GoPro Fusion // Rollerskating and Inline skating in a Bowl

GoPro Fusion // Rollerskating and Inline skating in a Bowl

ok so lets do this great place

Antonio Breitenberg

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20 thoughts on “GoPro Fusion // Rollerskating and Inline skating in a Bowl

  1. MauMau42 Br says:

    Como vc fez essa filmagem Lino? Ficou show

  2. nothingafterdeath says:

    De outro planeta!

  3. Commuter Mike says:

    I've seen a lot on this camera a lot lately. How is the audio? Think you are going to switch to mainly using it or continue using the hero 6? (Not sure if you use the 5 or 6)

  4. Martin Bommeli says:

    Looks stunning 😳

  5. zabtcent says:

    Awesome 🙂 Really cool effect 🙂

  6. WHITTYskater says:

    The 360 camera makes for a very cool 'look' to the video. Very stylish. At times you looked almost 2d in a 3d world if that makes sense?!

  7. Шмель АкаОпасный says:

    Its niiiiice😆💪

  8. Leandro Pinto says:

    Muito bom! Grande video!

  9. Greg-Dog-Sk8ter says:

    really love this camera 👌awesome effect

  10. draconidy says:

    why cant i like this vid more than once

  11. Child OfGod says:

    Stick is gone lol…

  12. Jorge Dávalos says:

    ¡Awesome shots, they are so inmersive ! I can't wait for another city walk.

  13. Mateus Sarmento says:

    so sick

  14. Tremal- Naik says:

    HI Ricardo i have a question for u.Can i mount a trinity frame under my powerslide supercruiser 110? thank you.

  15. Doro thea says:

    Jooo Great video!

  16. m/Metal Foreverm/ says:

    That cam is weird AF!

  17. Michel Bakhos says:

    What kind of camera sorcery is this ? Is is a drone following you around ? Love it !! Your skating is fun to watch . Fluid and creative !!

  18. Callum Sims says:

    Please don’t use this camera again

  19. PlayTrbo says:

    Perfect angle

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