Garmisch, Germany & Suicide Sledding in Austria | Eurotrip Episode 3

Garmisch, Germany & Suicide Sledding in Austria | Eurotrip Episode 3

[Music] Woori Munich went around I really wanted gelato but it’s January so it turns out all the gelato stores in Munich actually closed during the winter for a winter break when to three different one was like equal Louis went to three different one spent like twelve words walking around in the end I didn’t get to Otto we’re over here in garnish and I finally got my gelato stracciatella go in it’s delicious it’s freezing outside but you know after all that trouble nice isn’t this awesome all I add up so excited I’ve never ever ever ever seen a person skiing and to come to Germany and being garnished and get to see an Olympic jump this is like freaking amazing I get to take you guys are the realest adventures check it out [Music] wicked laugh so you can get high becoming down I feel like anywhere anywhere just here and I we are going suicide so before we start watching the videos I’m gonna give you a little bit of background information because it was that the experience wasn’t nice so the couple of clips that I was able to get weren’t really that good so suicide night sledding it’s a nice sledding trip in Austria which because of the experience and how like dangerous and exhilarating it is people started calling it suicide nicely it is a tour that is done by the military run resort called Edelweiss and garmisch I’ll put a link on the description box going to suicide sledding on Austria was actually like my first ever real sledding experience so you can imagine how that ended so at the beginning of the trip they give you instructions like this one one hand is on the on the rope on the string whatever and the other hand goes behind you it doesn’t matter left or right I’m very I like to have the left hand on the rope in my right hand behind steering slowing down stopping but then they say things like this case of an emergency you can you can let go with the hand behind you and on the slip lean back and lift it up so you already go into it you know a little bit scared specially because of the name one of the main like reasons that this experience is a super fun but dangerous at the same time is that it’s a almost a two mile long slope in the mountain and Austria and you go up in a 15-minute right-left when you get to the top there’s a launch there that they serve beer so you know you usually go to the trip already tipsy you take you drink a beer at the top then go down about a mile and in the middle there’s another lunch you know stop shots beer or whatever go down to the bottom and there’s another Lodge so you know the longer you do this the more dangerous it gets but the front – one of the things that like threw me off so bad when I was doing this was that imagine if you were going downhill at like speeds that you cannot control like you keep getting faster and faster and there’s somebody like with a fire extinguisher but instead of that dust or whatever is like snow and they’re just like pointing it at your face so you feel like all like this nose like needles in your face you can’t see anything and it’s like you’re going super fast or you’re scared and then out of nowhere you can see and there’s like a 90 degree turn like I don’t know where that you didn’t see coming because it’s at night and then that curve has like a little lamppost or whatever that’s all the light you get yeah so I fell a couple times and really heard but one thing I can tell you don’t try to record at the same time as you’re doing this because you know let’s see how I did this is me freaking out the first time I ever got on the sled and started oh my god I really got to practice and this is me then on the trip recording the first time I felt well I fell because I was on my phone I would have not fro but then I just I learned my lesson and I stopped recording so I hope this little breakdown like got you inspired to try it but hey if I would have let the name suicide Knights letting scare me I probably would have missed out and one of the funnest memories of my trips here in Europe so we just finished what it’s called like suicide sweating hearing Austra it’s true that’s titled let me tell you guys I like like just faceplant it like twice and I gotta say for those of you that I said I don’t understand why would it hurt when you fall in the snow because it snow was soft I didn’t understand until now yes it does hurt and I’m sorry I apologize for you know telling you like the contrary stay tuned for more of tiny quarter and I see you on the next video [Music]

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5 thoughts on “Garmisch, Germany & Suicide Sledding in Austria | Eurotrip Episode 3

  1. Andrea Medin says:

    Loved this video and the way your were leading us into the story. The dog is such a cutie๐Ÿ˜

  2. Mitch Swift says:

    Nice video … I am glad you liked it and your dog also seem to have enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Elizabeth Travels says:

    Snowboarding in Austria is on my bucket list!

  4. Arbitrary Exploration says:

    Garmisch is a very beautiful town in a very beautiful part of Germany! I am looking forward to more of your videos!

  5. Karo Adores says:

    Great video and so nice to see the dog appearing in your videos =)

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