Golden Goal – Skråningsfotball – Playing football/soccer in a hill (w/Eng subs)

Golden Goal – Skråningsfotball – Playing football/soccer in a hill (w/Eng subs)

Welcome everyone to a game of
football in a hill. You look calm and ready. Are you? Erland, you’re getting a watch for playing this game. Yeah, the golden watch. Finally. I’ve
waited a long time for this. Many of you already have the gold
watch. Is it worth having? It’s a golden watch.
– Is it real gold? Not everything.
– Figures. Lars isn’t pleased with his gold watch. Ole Hermann Borgan is todays ref. Welcome.
Can you explain the rules? Penalty kicks are played with hockey rules.
And the ball has to lay still when there are
free kicks. Good luck. We’re only up by one. Don’t start with the
showboating just yet. Penalty?!? For fucks sake! Fuck. Fuck. Shit. I can’t stop the ball. We have to follow their runs.
– Agreed. Penalty. Shove in the back.
Great refereeing!

Antonio Breitenberg

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64 thoughts on “Golden Goal – Skråningsfotball – Playing football/soccer in a hill (w/Eng subs)

  1. christian wagner says:

    the most random choice of music ever

  2. Lord Of Decay says:

    2:05 første touchen mye samme som før den 😛

  3. busteddon says:

    Why am I laughing so hard?

  4. Quiz4fun says:

    How did they miss on the chance to celebrate by rolling down the hill?

  5. xaresxkiller says:

    because it is so funny

  6. Sivert S says:

    what is the songname at 1:10

  7. kevin childs says:

    Why the fuck am I watching this?

  8. logotgr says:

    Tubthumping – I Get Knocked Down

  9. Sivert S says:

    thanks bro

  10. andrewkgsmith says:

    Meanwhile in Norway…

  11. Nils Farstad says:

    ''Playing football/soccer in a hill''…. ON a hill, goddamnit

  12. Tom Schmitz says:

    what is the music at 2:05 ?

  13. Martin Dospel says:

    Playing bubble football on a hill would be even better

  14. Kynney says:

    Use also electroshock, too.

  15. Ryan Willis says:

    OMG yes. I can just imagine people falling over and rolling to the bottom every time.

  16. jolaakii says:

    Next up – Snooker on a glacier

  17. MrIcyTelecast says:

    and it has 69 thumbs up

  18. RandomIndyWrestling says:

    Yeovil Town's old ground!

  19. Cyril Shenouda says:

    It's cause it keeps saying "all falls down"

  20. RKH1502 says:

    Når jeg først så tittelen, trodde jeg de mente at et mål skulle være på bunnen av bakken, og det andre på toppen

  21. John Paynter says:

    3:12 to 3:35 is the bes

  22. John Paynter says:

    What great saves by the goal tender 3:12

  23. Mikaelfuckhead says:

    Dette er jo som å spille på øya.

  24. SeeADiamond westengen says:

    slutt = end in norwegian

  25. Erik Derås says:

    5:04 was a beauty

  26. Jørgen Sandviken says:


  27. mattishejhej says:

    DAT heel kick!!!

  28. Jonathan Almeida says:


  29. Kasey Escape says:

    Slutt lol. I was impressed at the quality of the players and the camera work. Although it's a farce, it goes to show you can enjoy a competitive game of football even if you don't have the proper facilities.

  30. Therese Jacobsen says:

    To everyone who is not norwegian, slutt do not mean the same thing as in english. Slutt = the end/ end of the match. Here they give you the end resault

  31. gatorbait231 says:


  32. Bård says:

    Ser for meg at risikoen for overtråkk er RIMELIG mye høyere i skråninger enn på flate baner.

  33. i i says:

    you don't know play football

  34. ManlyMantis says:

    What's the name of the 2nd song

  35. i i says:

    shut up i know english you is stupid and they are don't know play football

  36. me whoelse says:

    who all came here from wrzzr vine video?

  37. negvice says:

    this is so cool xD

  38. Eric Counsel says:

    Whoever made this has excellent music taste! Also cool match to watch, kudos to those guys!

  39. Daniel W. says:

    I wish you would have set the cameras parallel to the ground.

  40. MehamedGamer says:

    wow amazing video

  41. Nav Bravic says:

    Ha, that's pretty much what my home field looked like Freshman year of high school.

  42. citiZen says:

    I could watch a legit version of this

  43. Felix van Santen says:

    2.22 Mi Nomma!

  44. Espen Midtbø says:

    What song on 0:58–1:10???

  45. Mike Lieshout says:

    Hi, this is Mike from @433 and we would like to use this video on our account. Can you give us permission to post this video?

  46. Luana Diegues says:

    Hahahahahahahah omg 😂

  47. King Kang says:

    Is it Dan Eggen?

  48. Patyx says:

    S L U T T

  49. Leah Orrem says:

    5:04 ❤️

  50. gofoxx says:

    Why did you put a laughtrack on this?

  51. name says:

    5:30 Slutt?

  52. Hilde Skarnes says:

    Liker navnet dit brillefaen 1234

  53. eka pamuji says:

    They look younger for guys born in 1994 and 2000, what's the secret? Elixir of life?

  54. MultiGamerClub says:

    Norsk skråningsfotball, takk google!

  55. LoLMan _ says:


  56. Migfra Danmark says:

    Lol. Perfekt til Norge

  57. Bjowolf2 says:

    Can you even imagine just how enerving it is to be the poor neighbours of these "crazy" and "hopeless" Norwegian people? 😉

    And they speak nearly the same language, as we do in Denmark, so we can even understand most of what they are saying (singing) / shouting without any effort… :o)

  58. . says:

    what a beautiful way to get injured

  59. OLBastholm says:

    Dan Eggen 💛💙

  60. Ku møøø says:

    Er Lars Bohinen med her? Hahaha

  61. Carl Schjelderup says:

    Only in Norway

  62. sar dozz says:


  63. Rickey F says:


  64. Rickey F says:


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