GoPro: Japan Snow – The Search for Perfection in 4K

GoPro: Japan Snow – The Search for Perfection in 4K

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “GoPro: Japan Snow – The Search for Perfection in 4K

  1. Logan Pralle says:

    Individual moments may seem imperfect, but together they make up the adventure.

  2. Nando Valvo says:

    Watching this video seems like dreaming!

  3. ChoppaBeatboxChannel says:

    Owner of this video is in Anartica

  4. Hamid Darojat says:

    what a amazing video,
    please check this video

  5. Siena Malixe says:

  6. yruy po says:

    что ебпнулись?

  7. Avakin Vale says:

    Speek Romania?

  8. Glen Sousa says:

    This changed my life

  9. zach says:

    I’m watching this when I’m m on acid

  10. Jobey Lee says:

    Loving this video!! Insane footage .. loved all of the non ski clips interlinked within the film!

  11. harry says:

    10/10 Still to this day

  12. Как это сделать ? says:

    Example of Nigth Timelapse with GoPro Hero 5 Session in 4K

  13. spelca says:

    So glad to click this video! It took away my breath 😮 I would like this video million times if I could! -Greetings from Slovenia

  14. KevinSands335 says:

    10:34 is one of the most beautiful places I think I've ever seen

  15. raul maxs says:

  16. OlDoinyo says:

    Nice presentation and cinematography. But some of the snow in Niseko did not look exactly powdery–I suspect it was wet and heavy by the look of it.

  17. Mike Chan says:

    footage from 3:38 to 5:05 is the best video i ever seen as it fully presented Tokyo in a smooth & nicely done Time Lapse video shooting… truly masterpiece

  18. Ocanadakiter says:

    Epic…vid guys..

  19. Chan Joey says:

    Why you can fly a drone at Tokyo city?

  20. Joseph Zimmerman says:

    I feel like there are 366 people that are paid to dislike YouTube videos, because this is a masterpiece.

  21. un saiyen says:


  22. Lucas Santos says:

    What a sound off 2:58 please

  23. Hunor Ladanyi says:

    What's the name of this anime?

  24. komm halts maul says:

    This Videos are fcking nice

  25. ufo says:


  26. cristobal cancino says:

    Excelente video, sirvió mucho como terapia de relajación. Congratulations !!!!…GOPRO the best !!!

  27. Евгений Шапкин says:

    Что то мне подсказывает что первая часть отснята на Камчатке

  28. Artemiy Novikov says:

    Я из города .Омск. Почему так годно?

  29. Drifting Dwarf says:

    Holy snow. What a masterpiece. The story, the cinematography, the script, the grading, the voice over, the scoring, the places. One of the best travel films I've watched and it's filmed entirely on a small camera with small sensor. So much could be done with a GoPro. Amazing. Just beautiful.

  30. Will Waddell says:


  31. Adventure Forever says:


  32. Lena N.Gullett says:

    lovin it!

  33. Alperen Akküncü says:

    Nice anime

  34. 大春 says:


  35. Praveer Srivastava says:

    this is so good !!

  36. Coupa Cushman says:

    This is more then an edit.

  37. The One Love Project says:

    beautiful film 🙂

  38. Robert Loades says:

    I love this video, it tells as story, and gives a message while being a short ski dream film, others have said it; A Masterpiece…

  39. david brown says:

    why does the dude skin up with skis and have a snowboard on his back? why not a split board?

  40. Abe Kislevitz says:

    Who is still watching this in 2018? Give me a shout! We've got a behind the scenes look over on my channel of how we filmed this piece!

  41. crazy chris says:

    Here I am watching this again a year later

  42. Stefan C says:

    Masterpiece. That what it is.

  43. ꁅꂦꋪꀸꂦꈤ ꉓꀎꋪꋪꌩ says:

    Go to niseko best snow i have ever skiied

  44. t4r0 50 says:


  45. diom adad says:

    Ceckout Abe Kislevitz for m8re footage and behind the scene … he is just uploading these

  46. GSoldiers Action Figures - Коллекционные фигурки says:

    It's perfect movie!

  47. 大谷太郎 says:

    Quite beautiful and interesting video!

  48. 大谷太郎 says:

    This must be the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen!

  49. Ken Heinrich says:

    Love Japan ski videos! Japan would be a dream trip for me. I just wish I knew how much of the terrain in of all of these Japan videos are accessible off of lifts vs. backcountry skinning or out of bounds (I've never skinned). Any companies that set up ski trips to Japan from North America? Would love to look into what's involved to actually get over there? Best time of winter to have consistent snowfall? Thanks!

