Grand battle of the cheapest winter vehicles: sleds, snowdogs, 2×2 atv etc.

Today we’ve gathered all possible kinds
of winter vehicles that have one common characteristic – their price is less than 2000 dollars. And we are going to find out what machine
is the most effective in winter. Lets go! Hi guys as usually its me just a voice over
and your are watching review machines. When we are speaking about winter transport
we usually mean only sleds don’t we? Yes, probably they are the best kind of winter
transport, but as to their prices…well they leave much to be desired. The most affordable used sleds may cost about
5000 dollars, and new snow mobiles of famous brands will cost you an arm and a leg! But in fact there are other kinds of winter
transport with much more affordable prices! And today we gathered almost all kinds of
such vehicles that cost about 2000 dollars! Numerous manufacturers from different places
have come today to take part in this grand battle and first of all we want to thank him
greatly for that! Well lets see what we have today for our tests. The most part of these machines are so called
snow dogs! Its a great winter transport both recreational
and for everyday use. We’ve already made a video about these machines,
we spoke about all the details there, so have a look at it, if you missed it. Well firstly we have a classic snow dogs with
a sleds, then we have s snow dogs equipped with a front seat like a snow mobile, and
finally we have several 2×2 motorcycles that are also considered as a real winter transport. Moreover we’ll see other different modifications
of winter transport, so its going to be interesting! And now lets see the models taking part in
the battle! 9 HP front seat sled BTS, 15 HP front seat
sled BTS, same machine with other seat, 15 hp front seat Muhtar, 17 HP Muzhik, Lebedev
Garage 15 hp, Sigma front seat 8 hp, Baltmotors snowdog 15 hp, Baltmotors standard 13 hp,
Koyra 15 HP. While we are having the last preparations
I want to speak in a word about the forthcoming tests! As we have many machines today we’ll arrange
only two tests cause we want to see all the machines in action. The first competition – who is the fastest
and the second one who is the most effective on a rough terrain. Well…and now lets have a speed race competition! All the competitors are standing in the line
and waiting for the signal. For the first time all the machines are going
to take part in the race, but you should remember that everything doesn’t depend on a machine,
skills of a rider are also very important. The short briefing before the race and it
seems that we are ready! Go! Burlak front seat shows us a very good start! But then the others catch up with him. After the turning around we see three leaders
– all of them are snowdogs from Baltmotors company! Then we’ll have several pair competitions. The first one Baltmotors versus Burlak. As we see Baltomotors overtakes its competitor. The next race – Muhtar versus 15 hp white
snow dog – this time we have a draw! Then again Baltmotors versus Burlak! Burlak chose the wrong way so the result is
not clear. Another race, this time four competitors Burlak
and three snowdogs from BTS, and BTS is the winner. And finally another mass race. And again Baltmotors is the winner! Well now its time for the next test – riding
on a rough terrain. The route is quite short, it has two climbs,
first one is short but step, and another is longer. Here we see the line, the competitors will
take part in the test one after another. We are ready, lets go! Burlak front seat is the first! Well done, it gets over without a problem! Muhtar front seat the next one! It also overcomes our obstacles. Now a small classic snowmobile is trying. Unfortunately It fails on the second hill. The next one is a snowdog Raida. And again it has some problems on the second
hill. The same thing with the Baltmotors snowdog. In fact all the snowdogs with sleds behind
the machines failed on this obstacle! Then we see a 2×2 motorcycle Master Pro. A perfect result! Then Taurus 2×2 motorcycle! And again the perfect result! Now we see BTS front seat snowdog. Again the second hill! Sigma front seat snow dog! Well good result. By the way it was interesting for us to see
a rear wheel drive offroading motorcycle on this hill. And the result is on your screens! Well due to this test we can make a conclusion
that front seat snowdogs are more effective on a rough terrain than classic snowdogs with
sleds behind them. The good result on the hills was shown by
2×2 motorcycles but on a speed test they were the last. You’ve seen everything. All the machines have both pros and cons so
it is very hard to choose a complete winner of our battle. But I hope this video will be quite useful
for those who are going to buy some kind of winter transport. By the way we want to make some more videos
about this topic, so if you want a sequel please post a comment. What do you think if we should make more videos
like this one or not? What kind of machines and tests should we
add? Well, thanks for watching guys, please subscribe
the channel if you liked this video. It will be many more interesting materials
here, good bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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