Gear Review: 2018 Ride Saturday Snowboard

Gear Review: 2018 Ride Saturday Snowboard

Hey, I’m Ina, here in the Next Adventure
snowboard department and I’m going to be telling you a little bit about the Ride
Saturday. So, the ride Saturday is a women’s all mountain snowboard. Some
interesting things about this snowboard are gonna be these slimewall edges that
Ride builds into their edges. This thing is awesome, and when you touch it
you can kind of feel that it’s a little bit rubberized and that’s great for
dampening chatter on variable snow. It’s also great because given that there
is an edge impact it’s gonna save your edges from getting cracked. It’s about a
60% cambered board with rocker on the tip and tail. That’s gonna make it
able to go through the powder with the edges lifted up in the front and in the
back while holding that camber trueform throughout the center so that you’re
able to get a nice stable ride that’s also great on hard carves. So, being a
twin tip board, it’s gonna be great from park to powder. You can set your stance
so that you’re right in the center of the board making a switch transition really
easy. Or, if you feel so inclined you can always set your feet back and get a
little bit better ride in powder. This is the Ride Saturday – a 2018 snowboard. You can find it here at next adventure.

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Gear Review: 2018 Ride Saturday Snowboard

  1. Anisa Blalock says:

    I just I just searched up my new snowboard brand name and I was scrolling and I just found my exact same board

  2. Anisa Blalock says:

    This is my board!!😀😀😀😀(in the thumbnail)

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