  50. Daniel Webster says:

    This is just about the best video I've ever seen

  51. Bryan Du Rand says:

    Are any of these areas accessible from the lifts? What resorts are these

  52. Cheeto Rat says:

    John wick is in fortnite

  53. Luke Bray says:

    Anyone what that red backpack is?

  54. Shiro Lee says:

    I came to that realization long ago as well

  55. spencereng says:

    Great editing and cinematography!

  56. Linh Nguyen says:

    Get off that flute and help me row! 🙂 Beautiful film!

  57. ZACC CHEN says:

    This film is perfection.

  58. Julien M says:

    The editing of this video.. Kreygasm

  59. Илья Почейкин says:

    Как красиво!!!

  60. Fury says:


  61. Daniel Allison says:

    Crazy good production

  62. PIERCE A says:

    Cant wait to get more amazing content with my GOPRO 7 BLACK!

  63. DevilSlayer93 says:

    if you fall out on the boath on the water you die

  64. tummygang says:

    still watching in 2019

  65. Yalin - says:

    This is awesome

  66. Shimmy Klyne says:


  67. Aiden Fraley says:

    o yeah yeah

  68. Moulas Omar says:

    Cameras used??

  69. John Mills says:

    Wow! Loved this!. 3 years old, filmed on H4Bs but still looks stunning in 2019!

  70. Autumnal Equinox says:

    It’s the Quest for Perfection

  71. elkysunnykuri says:

    I love you guys!!  from Japan

  72. Jian Yang says:


  73. Juan Van Steyvoort says:

    Extra-ordinary _…
    I like the way you "give up"…
    Too much…
    Maximum respect…
    From Brussels, with Love…

  74. Aira Franco says:

    Beautiful video! Thank you so much for making this!
    The first part was shot in Mt. Isola, and the mountain in the back is Mt. Yotei. We in Hokkaido call it Ezo Fuji. ♥️🇯🇵

  75. Buy Buy says:

    Japan beautiful and unique culture I wish one day I can visit there

  76. Craig Valera says:

    Japan is the dream! One day..

  77. Paludis says:

    Wow, amazing production values!

  78. ScoobyAdventures says:

    What did they use so record them from above?? While snowboarding

  79. 18173628187 927721981299 says:

    I can go to Japan to ski if I want , should I?

  80. Yomr Medrano says:

    Binuo ko rin po panonood, Sir. Salamat po! 😇🤗👍

  81. 新幹線ファン! says:


  82. Mitch Phillips says:

    Best snow film I've ever seen – and all shot on GoPros?!?! Incredible stuff. The BTS series of Abe Kislevitz's channel is well worth a look to!

  83. Apolo BSF says:

    My gopro doesnt film like this

  84. Nadjmeddin Fayazov says:

  85. United Kingdom Ball says:

    I go to neiskoi

  86. Powder Skier says:

    I'm just sitting here thinking how come their go pro's work in the cold when last year, in Japan, between myself and a friend we had with us 1 x Go Pro 5, 2 Go Pro 6's and 2 x Go Pro 7's, all of them failed to work, continuously shutting down, not taking voice commands or simply just not turning on. We were so upset as the frustration and disappointment of all 5 of our Go Pro's actually stuffed our ski trip up. We spent more time stuffing around with the Go Pro's than skiing. Next year we are going to Japan again, we will be looking at purchasing another brand so that we can document our trip.

  87. Mr Koala says:

    What’s that? I can’t hear you over the beautiful scenery!

  88. Mr Koala says:

    You know it’s a good video when every single shot is the best shot ever.

  89. Simon Mattle says:

    a bit snow in the face❄️🌨️😏⛄

  90. الحياة اختبار says:

    روعة فعلا حياتكم غير طبيعية

  91. Honest Abe says:

    One of the best videos I have ever watched

  92. Rieder LOST says:

    The Videos are so good

  93. Elliot Lovgren says:

    6:11 me after i give her the first inch

  94. Jack Kelly says:

    quality edit

  95. jakub konieczny says:

    yeee go pro . !

  96. Jay Hanlon says:

    7:55 Freshest powder seen to man

  97. Sture Åkersork says:

    Mecka de poudre. Merci de la traduction francais.

  98. Cowhead80 says:

    Nothing ever looks steep on a GoPro.

    Japan: Hold my beer.

  99. Влад Ященко says:

    hi guys .please tell me what a snowboarder uses instead of skis when they walk uphill?

  100. ANARUでボスは俺この世のにNARU BOUNI says:

    I’m Japanese.But I don’t know what the narration is saying

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