Gabe Davies, European Surf Manager, Patagonia

Gabe Davies, European Surf Manager, Patagonia

Yes this morning I gave
a brief introduction about the Yulex wetsuit which is
our natural rubber wetsuit, which reduced our CO2 by
80% and also an overview of Patagonia, the outdoor brand
and the direction it’s going. Well we see a real movement
towards more sustainable more recycled, better for
the environment products. So we actually physically see that change in the products that people want to buy, the products that we sell. So anything that pulls in that direction is both good for the
consumer, good for us, and you know the bio-market as whole. The biggest challenge would probably be the pricing of other products or the inferior products on the market which will create a lower price point. Patagonia has found its
customer who knows the products and knows what goes into the products. That justifies the price
of your jacket or your shirt or your T-shirt. But I guess you’re always going to be competing against
the high street forces or lower products. I think it’s fantastic being here at World Bio Markets today. I’ve already met a lot of
really interesting people from within our industry,
or who work with Patagonia and people who are also interested in fantastic polymers I’ve never
heard of, which is amazing. And yes, it’s fantastic. I think one of the big takeaways that I would have liked to have left in the room during my
talk was the transparency that Patagonia often has
within its own supply chain and with other partners. We’re very open about
how we do business. where we do business
and why we do business. And I think that’s probably
the biggest takeaway of World Bio Markets.

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