GoPro Surf: The Family Craft of Making Surfboards with the Jones Brothers – Dust to Resin

[Music] my dad got this picture all in one of bulls doesn’t color and surfing magazine as a pulled out close to that warm bolster shot of him is his birthday coming up and I thought it’d be a good idea to redo this photograph we’ll go shoot it get this thing barreled was the plan it was the biggest waiver for caught out of all multiples I broke it came up the fin was like hanging out of the box my worst moments of my life I think this new board was for me : I it’s more about our dimensions what we would want to write in the tube as to what my dad wanted thread into we used to ride that red single thing my dad made when we were kids in the eighties and nineties should be able to come back now and try to recreate something like it just means a lot like we’re concert boards with Nutella because he’s one of them better surfers who will ride my boards if you are trying new stuff you want to try it with people who you trust my dad shaped when he was in high school up through college Daniel picked it up he’s really into it when he is 1213 his surfing is so smooth and stylish that it’s easy for him to make good boards the ocean and surfing has given me so much but everything was almost taken away from me within the blink of an eye earlier this year I hit my head a pipe line the lip hit me I just disappeared and I felt the impact was still happening [Music] I just woke up the nuts on the water these nice little bubbles it’s really peaceful little in and out of it all the way up until the ambulance showed up for some ligaments in the back of my neck my vertebrae see five and six move that diffuse it it was rough having to stay out of the water away from surfing and any physical activity for six months the doctor told me don’t write in the car unless I have to and not to pick up anything over five pounds luckily for me my planner is only about four [Music] being able to get into the shaking room for an hour to every other day and just to see myself moving they really help keep me in a positive mindset thinking about waves and writing them that felt good something I could put my thoughts my energy and heart into that I really enjoy it and it filled the void of not surfing and having to sit around all day [Music] my dad taught my mom had a surf all her brothers pass it on to me and my sibling he made this board before we were even born to be able to come back now try to recreate something like it it’s a good opportunity to pay homage to all that he’s done for us he’s reason why we’re here today [Music] redesigning and recreating the bird board with my brother was a lot of fun and a very special project [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] my favorite part about it is looking down at my feet seeing the bird just gliding along thinking this is what my dad saw pure joy [Music] [Music] [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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