Garnet and Virginia City Montana – Timber Sledding – Oatmeal on the Go – Echo Reservoir Ice Fishing

Chad: What’s the one stop you must make on your next road trip? How about
joining Ria and me as we wrap up our Parris RV
Safari by visiting many ghost towns in the
old west! Then, after dirt biking since they
were kids, David Steadman takes his lifelong
friend up Wolf Creek Pass to translate his
skills to the snow, as he introduces him to
Timbersleds. Finally, Reece Stein takes us to Echo Resevoir
for one of his favorite past times, Ice
Fishing, For some of the tastiest yellow perch in the
state, its all headed your way! At Your Leisure is
next! Chad: Welcome to At Your Leisure
everybody, I’m Chad Booth, and today we are
wrapping up our 2019 Parris Rv Safari. So,
to get started we are going to recap all the
places we stopped along the way. Now, remember the
first stop was off of Ria’s bucket list,
and we went to Hells Canyon to ride a Jet Boat up the
snake river. Ria: Love it! Gotta Have that
Snake River Water in your face! Chad: Then, we headed down to
Front Sight for some tactical training in
Nevada, which was Brett and Dori Parris’ bucket
list item. Dori: The machine gun was
amazing I was very scared of it at first, but then
after the first couple of pulls on the trigger,
I felt like I was very comfortable behind that
thing. Chad: After that it was back
north to my bucket list item, which was ziplining
at White Water Montana, Love Yellowstone! Ria: Show us! Woooo! Oh, that
was beautiful! Chad: And then, we headed to one
of my best kept secrets, and stayed in
Hebgen Lake, in Montana. My oldest daughter
learned to wakeboard here, behind our
wooden boat. I’d come up here camping with the
RV. It reminds me of Jenny’s Lake in the
Tetons, cause its kind of in the woods and your right
on the lake shore, which you can’t even go
to Jenny’s Lake with even a car anymore. So,
this is just a real treat, to come just a few miles
more and enjoy camping in the woods. And can’t
forget when I got tangled up behind bars when
we stopped in deer lodge Montanan to visit
their museums. I guess I’m stuck in here for a
while, if you don’t see me on the show, you’ll know
why. Someone out there, please, PLEASE bake a
cake with a file in it and send it to Chad at the
Old Montana Prison. Which brings us to where
we are right now, we are in lively, Garnet
Montana. Doing one of the other things that you
can do, when you buy an RV. You can go on a
ghost town safari and that’s what we are
going to show you today, some of the best and
liveliest ghost towns in the west. Maria: Garnet formed in 1895,
but what we learned really, that the miners
were actually really here in the 1960’s but
there really wasn’t a town. They were just looking
for the plaster gold and kind of coming up this
way, but then in 1895 there were more people,
obviously, and kind of the mother load was
found at the Nancy Hanks mine up here which is on
private property. And then the town just
boomed. Thirteen Saloons, close to a
thousand people, and it was really busy. I mean
its hard to imagine now, because you only
get like two hundred people sometimes a day,
sometimes twenty. One thing that was
unique was that it was a family town, and that it
actually wasn’t a company owned town too, so you
had a lot of families and not a lot of
company owned businesses. Chad: So, of all the buildings
in the town which is your favorite? Maria: My favorite is probably
the hotel, because partially, when I came here,
I’ve been working here for a long time, but in
2002 I had a student go through the hotel, because
when I got here, one side of the hotel was just
filled with stuff. So, she went through all the
artifacts and redid it, and it just looks like a
hotel again, so yeah. Ria: that’s beautiful, oh my
gosh, It’s enormous! Maria: Yeah it is, and that’s
why I like it. And just setting it up and showing people
what it was like to live back in the day.
