Grace Lancers: Women’s Soccer

Grace Lancers: Women’s Soccer

Our vision is captivated in a
statement that we call love God, be a baller! The idea behind it is that we would just
aggressively pursue growing in our Christian faith, and also aggressively pursue being the best footballer that we can be. Well the first thing they should if they come to Grace is that this is a fantastic place to come if you
wanna grow. If you wanna grow in Christ, this, as a whole, this institution is
a fantastic place to be. As far as you know walking into the
women’s soccer it’s hard, and I think that if you really look at your faith and your soccer, bridging those two together most people haven’t done that at a dynamic level. To compete in a way that honors God, giving our absolute best, and knowing that at the end of that rope, I can be satisfied knowing that God gave me these abilities, I’m going to use them to His glory. I’m going to compete, I’m going to go as hard as I can, and at the end whether we win, lose, or draw, your satisfied because your glorify God in what you’re doing, and you gave everything so if continuously give everything in your spiritual walk, in your academic life, and in your football at the end of the day you can be pleased, and you can know, “God take me where you want me to go. Do what you want to do.” This is what God has called me to do, to raise up disciples, to train
them through football to love God. God draws our players here, and God puts His team together here. Why something else? Why not something else? Well, in the end, I’ll do whatever God wants me to do and I think I ask the same thing form my players. Go where God tells you to go, do what God tells you to do. and be faithful with it, and just get after it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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