GET TO KNOW ME TAG | Emma Chamberlain

GET TO KNOW ME TAG | Emma Chamberlain

hello guys, so today, i’m going to be doing a more… i don’t know? personal video because I feel like all my videos are like i don’t know? not.. personal and you know, not telling you anything about me so today I’m going to be dedicating this whole video to telling you stuff about me um yeah, I don’t know who this would be interesting TO uh but (duck face) we’ll see. basically I combined two get to know me tags together so I’ve [got] like questions from both and so there might be like repeat questions. but right now i have 78 questions to answer grab a snack, uh grab a drink, you know get comfy because we might be here for a while? i don’t know, i don’t know yet i talk really fast sooo hopefully that will aid us in getting through this faster let’s get started i, um, drank two coffees before i started filming this so it’s about to be a good time let’s get it oh my god [i can’t-] question number one. what’s your name? my name is Emma my full name, Emma Francis Chamberlain which gets us into our second question what’s your middle name, my middle name is Francis (cringe) soo where are you from? I’m from California the bay area to be exact. what do I do for a living? nothing ev- nothing what is your favorite color? okay. this is like a loaded question I really- i like a bunch of different colors for a bunch of different reasons, so i don’t have an answer, but i like all colors um yea as long as they match to my aesthetic, you know.. just kidding um what is your star sign? my star sign is a gemini it actually, literally, I am such my sign like every aspect of a Gemini is me: like talking too much, That’s basically it favorite music genre. I don’t really know I know which ones. I don’t like I don’t really like Pop music I’m not the biggest country music fans, but I like you know alternative kind of Indie stuff You know get the like hipsters well um who is your favorite musician? So I like a bunch of different musicians like if you’re talking about like I like 50s music I like 70s and 80s music so like with 50s I like Doris Day and Bobby Vinton when it comes to 70s and 80s music I like Elton John the beatles like I don’t even know like like a bunch of different stuff But like recent artists like new or artists I like real-estate beach house Matt Demarco Love Matt Marco, Taemin Paula The strokes let me go to my spotify right now two L’s later sweet foxes two door cinema club vampire weekend I like Beach fossils okay. I like a lot of artists, but those are just a few of them favorite food Honestly it kind of changes all the time. I do really love sushi, but I’m vegetarian so like veggie sushi. Yeah I’m like a fake sushi fans, but whatever I like to smoothies favorite drink, okay? three number one My strawberry Smoothie that I make that’s just strawberries lemon juice and water and then blend it up And it turns into a slushie really good another thing I like It’s sparkling water with lime squeezed into it really good Then last not least my favorite drink of all time iced almond milk latte It’s not decaf tea cap is for weenies. No skidding subject, okay favorite Snack I? Feel like I eat a bunch of small Snacks throughout the day like I never eat like a big meal I just eat snacks honestly. I like to drink like my favorite snack is those strawberry smoothies that I drink where’s just strawberries? Lemon in water really good favorite holiday. I like Christmas Because I’m basic I mean like I don’t know every other holiday just seems to be like not as awesome as Christmas the best vibes The most like I don’t know I slept that time of the year Christmas favorite Pastime I Like I mean you know exercising taking that editing videos filming videos taking more naps So yeah, my main form of pastime is like doing videos right now and go to the gym Favorite sport probably to my favorites I did competitive cheer which I think is a sport some people You know don’t come at me, but like I think cheers the sport when it’s competitive And so probably that or track because I did track This year at school, and I really liked it. What is something? You are talented at personally I don’t like this question because like I don’t know like I don’t really know if I’m talented at anything because like you’re your own Worst Critic so like I kind of think I suck at everything But like that’s kind of human nature so I don’t know when I’m talented at honestly. I don’t have an answer for that What is something you wish you were talented at I mean I wish I was talented everything I wish I was a good saying. I wish I was like a good dancer I wish that I was I don’t know I wish I was good at a lot of things I wish I was like a really fast runner. I don’t know I wish I was talented that everything honestly are you competitive Ii It like depends like I can be super competitive in certain situations where I just like need to win, but then other times I’m like it. I don’t really mind moving so it’s like it’s kind of in between describe yourself in a single sentence Oh my God. This is getting really hard um. I don’t I don’t know how to like put it new sens I think I’m like pretty hard working and like you know like if I get my head, okay just mechanism it if I like get set on something like I will not stop till I like get that thing and That’s a sense about me. What is the best compliment you ever received? I think whatever people say like I’m a really like nice person or my kind person or people say that to me That’s like probably the nicest compliment I could get because it’s something I like strive to do is like be a kind person and be nice or whatever So when people say that I? Succeed at that it really makes me super happy so probably that what are some of your bad habits Probably like overthinking a lot. I definitely think about things like way too much I overanalyze every single situation ever that’s probably probably um favourite things about yourself I would say is like what I said earlier how I like don’t stop until I like succeed at whatever I wanted to see that and Obviously