That’s what I really like. Ria: Right Maria: You know there is no
wifi, there is nothing, so you know people have to step
back in time and rediscover what it was like. Ria: Well I’m telling you, you
guys did a beautiful jog on the
preservation. I’m so impressed! Chad: Another question I have
about it, is that this town basically died off
completely in 1912 but then it kind of came back to
life? Maria: It did, in the 1930’s um
right before world war two was happening, I
think people, and there probably was the
depression too, and so people needed to find a
living again. And what was interesting though in
the 1930’s a lot of the families that were here
were all kind of related, and so it was this big
family group once again. Chad: So, they would come up
here to help each other out, and maybe find
some gold. Maria: Yup. Exactly. Chad: You know, there is so much
flavor in the ghost towns, and this has been
an education and a half and I want to thank
Maria for giving us all that information, but we
still have to two more to highlight on our Ghost
town adventure tour. One of the great things
you can do on a motor home vacation, coming
across the west. David: I knew Bruce from Gall,
1980 or 81, so what almost forty years now? Bruce: I used to work
Steadman’s, I hired on just kind of out of high school. David: We go the Timbersleds to
go ride so, we will park, we’ll head up the
trail away, we’ll see how it goes. Uh, and then we’ll
break off, the thing about the Timbersleds is
you can break off the road, just about anywhere as
long as you have snow, you can ride through
the trees. You don’t have to go straight. Bruce: You can just start
playing right when you hit the trees. David: Yeah, you don’t go near
as far. So, we’ve been doing what we call
Timbersled Tuesday’s trying to get some people out
that haven’t been on them, and trying to get more
people out there. Everyone that rides them
loves them, but everybody is a little skeptical
upfront. Bruce: Well I haven’t been on
one yet. David: Well snowbike, you know
its just like riding a dirt bike, you can ride
a dirt bike. Bruce: I’m excited, just like
old times when we used to go snowmobiling. Stop
for breakfast. David: Have a good breakfast
then burn it off. Bruce: It’s gonna be fun. David: Oh boy it always is. (music up) David: Woo! Bruce: Yeehaw! David: What a day huh? Bruce: Yeah, that was awesome! David: Was that a good day? Bruce: Man, I’ll tell ya, just
getting on that for the first time, I think it was
pretty simple to ride. Once you get up in the powder I
mean, you just ride it like a bike! David: Oh yeah, its so amazing.
We were riding all day where snowmobiles had
destroyed everything that was around the
trees where it was open. Bruce: But we still found some
good powder to play in. David: But we played in the side
hills in the powder where the snowmobiles
couldn’t get up there and turn, you can turn on
a dime. Bruce: And we didn’t have to go
very far to find it. David: yeah, yeah, the whole day
we were probably less than half a mile
from the main road, the whole day, and we rode
the whole day. You want to go again now,
don’t you? Bruce: Absolutely, yes. David: Well that seems to be,
with anybody, anybody that goes and ride one
of these they all want to go again, they all talk
about it, they talk all the way home. They are beat
tired, but they had so much fun, its like
nothing they’ve ever done before. Bruce: Grin on your chin all day
long, especially when you tip them over. David: Well that was awesome.
It’s been a long time since we rode, Bruce: Thank you. David: It’s been a really long
time since we rode together. Bruce: I know. David: It brings back a lot of
old memories. Bruce: You aint kidding. David: Lot of old memories, it
was great. Well what do you say, we load up and
get home. Bruce: Well I hate too. David: I know, but what to you
do. Bruce: Come to an end and let’s
go rest up for the next time! David: You ride out your gas,
the idea is you come here, you burn your gas,
you load up and you go home! Scott: This week’s What’s New
Segment is brought to you buy Tunex of
South Jordan and West Valley. More than just tune
ups, we’re off road! Laurel: Hi my name is Laurel and
I own Woodland Biscuit Company. So
here you are, in woodland, in our tiny kitchen.
Today we are going to talk about oatmeal. So,
I’ve been seeing and hearing this phrase,
overnight oatmeal, not sure, I’ve never
done it and were not going to do it today, so its
not overnight oatmeal its oatmeal you make
pretty much when you’re headed out the door
and its ready when you get there or wherever
you find hot water. I’m going to fil this
thermos up with some hot water. I’m going to
start by getting some brown sugar, kind of a very
big table spoon of brown sugar. Next,
about a table spoon or two of half and half,
you can use whole milk, you can use heavy
cream. And then the next thing I love is steel
cut oats. So cup of steel cut oats and then, what
I’ve discovered, I love wild rice in my oatmeal,
its pretty, it tastes good, and I love to cook
wild rice. It’s one of my favorite smells, I don’t
really know why. But when I was thinking about
what I was going to make, um, I had been doing
some paperwork and I was like ‘what I would
like to smell right now is some wild rice cooking’
and so I put some on the stove and I also put
that in my oatmeal. And then the next thing
is cup of regular old fashioned oats,
these are not for cooking, they are just regular
oats. And then you want a pinch of salt, so
about that much, it seems like a lot but make sure
you get it in there. And then you’re going to
pour in your hot water. I’ve done this with my
kids, when we’re like on the road, I get hot
water at a gas station and just open this up, dump it
in, and then cover that up. Let it sit for
ten minutes, I think this is great to put in
a backpack, I’ve done it in this as well, you can
use it is this, another good one is something
like this. So, all three of these work really well,
I’ve done them all it just kind of depends what
your adventure is. So, I’ve let it sit ten to
fifteen minutes, I’ve opened it back up, and then I
love dates in my oatmeal, so I pour in some dates
you can use raisins, I like bananas on mine
so I’ll cut up these bananas. I love toasted
almonds on my oatmeal, and once in a while I
like some toasted coconut as well. So, I would eat
this in my car before I hit the trail or I
might put it in this and take it on the trail with me.
