GO 2015 SPL Finals: Nao-Team HTWK vs. B-Human 1st half

GO 2015 SPL Finals: Nao-Team HTWK vs. B-Human 1st half

The game starts at 1:10, sorry for the bad cutting. :’-( Hello and Welcome to the Final of the Robocup SPL league. Up to this point both teams worked day and night to prepare for this match. In black we see team B-Human, in blue Nao-Team HTWK. B-Human is from Bremen, Germany, HTWK from Leipzig, Germany. Both have implemented one of the novelties this year: They brought custom jerseys. Kickoff by B-Human. Also new this year is the ability to detect the referee’s whistle. This gives an advantage of a couple of seconds. … should the other team not be able to detect it. But it looks good, both teams look like they detected it correctly. A fight for the ball in the center. HTWK can push through. But now the ball is between the legs, that’s not allowed. Number 4 got the ball but is pressed by two B-Human players. He tries to pass… that didn’t work, HTWK lies on the ground. Perfect chance for Bremen. That’s what I call fairness, played out by Bremen… probably not intentionally. HTWK #3 has a good chance now but Bremen isn’t sleeping either, both run for the ball. That’ll be close! Both have to try and get that. HTWK tries to play a pass, nicely towards the other player! But he didn’t react… Now a chance for Bremen’s defense to act. HTWK at the ball. Now he has to move forward. He needs to get past thos two robots, three if Bremen’s #3 tries to intervene. There’s Bremen’s defense! Tries their feared side-kick, nicely played! Now HTWK needs to press! Only one defender left… shot!
And the goaly has it! Plays the ball back.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    6:24 Nutmeg!

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