sometimes I don’t succeed But if I like reach the end or like I push myself to like the highest Point that was like successful point. I can get to probably that what is on the top of your bucket list honestly I don’t really have like specific things on my bucket list But I know for sure I want to I definitely want to travel more I mean, that’s like a really like cliche answer But like go outside of the country or maybe go to like I don’t know bali looks really cool kind of Wanna Go there like just like really like unique places. Just like explore more you know three long-term goals honestly I would just say like overall I’m not even going to say three because I only have one just like Wherever I’m at in my life at any point be like really Happy and like just genuinely happy whether that means like whatever that means in the other Aspects of my life like I don’t care about that I don’t care what I end up doing is that except just overall being happy and also really cliche, but like The truth three short-term global we’re not that short-term that would probably mean today And that would mean try to not take it off and then try to not drink more than three coffees within one hour It’s hard, and I don’t know if I’m gonna succeed But I think that I might be able to so I’ll let you know What are you doing today to accomplish those goals well? I haven’t done anything for either of those today taking a nap wise it is currently 12 p.m. And I have not taken a nap yet. So we are going strong in that aspect the coffee thing. I already had two today, so I’m not doing so well on that one, but I think I think if I really control myself And I can wait another like 20 minutes. I might be able to only have one more coffee today. So we’ll see What is your biggest accomplishment? becoming more confident and happy and summing that sexuality a big accomplishment although starting a YouTube channel because I always wanted to and It was kind of an interesting story about how it happened, so one day I will do a story time and tell you why I started youtube because it’s actually really interesting But I had a channel a long time ago like in like fourth grade, and I did like outfits on there And it was like horrible, and I can’t find those videos anymore Luckily like literally, thank God. They were so embarrassing But I’m probably also like starting a youtube again because I always wanted to and now I’m doing it. So that’s cool What didn’t I feel first date for you? Okay? Well? I don’t go on dates very often Sadly This is also kind of cliche. I don’t like things like going to the movies. I don’t like things like a dinner Because I just like really boring to me like just so like awkward well with a movie It’s just awkward because you can’t talk and it’s just weird and then do you like went to dinner? You’re like Force like look at the other person in the face, and then they have to watch you eat I don’t know do something about that’s just too boring um something like really fun like in adventure like Driving somewhere kind of far away like driving to the beach or something like swimming in the ocean at like 2:00 a.m. Or something okay? That’s actually good. Not really fun something like that It would be like really memorable and like special so what is something you look for in a partner I’m 16 and I have basically no experience in this topic But I would say just like somebody who is like willing to put in people effort into the relationship But also like somebody who you can trust in like the trust is mutual so like you’re not worried about like where they are all the time or who they’re talking to or whatever like Somebody like trust me enough that like I could like hang out with another guy friend and like the guy wouldn’t care you know also Just somebody who’s like genuinely kind and like thoughtful of me and my feelings because I’m like emo I’m kidding um but like yes, so he’s like really like considers your feelings. I’m bad at this stuff. Who is your role model? I would say like definitely my parents. I mean for sure like that’s an obvious one I was something like a really inspirational person is like Casey nice – a youtuber. He’s a great person I don’t know. He’s really inspirational to me which one of your parents Are you more like depends like really similar to my dad because we like the same music We like doing the same things he has a Youtube channel, too We both like to like go Like explore in the City and like you know I get coffee and stuff except I think we have a lot of like I also think I’m aligned with my mom because you know we both like enjoy it sort Of women parts of like life like shopping and like stuff like that So it kind of depends which one of your parents are you closest to this is also kind of like I don’t have one or the other I’m close with both equally in like different ways because I’m an only child Only children get really close with their parents so both honestly What is the last book you read um I don’t read like I genuinely do not read ever because I hate it I don’t know why I just don’t like reading unless I find like a really really good book that I like really love I Just don’t read so I don’t have an answer for that. What is your favorite fairy tale? pfft I don’t freaking know like I ever like what what even is a fairy tale like I mean I know but like I know I don’t Have an answer What is your favorite quote I hate reading quotes out loud like something about that is so corny to me But let me look at my pinterest on my quote board And I’ll just read one that I find how the keep it simple good things are coming That’s a good one remember that kids keep doing that good mindset. You know favorite subject in school probably science It’s the most interesting to me It’s also one of the hardest classes in school for me, but I do enjoy science so probably that I like biology more than chemistry definitely subject you were best at Honestly like depends because like I don’t think I’m very like it depends on like if you mean like which I personally think I strive at or like which one has a better grade