Gökçeada Sörfçülerin Yeni Gözdesi / New Favorite of Surfers: Gökçeada, Turkey (Windsurf, Kitesurf)

Gökçeada Sörfçülerin Yeni Gözdesi / New Favorite of Surfers: Gökçeada, Turkey (Windsurf, Kitesurf)

Gökçeada attracts increasing interest of local and foreign tourists with its nostalgic villages, peaceful natural life, organic products and alternative sports opportunities. Gökçeada is the first island in the world with the title of Cittaslow. With its windy climate and unique geography, Gökçeada is nominated as one of the world’s leading surfing centers. Gökçeada Aydıncık beaches, which are surrounded by two beaches with blue flags, a crystal clear sea and a salt lake where water birds are frequented, are the favorite of surfers with their unique location where all the winds on the world are expressed. Many windsurfing and kite-surfing enthusiasts from different countries, especially from Romania and Bulgaria, leave themselves to the power of the wind from the early hours of the morning, dancing with the sea and defying gravity. Aydıncık, windy 300 days a year. Although it is located in the south of the island, Aydıncık Beach, which can take the winds blowing from the north without obstacles, is especially preferred because of its natural structure and secluded ideal for surfing. The bay is wide enough to allow 700-800 people to surf at the same time. The winds blowing from the north are also blowing to the south with the effect of the corridor formed in Tuz Gölü. It is a windy but waveless sea, ideal for surfing. Another advantage of the Aydıncık location is that the wind does not make torrents, which means that the winds blow homogeneously. Tuz lake, which hosts flamingos in spring, is an ideal environment for windsurfing and kite surfing training with its knee-high water. Aydıncık Beach also has clubs where you can take wind and kite surfing lessons or rent equipment. Windsurfing is a sport that does not require special abilities that people of all ages can do. Beginners can take courses from 6-10 hours to stand on the board that can be sailed. Kite surfing, with a powerful kite and a small board, allows the surfer to freely slide and take off on the water. It is a new sport in the world, but it is rapidly becoming widespread. The strong and homogeneous winds of Gökçeada, which span the whole year, create an ideal environment for this sport. Kite surfing teachers from different countries say that Gökçeada is a worldwide place. Apparently, the world’s first tranquil island, Gökçeada, is becoming a world-renowned attraction for kite and windsurfing, where speed, excitement and adrenaline come together.

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