Either way, you got oatmeal to keep you going! Ahh,
its good! See I’m super happy about this. So
enjoy, its not overnight oatmeal, its At Your
Leisure oatmeal, you make in the morning and take
with you out the door. I’m Laurel with the
Woodland Biscuit Company, I’ll see you next time. Ria: Welcome back to At Your
Leisure everybody, we are continuing our
Ghost Town Rv Safari, and we are actually
in a really cool town that’s normal, not
paranormal. Chad: That’s true, it’s Virginia
City, Montana. The original territorial capitol
of the state and there are a lot of historical
buildings I mean this is Ghost Town great, but if you
look inside the doors, you’ll see there are
still business and people thrive here. It’s a great
way for you to come and sample living history.
Check it out. Scott: Virginia City was founded
in 1863 gold was discovered here, uh it was a
boom town, gold was discovered and this was
the town in the west, its still a gold
mining town, we still have commercial gold operations
here. We are the largest intact original
mining town in the United States. Charlie and Sue
Bovy have a lot of credit for that, uh, for
preserving the town and preserving what we have. We
have the fire truck, I basically do a history
tour, we have the stagecoach and they do a tour up
to the monument. There is a monument
mining truck, a big 6×6 that goes up the
gulch, uh, that’s a mining tour. You ride the train,
from Virginia City, to Nevada City, uh, down
in Nevada City you can take and pan for gold
you can go to the music hall, you can wonder
around Nevada City itself, ride the train back. We
have two big museums here in town, plus
basically everything on the street is all
a museum. All of the original buildings, all have
plaques on them, and they tell you all about the
history of the building, when they were built,
and how they evolved over time. The
courthouse is also well worth going to see, because of
the historic nature of it. And then as far as
wondering around town, on both sides of
the street, both of the backstreets, they have
historic buildings on ‘em, and they have plaques on
them also. You can spend a few hours here,
a few days, or a few weeks, and you’ll still
find things to do. Well being a history buff, I
actually grew up over on, the place I grew up is
where Lewis and Clark met the Indians. This is
basically the birthplace of Montana, and there
is so much original stuff here, and
especially for kids to come here and see it. Because
you can actually see it and feel it and look at
it, and a lot of it is as the way it was. Kids are
getting bombarded now, on the internet by all
kinds of stuff, and a lot of it is totally untrue. It
brings kids back to reality, it was a tough life,
they didn’t worry about what their job was or what
they were going to do this weekend, they
worried about whether they were going to live
another day or not. Well my wife lives here and
she told me to either find a job or she’d find
one for me and she did that’s why I’m here.
Hahahah. Chad: We got a new job
protecting the gold, but you can gain gold by watching
our Trailhead Adventure! Reece: I’m Reece Stein, At Your
Leisure, along the way at Echo Reservoir! Where
the fish may not be the biggest in the world,
but these yellow perch just may be the
best eating in the state. Time was, these small
yellow perch were despised and discarded as trash
fish by trout anglers but today, fishermen
chase them with vigor! Ice fishing for perch at
Echo Reservoir got of to a great start this winter,
but Randy: This trip’s been a little
slow, I was out earlier, in December and did
fairly well. Caught some nice 9 or 10 inchers of the
perch and get some nice fillets out of them. Reece: A couple of pickleball
buddies, Randy Hansen and Mark Kayla, invited
me to join in the quest at Echo. We’re among
the throng willing to sit on a frozen pond
and stare for hours at a six-inch hole in the
ice. Mark: The anticipation (music up) Mark: I am constantly, I am
anticipating, a bite right now, constantly. Whether I
get none all day, but I anticipate all day. Reece: And it may take all day
this day, uh, they call it fishing and not
catching. But for many it’s as much the outing as it is the
fishing. Man: Uh, its fishing. It’s about
the only thing good about winter. I don’t ski,
I don’t snowmobile, if I had a
snowmobile it would be to get me out ice fishing. Randy: You never know what’s
going to be on the other end. As much as I’m out
here for the perch, you never know for sure
what you’re going to get. Reece: Rose Gibson is after
perch, but not complaining when a couple of
nice rainbows took her bait. Rose: It’s my first da fishing
here and its awesome, the whether is
beautiful for this time of year, and pristine and quiet,
perfect as you can get. Reece: And its even perfecter
when you’re catching all the fish! Rose: Uh, for the enrichment of
the nature that comes from the earth. Reece: Rose and LJ Gibson of
