GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Snowboarding with the New Frame with Nate Holland (Ep 14)

Hey, what’s happening? I’m Nate Holland, GoPro
Athlete and snowboarder. Today I’m going to show you some of my GoPro Tips and Tricks,
specifically the new Frame Mount and some of the different modes I like to shoot in. As a competitive athlete, I’m always looking
for the sleekest, most lightweight, aerodynamic way to use my GoPro. With this new Frame Mount,
I’m able to access the GoPro with the quick release hinge. You no longer have to undo
the thumbscrew. You just undo the quick release, slide it in, lock it down. You have new sound
ports for greater sound quality. If you are worried about the lens, it comes with a glass
lens cover that will keep dust and debris off of the lens. Although it’s not waterproof,
it simply slips right on there, and as you can see, you’re no longer going to scratch
your camera lens. Another great feature is this extendable arm that simply swings out
and locks onto any Battery BacPac or LCD BacPac. This Frame is compatible with any HERO3+ camera
or HERO3. Now when I’m ready to select a mode, I’m kind
of a one stop shopper. I have the 1080 SuperView 48 frames per second. 1080 is an amazing quality.
The SuperView is a wide angle, you’re going to catch all the action, and 48 frames per
second you can slow it down in post. Now that I’m ready to shred, I simply click the camera
onto my helmet. I love checking the angle with my GoPro App. There’s nothing worse than
going the whole day and having the wrong angle. Alright guys, that’s all I have for you today.
Today I was able to show you the new Frame Mount and all its benefits, how I like to
use the GoPro App in getting the correct angle, and my favorite shooting mode. That’s what
we have for Tips and Tricks, take care, see you on the hill, go shred.

Antonio Breitenberg

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