocker and obviously Avior than a free stop because
there’s only two wheels on the free style and here I’m also talking about
two wheels with aluminium age block and what’s so on but these especially these
with the aluminium age block this is very easy and I was skating this weed
oops almost fell from my hand I was getting these on the Fifth Element boot
which is one of the heaviest boots on the market right now so my setup was
actually very very heavy was that a disadvantage not really
especially for me I don’t really jump that much but when I was trying to
escape transitions or when I was skating transitions I actually felt my setup
very very solid so I believe that it depends a little bit of the type of
skating that you’re going to be doing but if you’re going to be doing a lot of
rails and a lot of stuff this is probably not the type of frame that
you’re going to be looking for I would say that this is the perfect skate park
frame for me in my opinion it’s one of the the best skate park frames that I’ve
ever skated I haven’t been skating that much straight but I even believe that
these would be a very very good street frames as these not because it has an
aged aluminum age block is going to be worst if you look at skateboarders they
also have aluminum trucks and they still do basically everything so it’s not
because it’s aluminum that is not gonna be able to grind on ledges now something
that I didn’t enjoy as much on this frame was the way that we remove the age
block I like the way it looks I think it looks very very nice but if you want to
go from aluminum to plastic edge block you basically need to remove the frame
because there’s two screws here on top and the way you change the edge block is
by screwing these ones and then because the edge block is a little bit tight you
need to also loosen the wheels a little bit which is perfectly normal you listen
to wheels a little bit and then for me the way that I find out it works better
is having the screws pushing the edge block okay so see now it’s just coming
out it’s not like it’s gonna take a million years to do but it would be cool
if you could do it without taking the frame out now to do it without taking
the frame out there would only be two ways at least that I can think of one of
them would be by having a screw on the side and that’s exactly what solid
and for everyone saying that this is a copy of the solar frame well I don’t see
the screw here on the side or would be the screw from underneath that was used
by other brands in the past the truth is this is a lot cleaner and probably a lot
safer it’s just if you need to change the block it’s not gonna work as easy
but the question here is how many times are you going to change the block so
realistically it’s not really a problem it’s just me wanting to change the block
the whole time for the sake of it so I believe that’s it now what do I really
think about these frames being super super honest with you I do not know
about the price of these yet I do not know if they come with one or two H
blocks but I do know that this is one of the best frames that I’ve ever tried
again yes it’s Evie yes it’s wider than the
other aluminum frame on the market but yes it does feel very very good in
basically everything a bit slower on top sides but other than that not really a
problem now when I made the review of the solar frames I did said that it was
a bit harder to lock at first the top sides unless you you put your frame
right like this because if you put it like that it wouldn’t slide now these
ones because they are a little bit thicker depending on the material that
you have on top it might just slide into it I do believe that these frames are
going to get better and better and better the more you skate them I know
that’s what everyone thinks about every other frame but in these ones for sure
that’s going to be the case now I think they come in two different colors at
least I know about the black ones but I do love the color of these ones
especially with the aluminum age block so that was it
again like I just started this video I will be making a comparison of the two
of these frames that will be coming out very very soon but that that’s in
another video so if you want to watch that make sure to subscribe to the
channel if you enjoyed this video well you
know what to do give me a thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down if you didn’t
like it and like I always say more important than anything else just don’t
forget why we all started skating and that that is because it’s fun
Cheers and see you soon ah just very important the space in between the sec
the two wheels in the middle it’s actually more than enough for everything
i didn’t felt like there was ever a time there wasn’t space enough to grind i
know that the space is not as big as it is on the a in skate but at the same
time you still have a little bit of space here in between the first and
second wheel and the third and fourth meaning that with these frames you
actually can do channel 1 and channel 3 grinds now what you should also know is
this is the 270 millimeter version the distance in between the second and third
wheel is the same on every frame what changes is here that this is between the
first and second and the third and fourth so the frames will get longer by
increasing the distance between these two and these two but the edge block
stays the same so the edge block either the plastic or the aluminium one it’s
compatible with all the sizes

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