like that’s just different, but like I think I’m Okay, at like history and stuff like that, but I absolutely hate it So it’s like I dunno like I’m probably better at history and English, than I am at like math and science But like I enjoy math and science more Don’t ask me why favorite teacher honestly? I don’t have an answer I liked all of my teachers in Elementary school and the second I got to high school the relationships Weren’t as good in high school, and I’m still in high school Yeah, it’s just a lot more on the line a lot more tension. So that’s that. Who has left the biggest impact on your life? probably my parents because They’ve always been there my whole entire life So there’s really nobody else in this entire universe who could have more of an impact on me than my parents because I’ve been around Them my whole life, and I’m an only child and they’re like the biggest influence on me What app do you use most? Probably Instagram or Visco. What piece of technology could you not live without? Honestly, I don’t just have one. Phone, laptop very important, and camera also very important But if for some reason I couldn’t have a camera the phone as the camera so probably phoned and laptop. What countries Have you visited well I’ve been out of the country twice. I went to Ireland and then I went to the Dominican Republic What countries would you LIKE to visit? If it was up to me, I would visit every country in the entire universe… so… Most embarrassing memory? Oh my God, okay This is really good. So basically like I did cello in fifth grade um which is weird considering I literally four foot six inches and probably weighed 50 pounds and was basically the size of a cello But anyway it was the end of the school year and we had like our last recital thing, parents were there Grandparents were there uncles, aunts, everybody you can think of was there. The crowd was going Wild when we finally finished our fifth grade orchestra performance and all of us sucked. We probably sounded like actual crap considering we were literally fifth graders and Barely had brains developed yet, just kidding that’s not true But you know what I mean um anyway, so obviously it at the end of the year they gave out awards for people who are really outstanding So I was sitting there in my chair. You know I wasn’t expecting to get an award because well I just didn’t play like I literally move my fingers and just like lightly put my bow the bow I’ll insert a Bow across like the thing I wouldn’t even make any noise with my actual cello I would just kind of like fake it the whole time, so I wasn’t really expecting An award because I really didn’t deserve it basically I heard our conductor guy say like “all Of the people who play cello stand up.” That’s why I heard in my brain, okay? I don’t know why I’ve heard this because that is not what he said he said “blank name stand up” I thought he said “all the people who play cello stand up,” but it turned out. He said like This cello player stand up, and it said her name, and then she stood up well, I stood up with her But I didn’t win the award tho [Emma displays an uncomfortable amount of awkward silence as she remembers her sense of embarrasment that day] Okay, moving on. How many relationships have you been in? haha ONE in Fifth grade so but I mean I guess in you’re 16 you don’t need to be in a relationship, so I guess it’s fine, but I’m No, I’m just kidding. I’m good. Single life is the best life, ya know? If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be? You will never regret being kind one thing that you know now that you wish you would have known as a kid that’s like the same question and I’ll say it again. You will never regret being kind ever Okay Like I just remember how me and everybody was in Middle school to each other and it was just the norm you know Second grade self girl would steal your sticker and talk about a freaking fight and like at this point in my life I’ve learned you know just be the bigger person always be kind no matter what anybody says or does to you being kind you will Never regret it okay. Tea, or coffee? Okay coffee. I’m sorry That’s just like not even a question. I don’t even Like that we don’t even need to discuss it okay coffee How tall are you I am five three and a half but I think I’m 5’4 now soooo I don’t know. Cats or dogs? um Dogs, I mean, I don’t know I just like dogs better. Sorry. All you cat people, no hate I have cats and dogs so like yeah, but dogs are just better. I feel like everybody who doesn’t like dogs doesn’t have one So like that’s the answer to that. Funniest moment throughout school? Honestly I feel like all moments in school are absolute hell Rather than anything funny. I usually am not laughing during school, I’m usually crying Hysterically constantly because of how much I actually despise being there if I think of one later, I’ll let you know But like for right now all my memories are just absolute terror Are you in slash have you gone to college? I am going to be a junior next year stone, no What was your worst subject in high school um while I’m in high school now and worse subject honestly I think my least favorite would have to be English I just think it’s so boring But I think the one that I was like the worst outlet had the worst grade was probably like chemistry But like I actually really liked chemistry so it’s kind of like a love-hate favorite animal, okay? I really I really like all animals I think it’s easier to say the ones that I don’t like I have a actual phobia like no joke dead-ass phobia of Caterpillars I hate them, but I don’t even like I don’t care about snakes I spiders or if you like if they’re near me, I freaked out, but is there like 10 feet away from me I don’t care um like I’m cool. Doll that Caterpillars just Really make me lose it like I just I can’t if they’re near me if I see a picture of one like I will Initiate I don’t know I don’t know it’s mental. What sports do you play? So have you played well earlier? I mentioned that I did cheer and track, but I also did okay. This is going to take a while. I