Giant Inflatable Balls and a Raglan Session | Who is JOB 9.0 S8E7

Giant Inflatable Balls and a Raglan Session | Who is JOB 9.0 S8E7

Dude, are you kidding me?
Yeah, baby, here we go!
good as novelty surfing gets.
We were taking off on the other
side of the cliff, riding a wave, straight through the cave, then straight out the other
side, it’s straight legit. Here comes somebody right now. [WAVES CRASHING] We got four-wheel drive
trucks, we got a tow rope, we got the beaters, skimboards.We’ll be towing
up and down this beach.
The waves are on shore,
done with that.
That’s straight off shore.
Boys are gonna get it.
It’s gonna be an
epic day behind the car -skimboard action, let’s go get it.
I don’t think this one worked. But we got some flotation here,
so we’re good. I’m gonna go take my water skis to
this estuary, get towed by the truck. And it looks pretty shallow. I just ate so much food,
I’m about to puke. [UPBEAT REGGAE MUSIC PLAYING] [SHOUTING] [LAUGHING] Perfect, exactly what we
were hoping to happen. As soon as he hits,
he’s gonna go flying. It got too shallow
and my fins caught. That was sick.
Good work. These skis work so good.
My floatation worked good, too. Where did you get this? The airplane, Poopies Airlines. [UPBEAT REGGAE MUSIC CONTINUES] [WATER SPLASHES] [POOPIES SHOUTS] I’m looking for the rodeo shoving. Popping around,
shoving around and you go rodeo. Boom. [UPBEAT REGGAE MUSIC CONTINUES] All these guys think
waterskiing is easy, it’s not. SEAN:They can’t even get up.I grew up on the river,
I know how to water-ski. These groms are trying to
figure out, which is pretty funny. [UPBEAT REGGAE MUSIC CONTINUES] I don’t know, Poop, you might’ve just lost
the clip of the day right there. That was pretty awesome. [UPBEAT REGGAE MUSIC CONTINUES] [WATER SPLASHES] -Clip of the day right there.
-Yeah! [UPBEAT REGGAE MUSIC STOPS] We’re going 80K, I looked
at my watch, pulled my vest. -Did it hurt?
-Yeah. You pulled your vest? Yeah, I had to pull
because I was about to drown. So I pulled, six inches of water,
I pulled my vest. Oh, my God. So that’s a wrap.
Absolutely classic Poops. I rarely want to high-five
you but that was so gnarly. We’re gonna hit the road in RVs
and heading to Raglan. So, stay tuned.
I’m getting psyched. Waves are
going to be pumping. That’s why I came
to get some good waves. [SHOUTING] Got them!
Two in a row. We’re about to roll down
these big New Zealand hills in these big wet balls.
It’s on.I got my Speedo, took them off.Bro, I’m psyched,
it’s gonna be an amazing day. So you guys stay psyched. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] I’m holding in the
meanest fart right now, I’m gonna jump in this
and he’s gonna lose his mind. Watch this.
Good time? Yeah, gonna
roll down the hill in the ball. JAMIE:Let’s go. Get it.[FART NOISE] Oh no, he farted! Oh, no! Oh, my God! No! No! He’s sucking me back in. Oh, my God, it stinks! I’m gonna throw up in here. [DRY HEAVING NOISE] [UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES] Stop.
It smells like a poop in there. Oh, that was so sick. Wow. We just went down that whole hill. My second time in some big balls.
Thanks, Dad. MAX:Oh, my God.[UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES] We’re almost done. Thanks, Mom. -Yes.
-One eyebrow each. Thing is when
you jump in these, you can’t see anything. So whatever is happening, just it’s
gonna happen, doesn’t even matter. [UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES] [WATER SPLASHING] Here he comes. You know that was sick.
That was sick. That was sick. It was sick. [UPBEAT MUSIC STOPS] JAMIE:We are pulling
up to Raglan right now.
The last time I surfed here was
so long ago, I can barely remember. JAMIE:Boys are on the RV.We’re getting
super psyched right now.
The only bummer is pouring rain
and it’s straight on shore.
It’s not the
perfect Raglan you see in photos.
But it doesn’t matter.Got the goat boat, the boys,
gonna have an epic surf.
And, yeah,
it’s freezing cold outside
and then we’re gonna
activate an epic surf session.
Surf looks pretty fun. Hopefully,
we get a couple of waves. It appears to be
kind of good right now. There’s no one out. Literally,
there’s nobody around here and, hopefully,

Antonio Breitenberg

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