Stansbury Park are retired, and love to while away
the idle hours on the ice with rod in hand. LJ: About twenty more of them
and we’ll have a fish fry. Reece: Perch can be a bit labor
intensive, you don’t clean them, simply slice
of the meaty fillets, dredge in egg and your
favorite coating, and fry in oil for a few seconds
and Voila! Fish Fry! And while most everybody
out here is after the perch, no one is complaining
about a couple of nice rainbows! Mike: beats sitting in front of
the tv, better than sitting in front of the tv any
day. Reece: Well I’m not going to go
that far. Reece Stein, At Your Leisure, Along
the Way at Echo Reservoir! Chad: Welcome back to At Your
Leisure, not only are we at the end of our
trip on the great ghost town tour, we’re at the
end of our Parris RV safari for the year and it’s
been so fun tagging along with you guys. Ria: Boo! I’m so sad! Dori: Ah I know! Brett: Its been tons of fun! Dori: I wish it wasn’t over. Ria: It’s been a fun week. Chad: So, we’ve sampled ghost
towns all the way across Idaho and Montana,
what was your favorite? Dori: Well, we’ve been to
Virginia City Brett: And Nevada City, Dori: And Nevada City which is
right next door to it, um, great place to go
visit, cute little shops, you can walk down the
boardwalk right there, um see the gunfights in
the middle of the street. Brett: Don’t forget Boothill. Dori: Oh yeah! Boothill Cemetary
that’s very interesting. Chad: Did you guys, we took the
firetruck up, did you guys take the fire truck
up or did you- Brett: We drove up. Chad: Oh, you drove up. Ria: Oh fun! Chad: Yeah, we went with some
old character in the firetruck, he was a lot of
fun. Brett: Yeah, we had a great
steak dinner at an old Wells Fargo Bank. Chad: mmhhmm Ria: Yes! Brett: Which was pretty cool,
stayed in an RV park just outside of town. Yeah,
enjoyed the time there. Chad: Yeah, same park that we
were at so, yeah that was probably a lot of fun,
I like Bannock myself the best because Bannock
is the newest of them, Ria: Yeah Chad: but it’s also the oldest
complete they shut down operations, and the
town started to die off, right around the time
someone wanted to start preserving it. So, it’s
pretty cool that way. Ria: It’s beautiful. And Garnet
was my favorite it was in Montana, just fabulous,
uh, it’s a place where, you really feel like
you’re going onto a movie set, but it’s not a movie
set, its like the real deal, they have preserved
all these hotels, and the little bars, little
homes, streams running through it, its gorgeous! Chad: So as we’ve been running
around, you weren’t there to hear this but,
we’ve been running around and in every one
of those towns Ria said ‘oh, I could live here!
I could live here.’ Ria: I did. Chad: But I’m not sure you
really could. Ria: Well, I mean, I could live
there 200 years ago. (laughter) not today! Brett: Would’ve been a good time
200 years ago. Dori: You would’ve been a cute
cowgirl! Ria: ahh, thank you! It was a
blast though, it was great! Chad: Anyway, it’s the end of
our series but we do still have work to do every
week. We have a job here, and that is to check
out our contest winner for this week, and other
stuff! Our contest winner this week was
submitted to us on Facebook and is Stephen
Patterson. UTV License plate number c04mr.
Congratulations Stephen you just won a clearly
tough windshield for your rig! Clearly the
toughest windshield on the market! Now it’s time to
take a look at our Calendar of events. Next weekend
we’ll be at the RV show with Parris RV and
then march first and second, it’s off to the
off-road expo, same place! And you’re going to want
to come to those shows to have a chance to
get one of our new Eagles Landing AYL limited
edition stickers and if you have those on your
car and we spot you, you have the opportunity to
earn extra swag and up to a hundred dollars
in gas from Eagles Landing if you’re chosen
as our weekly sticker winner it’s a great
opportunity for extra prizes for our fans, so be sure
to come by and pick one up! Next week we’re
heading out to Nevada for the Mesquite Motor
Mania car show and I couldn’t be more excited
to check out those cars! Then we’re joining
up with Cory Robin of the flying cowboys to
plan a very special birthday flight for one
of his biggest fans. Plus, join us at the
lovely Palms Golf Course right near Mesquite,
Nevada as we join our friends from eagles landing
for a charity golf tournament with lots of proceeds
going to veterans. Looks like next week’s
show is going to be a great show. Ria: I know! Chad: It won’t be as fun as much
fun because it’s not the Parris RV series
but, Ria: You know, next year! Chad: We will get together soon! Ria: For sure. Chad: But our time is up for
today. Brett: And don’t forget, there
is adventure around every corner, Chad: Exactly! Dori: You just have to create
your own! All: At Your Leisure!

Antonio Breitenberg

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