GoPro Max Snow Review //  *Real World* Comparison 360 and hero mode!

GoPro Max Snow Review // *Real World* Comparison 360 and hero mode!

for today’s video we’re gonna see if
this GoPro max how it handles in the snow I’m here in the West Virginia and I
want to see what the audios like what the videos like here in Hero Mode and
then see what 360s like and see what at 360 audio is like I also want to see if
this selfie stick is good for 360 contrast I got out pricing on these guys
with dates so I see I’m gonna see today so what I was most excited about this
camera was the fact that I have one camera that can have 360 and a regular
GoPro all in one package don’t have to carry around hammers I love that right
now I’m shooting 360 now you get a better view I can replay missing toast I don’t know
how good the audios can see see that later a cigar now got a price to go out 110
how do you rate the waffle cabin for your experience snowshoe it’s a tent
definitely an it’s like almost the whole reason I come here look at that view Wow there’s the waffle cabin waffle cabin Bob will go go oh you guys you’ve never
had one of these waffles waffle cabin here in snowshoe West Virginia you’re
missing out first bring those sweet nuts over the
cold that when wind is whipping thought this would be a good place to test the
front-facing audio so I’m using the actually those six audio things on this
camera it’s pretty windy right here top of a mountain and there Steve in the
background jamming it out and you can choose which camera which you can choose
which camera you want to use you can also choose which audio mic you want to
use so right now I’m using the one that faces me and you see what that’s like
with this kind of wind whipping in the background
winds aim in the face I’ll switch it to stereo now all right this is stereo mics
now so using all six mics and then kind of doing some wind reduction noise stuff
so you should be able to hear some more of the people around me and the tram for
the lift chairs and all that crap but it’s still windy and snowy see what
that’s like I do wish you could change these things while you’re recording I
have to stop recording to change it so let me just try up front audio now and
that’s the front Mike you probably can’t hear me that much
because the winds blowing at the mic yeah just let me know what you guys
think you hear a difference in but to me just be able to switch you things around
is pretty damn cool one thing I forgot to mention with this selfie stick that
I’m using right here so this is the GoPro selfie stick max it’s 60 bucks and
to me for 60 bucks I wish the mechanism was smoother mr. works and it’s a you can definitely
use it for everything but it’s just not perfect for $60 to me got like three feet of air that time period
from what their 60 is you got to have the camera oriented straight she can’t
block the head and try the mic so seriously at this kind of life but the menu but those things I mean
damn today I hope you found this helpful if
you’re thinking about getting one of these GoPro maxes just to see some
footage in the snow kind of try out the 360 footage and see if the audio is like
this little selfie stick and all that kind of good stuff in as far as the
battery life goes I still got 11 percent right now been shooting on it all
morning I’ve shot a little bit over an hour for the footage I just didn’t
keeping it in my little jacket pocket right there and I mean it’s colder than
below freezing right now it’s about 28 degrees out here and it had been snowing
so we’re pretty high up a camera the elevation is here but we’re here in
snowshoe West Virginia and December so if you’re ever wondering what the
conditions look like here in December this should do and I said yeah it’s
pretty good here’s empty out here it was there’s a really good time so yes as far
as I’m concerned I highly recommend this little camera I think it’s a great thing
a great tool to have it kind of does everything a little bit you know the
only downsides I could see is if you really want slow-mo or if you really
want underwater footage this camera may not be the right one for you and my
mouth is really freezing a hurt here but other than that I think it’s it’s
awesome I mean it just does 360 it does has good audio and you can do regular
GoPro footage and it’s just one camera it’s great so I’ve been really enjoying
it let me know it was anything else that you were interested in shoot me a
comment down below some other things that you’re curious about about how this
camera works or some other use cases for ran it kind of stuff and I’ll see
some questions are made make another video for you yeah I guess that’s it for
her up in the clouds now so so I’ve got time to get off this lift and do
something risky and I’ll talk with you guys later you

Antonio Breitenberg

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