Future Surf Pro! Adley and Dad POOL PLAY routine with toys in Hawaii

– Dad.
– What? – Throw me in the air. – Throw you in the air? – Yeah, throw me. – How big? – In the sky.
– In the sky? – Yeah. Top of that big tree. – As big as that big tree? – Yeah. – One, two.
– One. (dramatic music) (Dad laughs) – One more time. We’re at Hawaii, we’re
gonna play in the pool. – Yeah. Hop in. – We forgot.
– What? – We need toys. – Toys? – I need a volleyball. – A volleyball? Ooh, and we need to get a surf board. A body board. – Maybe I’ll get a surf board with you. And then we need some little tiny balls, and then a Frisbee.
– Ooh, Frisbee. – And goggles. – With one more thing.
– Huh? – And a snack. – And a two snacks and two drinks. – And let’s go get Mommy. – Yeah, let’s go get Mommy.
– Okay, let’s go. – Let’s go.
– We’re gonna swim in the pool, BRB. – [Adley] BRB. – Goggles?
– Uh-huh. – I got a surf board. Should we do blue or green? – Let’s do two. – Two of ’em?
– Yeah. I’ll get this one. – Okay, I’ll get this one. Let’s put ’em right here
and then we’ll take ’em. – Yeah, I’ll take mine right here. – Okay, what else do we need? – We need my goggles. – You got ’em! Oh, here’s your beach ball. – Yeah. – [Dad] You got the beach ball? – Yeah, I got my beach ball. – Okay, put it right here. – [Both] Whee. – And we got towels, do
you want a mermaid towel? – I want this towel. – That towel?
– Yeah. – Can I have the mermaid one? – Yeah, you can. – Yes. – I need help putting it… Okay, I got it, I got it. – What else do we need? – We need snacks. – Snacks.
– I know what else I, I know what I need.
– Hello. – Mom, we’re gonna go to the pool. Do you wanna play in the pool? – [Adley] Yeah. – The pool?
– Yeah, the pool. And I know what I need. – [Dad] What? – This, for me. – [Dad] Oh, your floaties, good idea. – First I’ll put it on. – [Mom] Wait, let’s do sunscreen. – Sunscreen first.
– And this. – Whoa! Coming, Mom! Whee! – Come here Adley, get your sunscreen on. – Mama, I’m gonna use the mermaid towel. (funky music)
(sunscreen spraying) In your hair? – In my hair?
– In your hair? (Mom laughs)
(Adley laughs) – Okay, stack ’em on.
– Stack them on. – Yep, put everything onto here. – Oh. How ’bout we just carry our towels? – Okay, are you ready? – Yeah, let’s ready, and then we come back and get more stuff. – [Dad] I think we have everything. – No, we forgot two water
bottles and two snacks. – Good idea, I’ll grab ’em. – Dad, you forgot your towel. I’m bringing it.
– Two water bottles. – Put this on.
– And two snacks. – Put that on.
– You ready? – Mom, let’s go, and bring a towel. Dad, I’ll help you carry this. – Okay, let’s go. – Is my towel on there? – Yep, we got everything. – We got everything we need. – Oh yeah, pool party in Hawaii. – Yeah, we–
(Mom screams) – [Dad] The beach ball! – [Adley] Save it, Mama.
(Mom screams) Save it!
– Get it! – I got it.
– Watch out for lizards. (Mom screams) – I’ll meet you there. – Let’s go. Meet us there, Mama. Meet us there. Watch out, there’s bird poop. – Ew.
– Ew. – [Mom] Hello. There.
– Ooh, a lizard. (arrow pops) A lizard. – [Dad] Hi, little lizard. – [Adley] Hi, little lizard. Ooh, don’t touch it, it will run away. Whoa!
– Whoa. – It’s right there, I see it, I see it. Oh, it runned away. – Aw. – Let’s go back. It runned away. – Pool party time. I’m gonna jump in. – Catch the ball, Dada. How ’bout I throw?
– Okay, you throw it to him. – Mark, get set, go. (water splashes)
(Mom laughs) (Dad laughs)
– You threwed it between his legs.
– Hey. – I, first I need this. – Oh, good idea. Okay, let’s go. – Let’s go. Whee!
– Whoo! (laughs) Whoo. Do you wanna look in the water? Put your eyes right there and you can see. (Adley laughs)
Can you see in the water? – Uh-huh. Let’s go surfing now. – Mom, pass the surf boards. – [Adley] I want blue. – Ready? – [Adley] Set, go! (water splashes)
– Whoa! – I’ll get on my surf board. – Oh, you can do it. (grunts) – [Adley] Whoa. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – Surfin’. Okay, hold on, I’m gonna push you. – Okay, I’m holding on.
– Ready? One, two, three.
– One, two, three. (water splashes) Whee!
– Wha! Daughter, how’d you get over there? (Adley laughs)
(Dad laughs) – Whoa, whoa. – Hey, come back. – I can’t. Whoa. – Whoa, you’re standing on it? – Whoa, whoa.
– Whoa. – Whoa.
– You’re crazy. You’re surfing, Adley. – I am surfing.
– Whoo hoo hoo. Mom, look, she’s surfing. – [Mom] That’s so fun! – Whoa, whoa, whoa. (laughs) Whoa, whoa, whoa. – I’m trying to stand on it some more. – Oh, careful. – Whoa, whoa. – (laughs) That’s pretty cool. (laughs) – It’s Dad’s turn. – My turn?
– Yeah, your turn. – Should I do it in the
pool, or should I jump on it? – Yeah. – Watch this.
– I gotta get away from it. – I’ll jump right here.
– Okay, I’ll sit right here. – Okay. – On your mark, get set, go. (water splashes) – Whoa.
– Whoa. – I’m standing on it! Whoa!
– Dad. – Whoa, yeah. – We need to get the ball. – Okay, catch it. – Okay. (ball boings) (Dad laughs) – Hey. – I’m trying to get it out of here. (Dad laughs)
(Adley laughs) Mom, put it up here. Watch what I can do. You go over to very by the chairs. I can do it by myself.
– Okay, let’s see. (water splashes)
What? You can swim? – Uh-huh. – Okay, let’s see it again.
– Okay. (water splashes)
– Whoa. – Again?
– Guess what we didn’t play with?
– Huh? – The Frisbee. (Adley gasps) – I have the Frisbee. – Pass.
– Go far. – Pass it.
– Oh, we gotta try and catch it.
– Go. – Oh. (laughs)
(Mom laughs) – Here Mom. (Mom screams)
(Dad laughs) Mark, get set, go. – Wha!
(Mom laughs) – Watch what I can do.
– One. – No, stop.
– Two. Three. Whoa, ah ha ha.
(Adley laughs) Okay, here we go Mom. Yuck. – Dad.
– What? – Throw me in the air. – Throw you in the air? – Yeah, throw me. – How big? – In the sky. – In the sky?
– Yeah. – One, two, three. Ah. – I did it.
– In the sky. – And again, and again. – One, two, three. Ah. (laughs) – Again and again.
– Oh, no. – One more time, just one. – One more?
– One more. – Really, really tall? – How ’bout that big tree? – As big as that big tree? – Yeah. One.
– One, two. (Dad laughs) – One more time. – No, that was so big. – Dad, one more time like my finger. – Just one more time like that? One, two, three.
– One. – Whoa! – Thanks a lot, see you, bye. (Adley panting) (Adley laughs) (funky music)

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