GKB Leg Update

GKB Leg Update

Hi there. Governor Kate Brown here. Just wanted to give you a quick update We’re about halfway through the legislative session We’ve been working for months to craft a historic bill to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and grow the clean energy economy This is unfinished business left over from last year’s legislative session when the Senate Republicans walked out of the Capitol So I spent the summer and fall meeting with people on both sides of the issue to address concerns raised about the bill In response, we’ve made significant changes protecting our rural drivers and local manufacturers I’m proud that we’ve rolled up our sleeves and found common ground Both sides have made real compromises so we can move forward together for our children, our environment, and our future We now have the support in both chambers to pass this historic climate legislation all that remains, is for lawmakers to cast their votes So I need your help we need to express our gratitude to all the legislators who participated in the process and worked together to forge this agreement and we need to be equally clear that we expect every single legislator to show up for work and do the job they’re getting paid for Here’s how I see it: good law-making comes from consensus and compromise we were elected to serve our constituents and carry their voices to the Capitol we have a responsibility to serve Please remind your legislators that their first job is to represent you Whether they vote yes, or no, on this bill their job is to cast a vote on your behalf to make your voice heard in our state Capitol Our children, the country, and the world are watching Let’s show them that Oregon can create a better future for all of us Thank you.

Antonio Breitenberg

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