did karate Taekwondo when I was like six so that happened, so I did ice skating I did gymnastics I did I never did any like ball sports. I can ever do softball or soccer. I never did any of that, and then I did cheerleading Competitively, then I also did in high school two year for like a half of a year And then I did cross-country for one year, and then I did track for one year And I did both of those track and cross-Country slash your favorites book Oh, I don’t really have one, but I did really like okay I don’t know if anybody remembers these books, but it was like I need to look up the title you’ll have em like literally myself so that I can find it, okay I finally found it, so I’ll insert a picture here, but it was this series And it’s like if you’re reading this it’s too late and no not talking about the drake album cover I’m talking about these books, and I was like younger when I read them, but like no joke if I read them today I would still enjoy them because they were so good like I don’t know why they’re like teen books But they’re so good like I I need to read them again because I haven’t read them since like seventh grade but
They were like my favorite books read like no joke it would be like a 500 page book and I would go through it in Like no joke three days and like it’s I like reading if I find a book I like it’s that I don’t like that many books. I don’t care how old you are I don’t care How just you get when you’re like you know 17 looking in the preteen book section I don’t care these books are so good. No matter what your age is who are some of your favorite youtubers, okay this um Literally like this is one. You need to like grab a popcorn. I have so freakin many Favorite Favorite YouTubers I’m going to pull up my subscriptions right now and like tell you all them because I have No jokes so many. I love KC. Nice that I love tana mojo. I love Olivia Jade. I love Mel Joy She’s also a Bay area girl Shout-out to you, if you ever watch this which you won’t but you know I love Haley sany sany sany and mail Fanny I don’t know if you’d say me. I don’t know how to say my name. I loved Sidney Carlton. I love Sienna Mirabela I love Callie Kaiser. I love oh my God. There’s so many. I love Jennxpenn. I love Aspen and parker Oh, I love Shane Dawson. Yeah, basically. Oh, and then my absolute literal luck to my life like a love with them. They’re just not This is like my YouTube guilty pleasure, but I love the don’t wig wick They’re just the cutest thing in my entire life like I can only dream that they would watch this video, but they ever did like just I’m just letting you know like I love I’m over a rant over What is your favorite movie one Napoleon Dynamite watched it 100 times great? Solid best movie ever I love it too coraline if you don’t like Coraline I’m sorry but I just I Don’t get it look I love that movie And I all forever loved that movie and if it creeps you out you need to man up because that’s a great athlete okay next Remember I’ve Came – Great movie Love that movie as well super just aesthetically well done last but not least I loved the walls and gromit movie You know they’re not only movies are kind of like episodes, but like I kind of consider them movies single or taken taken obviously, I’m single I’m Very very single, okay, the only twins if you’re watching me Do you speak any difference in any different languages and how well well? I speak español um a little bit because you know with last year took Spanish too, so I can say like the basic stuff like See hola Como estas you know Do you have any siblings no and that explains a lot doesn’t it how would you describe your fashion sense? It’s like a combination of just like random. It’s so random it just changes all the time like I love accessorizing Okay, whatever I like to be like effortless. I guess like it’s not really ever listed Just like I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup That’s just economic that I don’t like to do a lot of my hair I don’t like to like do a lot of extra stuff. I just like to do what comes natural to me statement restaurant I like Asian box. I don’t know if they have them everywhere, but Asian box is really good favorite TV shows right now I’m watching the office. I also watched pretty little liars for a little bit I didn’t think that I was going to stop But it just everybody everybody else always says like we all just kind of drop like flies because it went too long Like it just kept going and like I just couldn’t watch it anymore PC or Mac Mac all the way. I’m sorry I’ve never had a PC in my life And I never ever will and honestly if I do like come to my house and slap me But like I just love apple. I always have I’ve always been into it I’ve grown up with apple like when I was a wee little tot Like I little ipods were coming out and we were just growing up together hand in hand like BfFs from start you know what phone do you have? Iphone 7 plus matte black of course of course I got it in matte black. It’s like I’m trying to be Kylie Jenner I’m doing everything I can Possible to be just like her last question of this entire video honestly This is so long like I don’t even know if my computer’s gonna have space for all this one of my bad habits Would be oh, I already went over that question Okay, because like I basically what I did was I went combined to so like this is the most random amount of questions and stuff And there’s like repeats because I combined two tags together because I didn’t feel like just 30 questions with So in debt instead egg is like 75. I don’t know whatever. I mean. I’m an extra, but we work with it That is it for today’s video, but yeah, I hope you learned a little bit about me I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel Let me know down below any kind of video requests you have for me any kind of Questions you have for me anything go check out my other videos. You know Everybody says the same thing in every outro of every video, so I think you already know the basic gist. We’ll see you next time

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